Regina King talks about her new film, ‘One Night in Miami …’

The Oscar and Emmy-winning actress steps behind the camera for her directorial debut, which is already getting major buzz ahead of award season.
6:43 | 01/13/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Regina King talks about her new film, ‘One Night in Miami …’
So excited for our next guest we're given Pena Oscar Emmy award winning actress now stepping behind the camera from her now home. There were memorial debuts with one night in Miami and the movie already giving major award season buzz major impediment. Yeah yeah. Don't I don't. I don't you're listening earlier but Michael Strahan said the first movie premiere but he went to. Jerry but when he remembers saying you know he's it was a crucial it was a cruise ship here in New York right on the west side highway they did it in the in the theater of the cruise ship haute it was special. I'm sure it was burned. If you don't remember. This outcry that fly. It's a big big day of course it's win the move is going to be released on line. And now it's her are today. Fri day and how do you to be celebrating Regina. Well that's just an interesting question to ask people these these days right. Or. I will be celebrating at home. And coast seeing a watch party. A likely we are very worried but and ridge and we know that you have directed TV episodes before you had been looking. For a film scripts today and direct and you want something specific what did you while what we're looking for. Look there are a lot of things that I'm interested in but it it did it that time I was speaking to my agents about. Directing a love story with. And I had an historical backdrop. You know kind of like anti Tina Nate Newton and down. I would say that this is not act. Typical romance but it is maybe a bit of a broad mandates. For instance you know it and when I'm Miami if if you know at the Borough manager that is not a romantic but it is fired by the night that's Sam Cooke. Jim brow Malcolm X and Mohammed Ali all spent together in Miami. So what made this the right story for you. I mean ended did these four men are powerhouse is it didn't they give. Indeed if not all of them at least one of them have touched our lives in some way. And Jim powers the writer he was able to humanize him in a way dad come we don't normally see him we don't. Think about the news mainly treat him and think about the news gods exist. They aren't vulnerable lives and they didn't have fears or concerns and in this piece down we'd get to see you again he's seen in his min. He knows CDC gears Stevens celebrating each other's he didn't beat writers you know. So much anticipation all of us are so excited to watch so without further a do we actually have a preview for everyone take a look. All right well and win is this party going down. Good question what's on the agenda mountain. Well I thought this would be one of which ends for us to reflect on what's happened and then back our young Brothers says it does no denying that greater forces were at work. Community. No nose was common. Lewis' showed my brother and I missing. Oh yeah I Regina you get such a great job in describing these four men and how many people looked at them as being larger. The life talk about the actors. The four men who are playing them they are incredible. They are. Absolutely incredible kings lead in a dear please Malcolm X EI RA please Cassius Clay Muhammad Ali. Unless the Odom junior plays Sam Cooke an Al this hives Claes. Jim dram. And why worrying whether the right man for these that for this for this role are they the right actors for this role. Because they insisted that they weren't doing impersonation. Is no doubt that these beings where they were embodying. These mean you know this is this is. I wanted actors in understated dad but I'll still works. Scared to walk in the issues. Of the greats. Of the greatest you know. Andy DEA's image and their performances are just. Breathtaking I know that I'm the director didn't affect and cops who was a state that let. I'm saying it as as an audience member as in May and BP just true Lee gave it. Did everything they had been just left it on the floor and I just got to be if they will come to a witness to act up close and. Personal what they had equally high praise about you you should know that equally high praise and and we noted his movie of this time we've ever redeem it felt. What do you hope the viewer would he want in a walk away with. You know it's interesting there there there are few hopes you know geez is far as just before us I hope that. Our main can see it is in seemed in sales. In in this town. And see themselves debating held the lead you know living on each are rare in an and I and and and and as celebrating each other. Alma also. As far as just every one it would be nice steady wind so people can walk away and you beat electric called action. It does mean we're so young this night. None of them were over forty and of course you know within the year Malcolm and Sam were both murdered. And and we know we did they were so young and knowing that the three of them aren't here. We are here and in what can we do well how can we use our voice what is social responsibilities. Look like four. Ask for you as an individual self. I hope that eight it challenges or encourages people with two explore that within themselves in release what they discover about themselves and social responsibility. In. To the world beautifully said well you are definitely here. Regina king and you are largely an inch heart proud of everything they are Dylan I just gave the go on a new happy birthday to yet have a great birthday. On Friday G yeah sweating birthday you learn that not one night in Miami isn't select theaters right now on Amazon's prime video. This Friday.

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{"duration":"6:43","description":"The Oscar and Emmy-winning actress steps behind the camera for her directorial debut, which is already getting major buzz ahead of award season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75217659","title":"Regina King talks about her new film, ‘One Night in Miami …’","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/regina-king-talks-film-night-miami-75217659"}