Ricki Lake reflects on her battle with hair loss

After coming forward about her decades-long hair-loss struggle, the former talk show host reflects on the past year and shares her advice for others going through the same thing.
4:32 | 01/27/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ricki Lake reflects on her battle with hair loss
Oh, I can't believe it was one year ago I had a chance to speak with her. The actress former talk show host, filmmaker. We talked about her decades long hair loss journey making the bold decision to shave her head. Well, a year and a pandemic later, Ricki is back to tell us so much more. It is great to see -- oh, looking good. I love the gray. Yeah. Nice to see you. How is it going? How are you feeling now, Ricki? I feel amazing. A lot has happened in a year, robin. Yep. It's been quite a journey and I'm really happy to see you again and show you kind of the new me. I mean it was such a riot of passage last year taking the leap of faith to shave my head and my hair has thankfully grown back and I learned so much through the process of really like letting go of something that had been bothering me for decades. Yeah, Ricki, you said this is the hardest thing or at least one of the hardest things you've ever had to do in the latest issue of "People" magazine talking about how difficult it was to share your truth with the world. Is it still something that's hard to talk about? How do you feel about it now? I mean it's funny, you know, it's like -- there's things in life where you keep then at a secret, I was molested as a child and kept it quiet for many, many years and once you admit it happened, the secret doesn't feel like this weight Jan your shoulders. For me it's been such a beautiful gift to be able to come clean with something that I was so ashamed of and to be often the other side of it and obviously with what's happened in the course of a year with covid, I mean, I can honestly say it's no longer an issue for me and I've come to embrace not only my hair that has grown back but also the color, this is my natural color and we as women are not supposed to embrace aging but I feel the best I've ever felt in some ways. You look fantastic. Thank you so much. You know, it's coming through in your eyes and your whole spirit. What advice, yeah, we'll get into why you're really happy in a moment. What advice would you give to someone walking a similar journey you were walking about your hair loss? Well, I just think that the secret is never too big. You know, it's a coming clean and showing your truth and really like loving ourselves internally. I really truly have come to a place where it's about self-love and it's internal and that shows on the exterior. I'm so grateful to have taken that leap of faith and really love myself even more for being courageous through that dark Your energy is just so palpable and it's contagious and you're helping so many people and I know last year you talked to robin about perhaps writing a book about your hair loss journey, curious, have you started it? Do you have a title for it. I've been writing a lot. I haven't actually put it in book form yet but I think the title will be "Labor rated" or "Labor rate Kwit. S been like being set free the only way to describe it. Through the out pouring of being on your show last year, countless people have come to me wanting to applaud me and say where did you find the courage and if I can help one woman by sharing my story it's worth it, you know. I've said vulnerability is a strength, no the a weakness. When you allow yourself to be it's beautiful. You know what else is beautiful. This pandemic love story. Do tell. It's all a miracle. My hair is back and I found love during covid. That is my beautiful partner, Ross and he is amazing and I met him -- I was on a covid walk. I ran into an acquaintance. He said are you single. I said yes and I am so happy. You know, and most people know who follow my story know I lost my husband to mental illness and suicide almost four years ago ennever thought I'd find true love again and consider myself a very lucky woman. You are blessed and a blessing and a covid walk. A lot of people are going to be taking that covid walk now. You never know what can happen. All the best to you. Let's not wait another year. Let's see each other before that. Thank you so, so much. Thank you very much for having me. Any time. Are you sure you're not in the same place with rami? That was identical. Identical background. In the same hotel, I guess. I don't know how that happened. I'll go stalk him now. You do that.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"After coming forward about her decades-long hair-loss struggle, the former talk show host reflects on the past year and shares her advice for others going through the same thing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75510169","title":"Ricki Lake reflects on her battle with hair loss","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/ricki-lake-reflects-battle-hair-loss-75510169"}