Relationship Goals: 5 ways Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally are keeping it real

Offerman appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" and talks about his role in "Hearts Beat Loud."
20:07 | 06/27/18

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Transcript for Relationship Goals: 5 ways Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally are keeping it real
There are master would workers and those people let's devote their lives to mastery and I am a dancing clown. I was lucky enough to get a lot of dancing club context. And in my spare time I am a student of woodworking. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and this is popcorn where we tell you what is pop and in the culture especially at the movies and if you're looking for a movie to feed Africa all of these like marvel Star Wars things. There is a movie called heartbeat slap. And my guests today nick offerman is here he's in it and you know a lot of people think of nick all the time as being funny because he is. But I am a critic who sees him do furious things that other people flock in droves away from. You know like smashed. Another really one of those on this is a performance review nine in the supporting all but the heat leave the mansion. Vascular really really good think it's an absence of bull and your performance I can't really say that so. But I did. It'll be fixed in the bleep for so welcome to the show thank you time iPad two I appreciate you so tell the world who you're playing in. Hearts that our plea character named frank Fisher that's enough. Okay. Really cute incredibly cute guy he he's a single dad running a failing vinyl store in Brooklyn. Red Hook Brooklyn and has a daughter who's leaving for college. They love playing music together and it's my characters dream to have via successful program in notably to be a musician. And things are just starting to pop for he and his daughter. When she has to leave for college that creates this conflict. Blythe Danner plays mighty my adorable Lee Dotty mother and Ted Danson is mired. Inescapable Lee charming bartender and Fran. Tony collapse. Is the land lady trying to get to kiss me and and Sasha lane is. Amazing is as my daughter's girl for a he couldn't get anyone could be in removing. We it's as you know it's it's a credit to Brett Haley and his scripts that he writes with mark crash. And in his direction because his previous two films we'll see you in my dreams and the hero. Communicated. Whose sides being wonderful films that tell actors. You'll have a good time this director will give you something to chew on. Well you had something to Q. Because this guy who weighed just described it he could be in an outline something that is very much a formula. Okay father and daughter. But not your guy is frank is in a good deal of pain. He's the daughter's going away to college to study medicine to doesn't want anything to do with music. And basically when you sell your vinyl store you selling part of who you are sure what you lined fifth. But that's that's a little of the vote this script is that. This character so well written as a complicated human being. He and his daughter who's the magnificent accuracy Clemens and she's the shining star. Among that caste analyst at off she's rises even above it. We have this relationship where you're never sure. At any given time who's the parent. And whose executives whose who's going to be responsible. In any given situation. And I just I really loved that. My wife and her mom. Died in a bicycle accident eleven years ago. So that's the main pain and loss that we're dealing worth and as a sensibility of can we move forward in our lives. Can we still have beauty and can our dreams in my case the dream of playing music taxes entertain people. You know can you hang on to your dream. While leaving the past behind and moving forward. So it's it's quite evocative and moving and it's it's well written you know I didn't have to dig very deep because the scenes are really well crafted. Some great scenes with you advances in that bar it's nice to see him board inning and it. Words are true there was some jokes. There yes there was some mention of his past behind the bar and a and he's it says very funny about it it's that he gets he's terrified. If you'd expect there because he was never actually very good parts. And you know people think of Imus this famous bartender but he's actually use the famous charming actor. So he. He knows nothing about it wasn't hired for his pint glass acumen. C acumen that none of this great work that you seem to. Your bidding. Well I do love words I'm always a student. And the forward Donald get three of them wrong and trust you guys to either. Cut them out gently or at least make a dollar my accidents. There's there was a great thing when you and that your wife Megan Mullally to just an idea okay Patton that if approved the we're doing your I'd I don't know why wanted to call your life sex tours because it really in wasn't. Acts. Those who are trying to get across that it was lives. And you're sitting in the car on the way to a performance where she's correcting your pronunciation of every thing. Is that drawn from life. Sure I mean it she is she was an English major who. And an art history major