Robin Roberts to lead series of inspiring documentaries and movies

Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
3:24 | 07/27/18

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Transcript for Robin Roberts to lead series of inspiring documentaries and movies
I'm excited provided little yet thank you Jordan we are gonna begin with some insider information if you will. About the one and only Robin Roberts seems rob and will be moonlighting as an executive producer on a series of movies and docks for the lifetime network. These movies will be based insurance plans meant to inspire and educate the first focusing on African American gospel singer. My Elliott Jackson had her prominent role in the civil rights movement the next we'll tackle the heart wrenching story of a Lexus. Many ego who at age eighteen discovered she was abducted as a baby. I got this is very cool each movie. Gets a corresponding documentary that will include the real life people portrayed in the films for even more in depth look at a story like gonna. Pod I'd go out and our yeah exactly. Looking forward to those -- also they've got news this morning big news from Carty be extending her maternity leave. And dropping out of Bruno Martha's world tour Carter was supposed to join Mars this fall. As he makes more than a dozen stops throughout the country. But just sixteen days after giving birth to her daughter the new mom released a statement on its program saying hey I thought six weeks would be enough time for me to recover mentally and physically. But I underestimated this whole Miami game. Bruno and treated that he understands and says she is doing the right thing carting your husband offsets. Sally came out there ample of the moment tweeting that little cold sure. That's so they named Eric is a bit of and I got old so not a lot of sleep happening in that house up the moment. And they're doing it all themselves they have not hired a nanny good for she deserves that very yeah worry. John. In the news as well Ryan Reynolds aren't fire people magazine's sexiest man alive ticking time off from these hugely popular dead dead dead pool franchise. To make a whole alone that type movie in the same spirit as the Macaulay Culkin classic. Not it's a little different this time it won't bother cute little boy battling wits with two bandits. This one is called. Standalone. Game ritual Reynolds we'll play a millennial slacker who misses his flight to get home for the holidays he decides it's a good excuse to its don't. Then discovers thieves have but I have broken into his home. The rest. It's history that projects still in the early stages of development for twentieth century elegantly funny I don't watch them. Absolutely and just a little quickie for you Christi T hidden. She quite close call on vacation the supermodel in Bally with her husband John Legend their two kids when she comes across a big bond that she and other technical. So in this video that you're seeing she picks the bond she lets it sit on her arms her little looney tunes back to little pitcher lesson if you well. Turned up T get her daughter are so lucky got critter. Is torrential all hawk wasps. She found out what people on in mr. Graham said no what are you doing it. It's one of the most painful stings. Knowing nature you can send a human into immediate paralysis. My god and one wildlife educator and shined in honor is dram feed who was stunts as. It feels like you're being taser a whole crazy T get ahead. Do that at the zoo let me. LA right. It all is well no one's done but a very close call documented on his right. I have not tried as a whole world when your wife if.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56862685","title":"Robin Roberts to lead series of inspiring documentaries and movies","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/robin-roberts-lead-series-inspiring-documentaries-movies-56862685"}