Robin Roberts goes behind the scenes of 'Luke Cage'

Roberts' nephew Jeremiah Craft, who plays "D. W." Griffith, on the hit Netflix show, takes her on a special tour of the set and to meet the cast.
5:02 | 06/25/18

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Transcript for Robin Roberts goes behind the scenes of 'Luke Cage'
To you T visit. Taking you behind the scenes of marvel'sluke cage," I got to catch up wh the cast including someone known since the day as born. I'm lukecage. You want to test me? Youw where to find me? Ooh. Got the eight man. Reporter: Ma's bulletproof super is . "Luke cage" returns for season two and Thi T his superhero status is no secret. Iin't no joke. I ud to let the Mike smoke. Bulletproof Blackman. Reporter: Now a celebrity on the streets of Harlem Luke 'S need totect the community is greater. It is filled with fight, feuds and mily. My Famy. Yellow. 'S where it' at. Reporter: That's D.W. Griffith also known as my nephew remiah craft. Wasn't he ador? A little baby in my arms like this. Reporter: A year out of drama schoolnd landed Aring role on one the hottest shows Netflix. Let'talk about "Luke ce." This is huge. What a lot of people don't know I auditioned for this show like three time You've been doing it on your own. What advice Dou have. A really, Rea talented acs general gafn said there is a triangle of luck, guts and tale you need two of the three to make it. I feel like I'm looking at you like yourma would be looking at right now. Jt like -- yeah. Ah We caught up with theeries creator to get the scoop on WHA makes "Luke ca" so special. One of the rns people appreciate this so much, it's this perfect storm of art, C, literature that I tnk really rates with people. Yeah. Buthat blend to me is what Harlem is like it's what love about it is like're walking down the street and all these fferent songs you hear coming out of cars or -- Or sirens. Yeah. For me New York is all about music and particularly uptown there's so many differe flavor,gospel, jazz, blues and we have all that. I mean can't think of Ano show that has bothalia Jan and wu-tang. Woo! Ready and action. We made backstage just I time to catch hold alfre woward's tense courtroom scene. Without me god help ha. Help U all. Tells about this second seas hen it drops wherever peoare in their car, in their wherever they are, if they're on the train or the bus, Ty need touckle their seat belts. Th's all I'm saying. It is off the chain. That's all you've gonna say. , I can't say a . Well, I mean -- This is thething. We a taste ofiah and shes in test ason. You know, misty is go. She's differently ablhis year. She has, you know, anic appendage theople are Ver excited about Ando that aows me and this to have a little bit morefun. I love this season better than the first only because I feel everybody has more to do a know who we as a show and feels like musically it'sgoing to betemperature. Tempowise it will be terrific. Won' take ourselves too seriously. A lot ac. I feel it. Just being here behindhe scenes that you all and it comes throh. It's like a fa here. It is LI a family and season two ke cage" is on Netflix righw and the whole cast crew are jus it'like a family and they'ven so generous with Jeremiah and all young actors and aresses but he'll always be a little baby to me. Ways will be -- you have Y mind set on somebody who is I th family. That's how I always think of little jer. We knew he estined and had a family reunion. He wouldn't T out of his spider-man out. He W THA -- there he . He wore that outfit forike two years. For a big STA it seems like he still H his head on straight. He do luck, guts and tal and worked all on his own and auditioned three times. Three times. For that particular role and ha't asked for any help from any family ers. Really done it on his ownut I have to give kud to my sister. Think about a year ago we were the at the graduation and wasgh for her to embrace at he wanted to be anacto it's tough. It's a hard business. It's a HD busess but she him ande love him and he's O of my apartment so I

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{"id":56139249,"title":"Robin Roberts goes behind the scenes of 'Luke Cage'","duration":"5:02","description":"Roberts' nephew Jeremiah Craft, who plays \"D. W.\" Griffith, on the hit Netflix show, takes her on a special tour of the set and to meet the cast.","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/robin-roberts-scenes-luke-cage-56139249","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}