and so one of the things I love about her is that she's there you'd she reads for viciously. And so we both love language. It's part of our art. And and so you know once in awhile. I'll get to chime in and say I'm marchers its Dutch registered detritus and the here's the thing I groped and small town in Illinois. And I loved reading and still do. But I didn't have people to bounce language off of and so when that's the case when you re The Lord of the Rings you have to decide how all these names are pronounced. And then years later when you see the movies and and they say led to loss. That's not. It's not it's. Peter Jackson that's a swing and a miss the rest of this you've done a nice job. But. It's true with with Megan and I and so you know. I've found that I can either bristle. And take umbrage when she does that Americans thank you for improving. And I am assuming she had. In film anyway yeah I'm in. The clean. Well manicures. Creatures you've seen from news for creative but the kitchen. You're just super trained him well you know. One of the greatest things that happened to me when I got the job on parks and recreation. My boss my insurer. So I really like this character. Beefy kid. Appreciated if you would stay husky Newton as long as for doing business. And you know for your boss to invite you to have an extra cheeseburger is not something happens. In Hollywood that often. Source us you know I wanna be a good employee. I want to keep you gonna do what needs. And soy I carried an extra 3040 pounds through the room that show. And then afterwards all of the job opportunities that came my way. Word we're. Overweight ex athletes. In their briefs. Crying in the Mir. I've read that is yeah yeah yeah they're always in the First Lady why eighties looking and Amir crime. That was mired my pigeonhole. And I said this is this is fun. This is one caller but I'd like to see some other opportunities. So it turned. You know most people. In your profession who were married in in in this acting strange business that goes on with. It would like to keep everything private and yet the two of you decide to do a tour. In which the intimate details of your sex life are basically the source frontier deal for the laughs. Well if what's that discussion that goes up between the two. It was sort of blue. Learn of of this phenomenon where. Our fan base of least expressed. Fascination. With our relationship. I think it's because we've been together for eighteen years. And merely by by not breaking up we have become a stock option. Eighteen years together that's over a hundred years in Hollywood marriage years. And so. We we decided we wanted to tour together we've been touring separately. Music humorists. And she with her band Nancy invest. And if it's a lot of fun we love doing it but we miss each other so we said what what can we do to tour together. With civil let's come up with a show. And what's you know let's make fun of our marriage that people make such a big deal out of and so. It's you know it's. It's not particularly factual it's it's more written to take that this out of are the reality of our relationship is at war. But UN made me. While acting. Like he would do it like we did Megan and I met doing a play in Los Angeles in the year 2000. That was a strange. And comic drama the based on a couple Burr told Brecht plays. With some music it was called the Berlin circle by Charles me. And we were just immediately taken with each other sense of humor so with you and me and it with love at first night. I don't think it was. Did your breath there what was next was talked about a lot there. I was living in my friends unfinished basement. At the time. I just moved from Chicago. Had had a TV for about ten years because I was. At my nose in the air some theater artists. Yes to television was beneath an and so when they told me that this successful. Sitcom actress. Was going to be the lead of the play as I know you mean that as an incentive but I'm non interest and it's with television folks he's fined ten drew away yeah yeah and you know the ignorance of youth and and and so this summer when we met. Then watched some reruns of will and grace. And the first it's funny it took me two episodes the first episode. That's I feel so bad for these people. Since it's so bears so there workers so broad. And somewhere in the second out some or the second episode it's. These. Geniuses. I have to see it might get a job this and and by the third episode. It's. Believe I'm may need to trying this lady. But it took it took awhile because Megan was was. At a very high plane. Her career was about to win her first and me and I'll get a couple months of talk about standing on a certain platforms via and I think I think that also brought with it despite mine. Youthful foolishness. There was also just some human insecurity. This is big shot and she was gorgeous and always very fashionably turn now you know she dresses. And in in a very creative. Artistic ways that I find quite faction. And so. You know deep down I think there's that sensibility. I'm just. A stage carpenter donkeys you know. I don't think I could overturn the sleaze. And so it was by exchanging their senses of humor. That was might. We're where we begin to notice each other and say I think. We're going