Sally Field speaks out about her new memoir, 'In Pieces'

The actress opens up in an interview with ABC News' Diane Sawyer about her brutally honest new memoir, which takes on many difficult topics.
8:22 | 09/17/18

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Transcript for Sally Field speaks out about her new memoir, 'In Pieces'
our "Gma" cover story. That ABC news exive. Field as you have never seen her fore. Her memoir is called piece". Itreveals a life a as the cracter sheas played fordecades. She is shangheartbreaking she faced. C's dne sawyer -- who else? [ Cheers and so extraordinarily hone extraordinary and for all the powehe has on scrn and we watch her, and her cleagues ve calledgenius. We never knew until this book which she wrote herself, T smalltories she had to win every day. Reporte it's Har to ine a sunnier ariface. U're long at a taperom 54 years ago. An unkno teenager in a kind of audition. When I go T B unless the is boys there, or my boyfd. Th it's noun. I'm just by myself Reporter: She remembers the TV girl next . See me. Reporter:raved it, she couldn't really Su. It wasn a big swell, B eporter:nd of course, the next thingknew, she was the flyingunapped in a rn Anyw I'm N going to we couldee thewires. We really ca S? The illusion isruined. Reporr: Buttoday, at 7field hasallyided to truth ofif off reen. Fo child, first gat is yourwn family hers includes a beautiful mother she dod. Shhashe glowedik honey in a R. She wasight there, you know,? Just this this laughter that made you laugh even if you didn'ant to uncertainties, including she says abuse at E hand her step-fathe You know, child abuse - sexual child child ab sex abuse, it --Hink of the reason is least fro my justne ING. Rter: One of S that Wes hear how earlyshame sets in. Ohyeah. R and how ear the doubt of your complicity somehow sets in Oh yeah. And then do Y grow up and standing what healthy sexual? Or how I it always connected to danger? It's always connected T danger, a loss. Loss? Well, K ts of lf. Reporte and so a corrosive woundego form inside he and a questionch did her mother know, and why will it take bere she has the nerve to ask? She also abohe dark periods of depression sudden ING and H "Theflying nu W made her aold name alsoad a joke in citing mmunity shwa to the gden globes, Ty make her fly in. The way,t's a home made dress. Me T dress, like, the night before. I wearing pink. Repor which we all dream of. Ay N ringlets I mean, what on Earth was thinking? Not much clearly. I'm flyinacross the coconut grill lki down at every I wantednd I H to F intthe a of John Wayne. Reporter: John Wayne. Sayshe was sav by the thinghe love serious worross the screenor 50 year with real power. Sometimes hilarious. The whole time. The W ti th whole time? Reporte and steg out of history. Will he ever know whathe Wero Reporter: Sometimes, simply tered. Wh wh your life is never one thing. Its a lifetime of wor and Ruggle and and failure and the you feel absutely smmed ground with defear disappointment or loss, jt hopeless. It is U to you to be in pain and fetnd stand up and ve ai It is such a story. Thewer her mother gives when shally asks what she knew, and yet Sally field finds a way Toake a redemptio for all of us andfor the chdren she les in her life. Oh my goodness. Ying to havmore "Nightline" answer that portion of it. Burt Olds. They had a special, special lationship did she talk about th S did. Was N WHA we thought. She ITIs attacks. She writes there sometime pito tame themnd her rol in the life wat what we T, and we'll show you a little bit of down again at T Roxy cinemaribeca. God was so good. Have seen me. You would have loved me. Had KWN each days point. It was instantaneous and four days fel like fr years. In our faces, you know, we wereyou know, rt of deeply entangled, and nature of it wasn't jus you know, tis a love affair. Something, you know, it was said ere was se ingredient between us having towith my care taking and himee to ten care of. She was the love of M life.I mean, she is the most special ma E dated. As always flatter when he said that, but it's -- a complicated man. Rep an halo, she issued a be Burt reyn brld who used to called buy. It wasn't what I called him, but everybody at home in family called him buddy. It's lik theittle boy him I wantedinally rest. Shels very tenrly about the ma he was. Diane, you have aift in bringing out something in people whenou sit across from them. You know th yoally - you learn so much in such -- theyle they are in goodhands, I jus appriate. Thank you. She has so much to teach, and 'S so hard to do what she is in yeah. It is reahard. So thank you. She felt comfortabelling you. Thank U. Ll right. You can see more Diane's story on htline." There's Diane sawr.

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{"duration":"8:22","description":"The actress opens up in an interview with ABC News' Diane Sawyer about her brutally honest new memoir, which takes on many difficult topics. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57874614","title":"Sally Field speaks out about her new memoir, 'In Pieces' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/sally-field-speaks-memoir-pieces-57874614"}