Regina King talks about 'If Beale Street Could Talk'

The star of the new film discusses how she prepared for the role and the future projects she's working on, live on "GMA."
5:37 | 12/13/18

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Transcript for Regina King talks about 'If Beale Street Could Talk'
I love this woman. E friend. She isnnc talented actress, director, Regina king. Y My girl has won three in the past four years and H golden globe nominations including one for "Ifle reld talk." So L talk. Let . I know you. You nor don'tike T yourself on the screen. No, not. But tell me you did wat this one. I did. Did, jeremyiner anddede ga are a couple the producers and were like, you have to see this because they ow I am about watching self. I'm like, okay. And tn I watch it at the Toronto film festival and five minutes , Y know, Barry does this beautiful thing where H going over a couple with the cameraand, you know, he's Goin thugh the trees and you see W York and it's beautiful and all colors and the camera land on Kiki lane's faceha playsish and I immediately artedting emotional because oven her eyes and th you see heran that she's log at and the love in his eyes and I'm like, I'm only minutes in, oh, my gosh. Barry Jenkins you're talking about, the ctor. Talk about him in a nt your ch because you play a mother, your daughters young, prnter fiance is in prison and you say you've ysooked to someone to model youelf when you're playing a character so who was in this. My dmother. My grandmother, because, yeah, oh, yes. My andmother, she W that wo that made -- made you feel like it S always going to be okay whether you were a family er or a friend, all the churchmembers,ou know, sis Forney W they wanted to be there because they kf she just laid T of -- any bit of her wisdom on the situation, yel comforted. And that's what Sharon Redd meant to me when I read the book D when I read Barry's script and it couldn't -- Sharon have been anyone else other than my grandmoth. Ou play it so beautifully. You reallydo. Thank Y. Before I show a clipet's Ta Barry Jenkins. At -- That one right there. "M." He won the Oscar. If get opportunity to find edicine for ncholy" someere. How did you irst meeting was via ype. Yes, we were both on vacation. He W in montr and I was in Mexico. So, yeah, so we moving on up ke georgend weezy. You know. When you're having business calls internationally in different countries. That how we met because I DI't want to meetry withoutaving read the book. I read theri Your impression of hi Jus loo so young, you know, just looking at him on my ip he was so thoughtful and I could tel that he was engaged in ltening T everything that I was saying, every emoont I was expressing that I felith the book versu the script and he just wa know,ery pensive but open and to receive THA through Skype, I was like, O my god, if iot movie I'm wogith him somewhere. E're glad thatt' this movie. "Iale streetould talk." Let's take a look. And no, I ain't lost my mind. We areing tolife. Tishng to find this. Drink. THA hergrandma. Hergrandma. Bringing people together. "Wat men," "Watch men." S from thecomic book Serie watch me and we're doing a televisio show with HBO. And, yow, I am so exd. You should be. You know that iome out of doing -- being a part of this masterpiece and walk right I another one, you know. A whole different woman but I T say anytng because I think HBO might steal my child if . It's going to be worth the it. It's going to be so worth the wait. You are in such a great ple. I am, I am. Youknow, I'm aware that I'm owing still and loving that I am aware that I am andpen for everything, you know, I'vot a little wisdom along they a more to do. And y'rng it. Yeah, yeah. You'vbeen doing all right. "If beale street couk" is in theaters row. Let me tell you, it is artistic. It is beautiful.

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{"duration":"5:37","description":"The star of the new film discusses how she prepared for the role and the future projects she's working on, live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59796046","title":"Regina King talks about 'If Beale Street Could Talk' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/regina-king-talks-beale-street-talk-59796046"}