to be great friends. And as she puts it a couple weeks and she thought. I kept making her laugh and then one day she thought witnesses acute. It and it that was that was just the cracking needed in the dike as it were. And now. It's in its it's a running river. I think it's a great ironies that. That on will and grace that you appear at this character's name what is Jackson Boudreau. Who has sex with both willing grads. It so it's it if anybody would cameo. On this year like will and grace that is absolutely the part you can not be forgotten. It's I couldn't believe. Jackson who drove the batboy for Newton. To be you know I've been around that family. For as long as I've known men eighteen years and so. To be cast by them. As someone who I'm. Will and grace could find attractive. Was. An impossibility. For me no one in my lifetime the knives and makes. Comedy is classic. And as magnificent as Jim burrows and the cast and writers of will and grace. And so to get handed that Houston guest star role with such an incredible privilege. It was really hard not just cable with delights. Amid ahead a star struck me I've known them forever but thousands mowing and have a seat with will and grace. It's got a mouthful of Brett. Didn't. And so followed. It's not like he didn't happen fewer years of the sitcom gory. You know sure buddy thank you and but perks and racked shoots much more like a film it single camera. So doesn't carry there something. High pressure about single about a multi cam from a live audience it's very fast moving everything is meticulously timed out. And so for me it's slow talking dead pan actor. To suddenly be in this world where you have to hit your marks and and Jim burrows standing there pretty rate to give you affirm slap on the Austin. The stakes are. You. Mix parks and rec. Sure absolutely I mean someone once asked Maine. During the production. The show's successful. Your characters successful. Are you worried that you never working again because of yours your mustache and your voice and become iconic. In this show. We did a 125 episodes this if I can never work again and former Tuesday. I'll make that deal I mean to to have an experience words the right thing is that incredibly gratifying. Specifically for. Those geniuses wrote things for me that I never could think of yours. And then the fact that they're doing that for haters have us. Week after week. On a show that's so full of optimism and goodness and decency. The kind of show that like will and grace that Megan and I Woodward public. People will come up to us and two years and is a you know. There's sickness in my family. We had a car accident whatever was we just watched parks and rec washed won't grace you helped us. Your show was the medicine you always hoped he would contribute. When you've gotten business. And so that's I mean that's that's a dream moment. And of course I miss it. But like any great moment whether mr. years of college Horry now. Your second marriage which was the best wander whatever it is. Of course you miss it but if you know if you have your hat on street you'll understand that life Moscow on. The idea of the woodwork that you did I've been on that went. I think I want a wooden table one. Two as the car chases car but if they think if you know to me. You are the Daniel Day-Lewis of carpentry. Here's. There's just something path that the word master is thrown around too much but we do it really. Apply. Well. You and the students of mastery that here's here's the reason I'll never be a master. There are master would workers and those people it's devote their lives to mastery and I am a dancing clown. Lucky enough to get a lot of dancing Clive concerts. And in my spare time. I'm a student of what word would ignore them I'm thrilled with the your own can New Hampshire and its greatness and it. Keeps the water which is the most important thing about any and you vote. Visit its waterproof some very proud of it. But I could give you ten people who build. Canoes that should be in museums the show first that you've ever been and since song and you've now done a film that is not a musical force. Play guitar and it and I'm Sumi that you. A do play guitar and bass and drums. But we we don't have the guitar when cases the problems that we do have your voice and you take it. Can you do heartbeat. And you do some song that these jets in year old heart. Eating. The little. I think great that this is the cactus would have been a great thing it's only well now I don't do that it's like a much better thing where. You have those moments where. There's nothing going on in you can't think of the single song. All right let me. A minute a minute try amid a start I'm just think of the words missed a start and see if I get through it. I'd give you a verse of Tom Waits song. Called Coney Island day. That makes me think of my bra. Every 98. She comes. To take me to dreamland. When I'm with. The richest man in that. She resume loans. She's a prayer. She's the span. Were. All the stars. Make their wishes on her. She's my Cohen me. Days. He. She is my cone the. Then that link he immediately to me. Leave it you are pleasure thank you on them now known for my appear that can prevent protect. Your wealth.

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