Scott Eastwood on the making of 'The Outpost'

The actor talks to Peter Travers about his role in the new film "The Outpost."
19:55 | 07/03/20

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Transcript for Scott Eastwood on the making of 'The Outpost'
Hi everybody this is Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we show you what's happening at the movies and yes there are in the even though none of us can go see that yet but we're waiting at that rate. And in the meantime you can get them on like EO which. I guess this. Will. Sure we'll all this is really really. You senate. And you have a lot at me you're not Klain our real guy. You're is who is a medal of honor. But it's and can't act and warm and the second but it is like. Every minute that like you win. Rob Laurie torture you. No you know rods. Rob lewis'. Actually really enjoyed. Had a strong vision. Sit with the men who were there to ask those uncomfortable emotions at the emotional emotions. The whole stack them and actually did a great job of making. Really Panetta this little. X series that would that it would fuel like you were there. Yeah well when you do that though that being tortured the actor's. It does it does not look I think when you sign an offer. He's acted in the latest sign of it to honor. Communities. These people and into you always a story. Signing up for that you know you're running out as that. Article. Oh. Was going to be made it won't do movie I don't look at eBay now and he wanted to. There's a in this movie. He was gracious about it in your phone call and luckily I was greeted book and there's a lot of material are alone in her shoes. Hosts post. Receive. Are. Well I thought it was there was one of the strangest things that I saw when I realize who you're playing because his first name is Clint. Give you pause. It to you pause. Amy Potts a I imagine. Why I don't know why why one. Ex items. Oh. Be honest I I was I was a very timid. About Aiken it's all because I had. It already done a few war movies. Utah. Is sort of said I'm gonna Lexington exhaust that John right. By rod was very convincing and mean. I will look into the story 'cause I was unfamiliar store when he. I realized that it was it was. There was much more to it. That this was a huge military extra this lose tactically he's something you would never do something we will hopefully never do again and out of it. Cain an incredible. Amount zero dollars and from everyday people people who we're asked to do something that was not possible. Not just to congressional medal honors were given during the battle can dish or 37 purple hearts so that's telling in itself. This battle as. And no we we lost tunnel lions. It was just am. This is an incredible true story well what you can do by making a movie and this is that we can see geography at best know. These guys are down there at the bottom of these mountains with the Taliban up there on top you know. It's almost like sitting duck. It wasn't massive screw. You know in the end I think they decided they that there was no need short of that oh at all. Yeah they giggled yeah and be. Abandoned and blasted. News yeah Japanese yen they took it out AM. Ultimately bombed at least ammunition there and their edu yelled we bombed at. Took it out. It didn't rod had some kind room for all you guys do this. All he did she put together boot camp idea however. Couldn't attend because Andrea broken any. OR. I did. I'd bet your coat starts let you know that. There. And I was I was making enough. But yeah sure that I showed up in an inning and actually it is my first issue. I was I was the first to reach a shooting. Hobbling around. You know but That's Hollywood crew are. And whip out right at me you know how this business works. I know announce. I don't know who want every day. I did not this act of some of your dad movies. And. This is this is true nonsense back. And I will that's that something won't. I guess has been instilled in. There's no flaws and there's no reason to. Access. In the Iran. Or. That will make it fish. I did. I think. I was always fast aisle who logged storyteller. I thought maybe even more so than acting. That was crap that I was fascinated with I loved watching. Movies father me. I remember vividly. As it is and cheddar and done watching am. Unforgiven. And being just floored and moved Biden the brig Aberdeen Rooney I think it's just there's you've got an. So. Yes York. That's see actually that seem shocked and still fuel kid and least all of them we all got them. That is one of the best scenes. Probably on the all time area is far as you know I think. Something that summit that business nation mark father's career it. As in being. Could you could call that is slower coal is history. And the like year would ever. In Ghana that. At that point. In west. You. It was a beautiful scene and really moved me in. You. Are sure what you're starting. In the beginning didn't use he's slipping right. Where you have interpretations are that is. I think I didn't know if I was going to be able to. Do it and that is to be a neat career and acting. I was young. My late teens early twenties and I just sort of San. Look let me try to seat. If I can get it in a couple gigs. On you know -- on your own I sell my own now I think I laugh. News elements and New Year's news. You've gotta wanna do additional police and it's. Got wanted some anonymity. I mean it's hard for you Rick as you look a lot like you're. So it's very difficult for me is saying. You know. I don't know what you're talking about I don't have that can you do the claim and he didn't. When in this hour. Yeah and skater. A long time to get over that you know but he knows how do you really used. Afford a kid you just are growing up. Or all this happened and talk a little bit to a bad you know the movie that you've done he majored. In suicide squad and and smaller movie