Behind the scenes on the set of 'Ghost Hunters'

"GMA" got a backstage look at the hit A&E series.
2:47 | 08/19/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Behind the scenes on the set of 'Ghost Hunters'
We turn now to one of the most surreal shows on TV. "Ghost hunters," is back, and Diane Macedo got a look at the paranormal activity behind the I co-founded a paranormal investigation group. Reporter: It's the phenomenal that put the supernatural in the spotlight. Scratches on his back. Reporter: They follow real life investigators tracking the unexplained. The show is getting a major reboot landing on A&E with a new cast. This is my favorite part of the night. Reporter: They have new tech. You're the first hip no hear the I understand how the mind may manifest something. Reporter: They're aiming to disprove that the location is haunted, but sometimes -- What is that? Reporter: What do you do if your house is haunted? I'll be honest. First reaction, if I had seen a full body apparition which knew it was a ghost, you're going to hear a string of cusswords first. It startled me, and then I'll be, like, can I help you? Reporter: The show's co-creator, grant Wilson says their main goal is to help people in need. Think of the people it sitting in their homes dealing with stuff they don't understand, and their answer is right there on TV. It will help a lot. Reporter: Wilson is now mentoring the new team, so we decided to put him to the test osi if he could teach me to be a ghost hunter. We start on the third floor, and I immediately feel strange. Why are you feeling creeped out up here? I don't know. Reporter: He encourages me to walk around, and suddenly I notice something. Let's try going in this room and see how you feel. Slanted. What you are feeling is called the funhouse effect. Reporter: He explains an unlevel floor, and uneven walls can create the illusion of paranormal activity. You're used to being in a square, rectangular room, and this messes up that. It feels like something is hovering you over. Reporter: But over things -- What is that? Reporter: -- Weren't so straight forward. What was that? That was a temperature drop and an air pressure change. What does that mean? That's kind of a standard indicator that something is here. Reporter: Just finished a sweep with grant. We did encounter a few abnormal some he could explain, and others he couldn't. Whether or not those are paranormal,e have to wait until the investigation is complete, and tune into "Ghost hunters" to find out. For "Good morning America," Diane Macedo, ABC news, Connecticut. So spooky. The all new season of "Ghost hunters" premieres this Wednesday on A&E. Coming up, ajr performing

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"\"GMA\" got a backstage look at the hit A&E series.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65052868","title":"Behind the scenes on the set of 'Ghost Hunters'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/scenes-set-ghost-hunters-65052868"}