Sara Gilbert previews season 2 of 'The Conners'

The Emmy-nominated actress stars as the sarcastic-yet-lovable Darlene Conner on the show and gives fan a look ahead to the new season.
3:34 | 09/18/19

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Transcript for Sara Gilbert previews season 2 of 'The Conners'
nominated actress, Sara Gilbert. Talking about the brand-new season of "The Conners." She stars as the sarcastic yet lovable Darlene. It is great to have you here, Sara. Great to be here. Thank you for having me. Of course, it is Wednesday so we have to have a little throwback. Okay. We have this photo of you. Let's see it. All right. By that age you are already knew you wanted to be in show business and played toto in "The wizard of oz." I wouldn't say played -- I did a school production, younger than that, probably like 6 or sothing. I mean school production, right. They have the class do it. And I got cast as toto which I felt was a slight because I thought I have no lines and I'm -- you know, I felt better than toto and so I did this -- we did this thing in front of the whole school and I just decided, well, I'm going to start barking because I have no lines so I started barking during this play and as I barked I started to get laughs and I thought, oh, I get it. You can make the audience laugh if you do something at a certain time so I'm sure I totally sabotaged the production of it but I figured it out. Comedic timing and how to steal a scene. Exactly. You've been stealing scenes on "The Conners" and previously on the show "Roesanne" and that was quite the cliffhanger. Your character is in a little bit of a love triangle. It's true. It's true. What draws her to these two different men. She's in kind of a mess. Well, I think, you know, back in the day she dated David, played by Johnny by leckey so he represents her history and it's hard to compete with that, you know, we've been having this relationship on and off for 30 years or something which is unbelievable. Because I was so young. But with Ben, he's new, he's really tough and strong and sort of her equal. I think Darlene is used to pushing these guys around and in of the past and she can't do that with Ben so I think that's attractive in a new way. Okay, all right. Rrr. We'll take a look at a clip. In this John Goodman who plays your father is on your character Darlene about being a neglectful so let's check it out. You're getting home at 10:00. I don't know if you're with Ben or what you're doing but you're definitely not coming straight home from work every night. I'm not allowed to have a personal life because I remember when I was a kid you would go to the local lounge, have a beer then you'd come home and say, there's my girls, D.J. Would start crying and you would go to the garage to fix a bike. I want to ask you real quickly because the show, the show always tackles some controversial topics. Is there any controversy coming up in this season? Well, I think we don't try to hit the controversy head on. I think what we try to do is just address what naturally happens to a family and because it's a middle class family, they're trying to pay bills, they're dealing with health care struggles, they're dealing with trying to raise their kids no normal pressures of everyday life so as those things come up naturally in the stories we tackle them and hopefully people will relate. And tackle them well. Thank you. Sara, thank you very much for being here. Season two of "The Conners" premieres Tuesday, September the 24th at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on ABC.

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{"duration":"3:34","description":"The Emmy-nominated actress stars as the sarcastic-yet-lovable Darlene Conner on the show and gives fan a look ahead to the new season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65688250","title":"Sara Gilbert previews season 2 of 'The Conners'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/sara-gilbert-previews-season-conners-65688250"}