Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth talk marriage, dating, and all things rom-com

The stars of the new romantic comedy "Isn't It Romantic" talk about their new movie, and spill behind-the-scenes secrets live on "GMA."
8:17 | 02/08/19

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Transcript for Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth talk marriage, dating, and all things rom-com
We have a great crowd with a. You have a special crowd got to give him. Yes and yes all right you know her heavy over the top but Larry started pitch perfect. And bridesmaid you know him from the Hunger Games now there's going in the new rom com isn't it romantic. Please welcome rebel Wilson in Lian cams well. Guns so excited. That's that's yeah we've got to without would have to start our Friday out with a can graduate to you you got married. Miley Cyrus. The smaller wedding but how would that it was very incident was pretty assist immediate family a couple of the close friends. It was a really special back 88 and you play in you know what is your first Valentine did the married couple but did you realize that your wife. Invited rebel on the Valentine's Day yeah. That's Shane and her decision and she said it was like a truck who die of something tropical yet again three events. I don't want to come up one. Lay and the five's united. Oh eight. The right option. But you say you've been you've been listening to dating books on tape recently I. Deputy I had hitters like doing your romantic comedy and am you have watching shows like the bachelor and stuff nearby. I don't like I'm Latin need to get more loving treatment behind it. And I'm not paid for special help as I was listening to tips. And I think doesn't really good ones life here on Mike and Hayley date with somebody. Because I'm quite a strong independent woman. It's good sometimes to. Keep the guys having to do like I might say would you mind honing my jacket Michael Connolly. A man who. And then you'll say sure all considered awesome god thank you ma'am I'm. At and immediately. You doing me a small Saba Wheatley makes you Clayson to me real ecologically again. Think bills get the guy I tell Hologic handbags. Good yeah Hologic Jack head to sue is small play the flame I gotta listen to build your. I am telling has been I didn't that kind of stuff that. But what you did and both did you both started in a great movie funny movie and rebel you your character hits her head. In wakes up and romantic comedy and Italy and you are the leading man but you have a look confessed in the make about one of the things you to Russia together. Yes mean you have no idea about its two business I can't you know scene when you come out of the shallow yeah we're looking buff. Painted Hank being an. Flood you with us yes I pesetas say that's and it and hey Boston don't telling me means hearing that day. Is that two of my tie announcements come off like the and we would seek the gluing them under the bed sheets. Prevalence sorry I didn't need is from an injury for a man not the stunt in the down. And I didn't want to tell you because it was such you know sixty sane. That in between tanks my makeup out of smell as like Angleton. Love. According Clint state sales back on and find now. Okay. The bloodshed I don't know. Yeah wild yeah I knew I would say you look that way when you saw yourself what they are written with no certain are usually it's just pretty uncomfortable with. City's south. Plus I don't know who would take a look at a clip this is not a clip of the toenails or the cooking up till now. But did the clip of the movie let's check it out is that it romance. We made anything. Anything at all. During his time it's. We coal mines cellular. Telephonic. That's what I'm not. Very touting the EG realized that leg. Three point six an independent nation that has been good again Bob has only one year this. It. What I've heavenly. As you love interest I mean I think it couldn't get anyone better about. It's my time but don't mean on one million with that. Leanne is a man nine means he just such a lovely guy he's site funny in the down. And he sings and dances in the film today I can't yeah. Good to have this amazing lady sweetest woman Ruth sweetest little while this does not want Foci but numb I'm riddle is an amazing amazing to. We had another project we've been trying to for a little while and then it's camera around and I was. It's very excited about rules rebels of real pro outlet. And this is the fifth may get produced as well okay. We had amazing 'cause I'm Adam divine from Pete spent eight as well. I am and drink a chopper now bring to talk Regina. Also married who doesn't like yeah. It love it time's the charm you and I I just need to find somebody who. Don't celebrate so many of romantic comedies from the past yet in until cooked committee cliches of there is the singing and dancing scene there in leave this is your quote there is one of the most terrifying thing you've ever had to do it was a little scary. Yet a half ago. It actually went really well Tom when I told me that I'm planning on doing this song and dance number at the end of the films haven't. In the script originally there it is an. And the idea of the ya doing that on the streets of neo Cruz was pretty scary Xanana grandstands as a consent agenda they about a half can't. Or. Okay. And you can't hips are. Now I'm physically Arab you know. I've taken nuts on ideas and dance moves and I think most of the dancers I was doing. And we just kind of feel in my body and sexual content. Feminine touch touch this move send them into my body didn't call me OK I like that read away. Congratulations again on your wedding pre operable Chopra Jonas with here that we gave her a a wedding gift this like a newlywed waiting give week for us snow and as you are the newlywed but you're going on the date at the third wheel about I let you take their wedding. I didn't write about what he wouldn't ideologues on any of the gifts. And they big difference up an olive I was pretty heavens and he isn't. Okay. And yeah. Yeah the BYOK. Anyway let's giving Nissan let's and then the and go ahead mr. gift that went over. Oh well you. Slim beautiful plot. Okay. Throughout you can't play through rubble got to toasted to look. On Wednesday Maria. Rebel thank you.

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{"duration":"8:17","description":"The stars of the new romantic comedy \"Isn't It Romantic\" talk about their new movie, and spill behind-the-scenes secrets live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60932907","title":"Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth talk marriage, dating, and all things rom-com ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/rebel-wilson-liam-hemsworth-dish-isnt-romantic-60932907"}