Ryan Reynolds on his 'Pokemon Detective Pikachu' role

The "Pokemon Detective Pikachu" star reveals why his 2-year-old loves movie villains and which of his roles is his wife Blake Lively's favorite.
6:52 | 05/02/19

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Transcript for Ryan Reynolds on his 'Pokemon Detective Pikachu' role
Our next guest never fails to make us laugh and just good. Now he's bringing the wonderful world of poke upon to the big screen by lending his voice to the star of "Detective pikachu" right there. Hey. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Ryan Reynolds. How you like me now how you like me now All right. Oh, glad to see you. How are you? Hi. Hi, guys. Wow. Welcome. I mean, our audience is into it except that gentleman back there. He had to be talked into it. Yes. These are actually official pikachu exploding ears so, congratulations, everybody. Congratulations. Yeah. You feel the excitement from everybody about this. 100%. Did you ever see yourself playing this role? I called this from day one. Did you? To be perfectly frank. No, I never did. I couldn't -- I got the script and I read it. It worked so beautifully kind of on -- even if you took out the pokemon element it worked so beautifully as a mystery and love, lost and felt the news these days is pretty intense and it just -- Really? It's lovely. I just felt like such -- like a fun adventure to be on. Something that just takes you away and I love that about it. We'll take you away and see a little bit of a clip right now. Listen up, we got makes to make you talk. I can. Shoving, pushing, my problem is I push people away then's hate me for leaving? Are you saying you can shove it. No, we're switching roles. I'm bad cop. You're good cop. Ooh. Your wife is your biggest fan and has been posting a lot with the trailer. It's been a lot of fun. Has she seen it. No, they haven't seen it yet. My daughter is losing her mind over it this. Is just -- she's never been interested in a movie I've done. How old is she. 4 and Inez is 2. She tends to relate more to villains. So, right? I mean even -- I know. We took her to -- we took her to "The nutcracker." At the moment the kid takes the toy and smashes it on the ground and my daughter was just like -- Slow clap. Yeah, and then even our pediatrician when she met her said, oh, this one, she's shady. You can tell. Pediatrician says that, you 100% so I am curious how she's going to -- how she's going to react to it. I mean she's -- yeah, she seem -- she loves villains. I'm surprised she's not selling hand rolled cigarettes in her preschool. This is a different character. Does Blake have a favorite in all that you've played? Oh, I don't know -- I mean I put -- I put every last drop of my blood into these things. Yeah, you do. So kind of birth them in a weird way and but I would say this and "Deadpool" are probably, you know because we do it all together. She helps me with all the stuff so -- You're bringing this character back to life and takes us back to our childhoods. What else in your childhood, a character you'd want to bring back. One on the list. I always wanted to play bill Murray's role in "Stripes." I loved that. Put it out there. I could so see that. I wasn't into bugs bunny or G.I. Joe. I want to play that guy. That explains the 2-year-old. 100%. Passed it right down. Passed the evil gene right down. Speaking of your daughters they have fun with your fans or see something that sort of triggers them, they know that's my dad a fan right there. Yeah, sometimes they're sort of -- yeah, they can't quite process that part yet. I tell them I'm a big deal but they don't buy it. So -- Do they even know "Deadpool." They sometimes say it -- I'll be in a grocery store and they'll say my daddy is deadpool and I will say I didn't tell her to say that. She's right but, yeah, I didn't. Would you bring your kids next time. I know. We have the same welcome to the ABC family. Do you know he is producering a new game show "Don't." "Don't." So excited about that. I love that. Tell us what's behind it. It's a stunt show and it's kind of like the premise is super simple. It's just don't. It's a don't blink. Don't laugh. Don't -- it's all -- it's families that play against each other and something we're super excited about. So much material there that's hilarious and subversive and fun. I could tell he was excited because -- I'm going to read your tweet about his return to ABC and Ryan Reynolds said this and I quote, ABC cruelly canceled two guys, a girl and a pizza place 18 years ago. "Don't" is so good it'll fast become the second best show ABC has ever produced and ABC will worship me and my sitcom will be back on the air. Yep, that was the -- You own that. My producing partner made me clean that up. You should have seen the first draft. I loved that sitcom. I did too. Best job I ever had. Truly. Unfortunately, we can't promise it will be back on the air but we have -- cue the props, please. Pizza, 8:30 in the morning. How could you not resist? Is there going to be some surprise in there? Is my child going to jump out? Oh, guys, you shouldn't have. You really shouldn't have. This is ice cold, by the way. Ice cold. Mm-mm. Which brings up the other show "Don't." Wow, that's got to be a week I mean it. Honestly, it's -- it's like chewing a femur. That's amazing. In all sincerity thank you, thank you for your talent. Thank you for your humor and making us feel good. We love having you back in the ABC family. We're not letting you go this time. Please. You can watch "Pokemon: Detective pikachu" in theaters. Next week he explores Tokyo. Can you imagine him on the streets of Tokyo. Wait until you see what he was

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{"duration":"6:52","description":"The \"Pokemon Detective Pikachu\" star reveals why his 2-year-old loves movie villains and which of his roles is his wife Blake Lively's favorite. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62776813","title":"Ryan Reynolds on his 'Pokemon Detective Pikachu' role","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/ryan-reynolds-talks-starring-pokmon-detective-pikachu-62776813"}