Sarah Palin responds to Sacha Baron Cohen prank

The former Alaska governor tells ABC News exclusively how she was duped for Cohen's new Showtime show and why she wants the show's proceeds donated.
8:52 | 07/13/18

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Transcript for Sarah Palin responds to Sacha Baron Cohen prank
E'll continue withhat a news exclusive. Sarah Pali taking on comedian Sacha baron Cohen. She claims that Cohen Prete to be disabled veteran to dupe her inton interview foris upcoming series on showtime. Nohe appears to dis her veion of even standing by live F herom in Alaska. Nnot wait to speak tohush. Whit Johnson will brings up to speed. Eporter: Sarahin is not the only one wrapped up in this. Roy Moore from Alabama threatening legalion aga Sacha baron hen, Dick Cheney, Ted Kopp list goes on with some calling for boycott of the upcoming show. They say the difference between a hockey mom and pit bull, lipstick. Reporter: Thiorning, former ask governor and vp cande Sarah Palin lo in a war of words with one of comedy'sst. Kill every sin terrorist. Reporte Palin publicly blastingacaron Cohen behind outrageous controversial characteike boat and Ali G. Do you ever think man will walk on the sun? No. Reporter:iming T prankster duped her for "Who is America?" On showtime. Palin sayinhealked out of 9 interviest nber with a man show believe was Cohen sguised a a disabled U.S. Veteran. On Thursday, coh retweeting this post from account with the name bil Wayne ruuddick, Jr., ph.d.hi some believe is the name of his acter on the show. The post Rea I not say I was a warvet.I N the service, not military, but united parcel. Palin long been a staunch supporter of the her son served in the army he rning mate was a per R. In a new post O fack overnight, Palin cling his tweet another lisny lies whichhe says a pathetic apt to punk not just daughter a me again but now thepublic. Thank god people wiso Hollywood's bs snough. The se "Who is America?" Is set to pree this Sunday. ABC news made multiple attempts to get a office response from sachaon Cohen an showtime but so far no comment. Bin. Okay, whit, thank you. Nowmer Alaska governor sarahpas goo enoug to join us live from her home there in wasilla, Alaska governor Palin, THA you very much. Alwaysk forward spending a little time with you. Appreciate you getti up so early to be with us. Okay, let's get right to it. All righty. All right. Much appreciation, ie to say this, much appreciation how you've always spoken out on behalf of veterans. Wh led to youelievet you were going to talk aboutt the person that was going to iew you? Well, it was proposed to as a legitimate I to speak about voters issues and our military and current eve to a new audience. And is past O to me by speaker's bureau whichld assume had done some vetting, buou know, this quote/unquoteomedian is Y Ver good at lyt duping people because look the long Lebron James list now si come out and described my perience, all these other guys, all theseen coming out nowng, yeah, me WHAs the moment in the interv W said, oh, it a minute, this isn't right here and you got and you walked out. What led U to that moment? Yeah, he STA showing me these graphs and statistics that like typos in them and just dn quite look right and part of this opaganda, this data he was showing me something doh Sha and then he brought uplsealinton and said that she was a recipie of a governmended sexhange and, you know, it jt got worse and worse and W a the minutes went on in this bizarre you know, it mocked middle class Americans. It moc our values. It mocked the disabled and it just got worse and worse and, you know, it was occurringoe whatever this show is,ha this interview reallssll about humiliat and devaluing MI Americans whom represent, so, yeah, I S enou was enough and I took Ike and walked out and since then nobodyetsy calls. Iven us fake names as to producers anybody invo in the show nob has taken me up on my offer F them to donate the proceed from this show to veterans organizations thatly sup and respe our vets I know you've asked for them to do it and no response. Ed showti to show us a clip because T are claims that he saying that he did not porhimself as a see it and they refused to gives one. So how do you respond to the saying that he was noted acting as an injur veteran. Well, this actor, this comedian whomever he is he's a en liar so nobody can ev word he is saying now as to his rebuttalheweet or letter that he had yesterday, his ex-cla nat a to who he ry is, you know, I mean the very first in that gave it away explaining himself 5 is a parody he wasn't able to join the MILI because he had bone spurs in his testes. Read a line like THA and, you know, man, this guy doesn't quit. He just- you know, he thinks this kind O stuff is funny and mocking T disabled and mocking andelittling our vets with his portrayal my book is not nny. In the many books it's not nny. It definitely crossed the L and do share your outrage. Don't get mewron there have been people saying aren't ylaying into what they wantau many people didn't even realize this show waappening aow this is bringing more ation to it are you concerned about that? That's a good point but, se CBS a showtime, they're going to be pimping this thing hard they'll hear about it anyway so R me to get out there and let people what's coming, think, is important and if people tuneno the show then they're going T H middle class americansre mocked and our value are mocked. This comedia too, he mocks gays, H mocks Jews he does these otherpisodes where the into I to humiliate. It's to parod something that is important an individual or an enty or group of people and, again, you know, if people do decide to tune they'll hear about it an if they tune in, the ill-goen gains B cbsnd showtime, those, I Y, need to be ded to people who deserve the gains. Yeah,nd other people are calling for us not to watch it at a and boycott it. What's next foryou? Do you have anyitical aspirations? Whats Sarah pal want to do next? Im very thankful I have platform now still. You know, pof that you don't need an oe a title to get out there and make entand up for what you reallyeln a what you believe is going toelp this country. I appreciate the posit'm in W but certainly always rdy to go through an open door that perhaps is in my future to get out there and serve the public. I would lov Thank you very much. I appreciate your willin always to come on the air a to sre your pee andour views and I can't beliehat piper is 17. When I was atou Hom there in 2010 she like a little one running around back and I know she was with you when you nt and did the interview. Give her my best and your fa. Yeah, absolutely, pi remember, she was the one who Ed youut your snow machine helm on as you went snow machininith Todd around the lake so, yeah we have good memories of you being here. Do too. My best to you andou family. In all since man share your outrage, alwayppreciate Y being outspokennd appreciate you sharing yourere on "Good morning ama."

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{"duration":"8:52","description":"The former Alaska governor tells ABC News exclusively how she was duped for Cohen's new Showtime show and why she wants the show's proceeds donated. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56561087","title":"Sarah Palin responds to Sacha Baron Cohen prank","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/sarah-palin-responds-sacha-baron-cohen-prank-56561087"}