and eat and the Nicklaus or on the longest ride. Which is. Another note you know people just love it. And yet you were old Ryder and but the June. Did you grow up and say I'm gonna do. I I don't I kind of it was a walk on player I call I tell people. I don't like a lot and I'm like a walk on players were always number. XT. Talented person. And news. Always figured out I could do I can do the job. And and get it done in I was gonna. I was going to succeed. Because I'm hard worker and I'm probably pretty easy it'll long. That is my strong C not because I'm greeted her. Does not. And you know that Legos or. Let you do this I can guy can do you know I can I can I can do. And so it's gorgeous sort of stumbled into icons are kept giving me some bench will fly. If I can get it done. All. He doing if not then. There wasn't meant to be all you know of unity good ten years. And I'll do so mail. And so you know music and good luck good fortune and futile. In the next level in getting you down opportunity in his. I took forty. And you work floor a good father made it hard. Just not surprised. Old school he'd ever want in any. Unit and so. You needed tough on me assure. You know imagine a lot of businesses. Stanley business. Working interest and values. The H. Up a solid diplomatic away. The moment you have them do it every member in this I remember that war as we could your rugby player. Right it's. Or an act of god it right this is something you want to do you like physical. Except when you are betting. Do you like that I'd like physical league change. They're not always was a physical guy football rugby. Sort study martial arts united and stuffed them. The physical body and I think that. It's you know that's a locally. Acting in general. Right it's. It's it's not only emotional art forms of physical or permanently being burglar. Optical. If you will you know indeed. Exist have to coexist together. If you're going to be. You can start a movie you you're gonna lead it's. Going to be physical guy. I think it helps you to be. Psychologically. You seem to have your head screwed on straight which is great because. A lot of acting is objects. Yeah you got. I'll fix it. Rejection is wanting to be reject it when it's your dad. You know didn't try to get in a row and Americans are where you when I'm Bradley rather. I did yeah. Accidentally. That's things that never happened. We are writing to. Around. In. Passion or where the longest. And the movie was good for me Ian was much better part and it turned out you were great movie really did. Working with George Tillman junior and Robertson and the folks at twenty century fox just turned out to be let all great experience forming in solute you know athletic on and then. You know what I'm talking about it all when you're you're dishonor the daughter someone. All race. Numbers moon get me my porch when I'm sixteen. Anything like your life. Not not. My dad would be. Being. That would never fall why an art council. In fact the opposite. I was nineteen years AT and asking. You. Scenery. And am at a job at the time less able. And it doesn't loaned by first car. He. Other and the farmland rightly took. An immense amount occurred even ask. All our. Humor. Going quiet on the other line in the interest. And a phone just hanging out. And he is doing. This guy's ass yeah there is no discussion about. You know and I know a lot why didn't. Living in LA and Hollywood. I guess sense. Even left having to go through you know machine you Carolina Elliott. Some people who. Against US. Sooner or an Egypt's. Rich kids agree. I grew up. Never really having. You know I'm getting what they want they want it. And I anti it's a huge disservice you can. Speeches has. You don't need for for a dollar. Worked three jobs and you know chase your career at the same time and parallel. I think that's really. Dig my dad knew that though argue as a critic of U. South. Yeah unions and the in each EU. But it is billionaire. In any of the work you've done a lot of movies she's a mess and even when somewhat small parts you still there you're still learning mean. Don't really get that chance to be around haven't done so that you're not just scared at all. I what is done. Presence on. You have confidence. There. Build a yeah I imagine it's. A golfer I. At certain point you were. To physical. Aim is is. You can you do not and it's all about until you're just. You believing in yourself and your abilities in Connecticut got only does its ranks and where you. Jim. You want adult life me sort of yeah. Is in the sun. And fuel and you know peaceful. And calm theme. Now comes with. Quiet little leased on 7 NEWS. About a day teach you lead counsel. During during. And the only way I'm not quiet that is guided you to do more you go out and surf intelligence. Or. You know jujitsu were to go. To create and if you accomplish and winning do those. Well how is it really great philosophy of life you know we always end. This show in a little bit it's all I don't know how Ed music plays a giant artery life or not I also know that. I missed it you know I sentiment don't let your had just ninety. Or. Ninety do all the big party. All. We I would. The Dan. I ever look at him doesn't even feel like in. Music push fifty or sixty year old. Yours a machine you're an absolute monster just I don't know how you keep going Energizer bunny. He's got to dig into it but if you had to sing me. A little bit of a song. That you saw him out or you're doing squirm what would that it. No pressure. Or. How about. Suits and it was. Great. The beam run monster really Monique LaMont was known as long as we could've heard the whistle. RI I'm accepting that. Thank you so much good luck with whatever you do because I think you're in this world with exactly right attitude keep it up. Thank you answer as a pleasant.

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