Serena Williams advances to her 10th Wimbledon final

Williams reached the women's singles final in just her fourth tournament since returning from maternity leave after the birth of her daughter.
3:11 | 07/13/18

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Transcript for Serena Williams advances to her 10th Wimbledon final
you if you go out in the ocean. Ow to Serena Williams, the triumphant return to LE cruising into the final less an are giving birth. Th grand slam queen going for her eight title at the famed nant ABC's Eva pilg right there this ring. Oh, man. She Gothe luckyassignment. Good morning, Eva. Reporter: Good morning. I ditely got the good straw thistime. The Q of the centre cois ba. Serena wimbledon has becom as a part of wimon a pimm's and strawberr and crm. So many wondering could she it? Well, Na making a statement jungmotherod and her tennis career. And serenawins. Breaks to win the semifinal. Reporter: Mer giving birth serenaliams is headed to the finals at wimbledonor the tenth time. Thiss not inevitable for . I had a rygh delivery and, you ow, I had to have multiple surgeries and almost dn it T be honest, so it's definitely not Norma for me to be in a wimbledon fin S I'm taking everything as it is and enjoying every moment. Reporte no womanas ever been as dominant H a sere, but many critics wondered if it was possible for her tourn to top form after the birth of her daughter and the heat lications that food thth problems forced the 23-time grand slam winner to withdraw from both this year's Australian and French opens and left critics to question whether could ever return T top form post baby. Even getting into wimbled this H rankino slide from first in the world to number 454 forcing her toetition trnament organizers figher see but with her place in the finals solidiied and her baby by her side ery step of the way -- Yes, Yo dreamcan come true too. Repor Serena ieady to prove that she's bad than ever. And on Saturday Serena will take on angelique Kerber in a rematch of their 2final. Serena won thatone, Michael, so all will be on ce court tomorrow. And,but, Eva, I hear Serena may have a audience for the Reporte well, she definitely will have a royal audience. Ka Middleton, will be here and she'lle here with her new sist-in-law, T duchess of suss Meghan Markle who we both know is a longtime friend of sere and H been at wimbledon before watching she be here tomorrow Wang her friend. Serena was actually at their wedding in may. Ye I like that. Go to you wedding, you come to the finals when I make it to win? A great exchange. Enjoy wimbledon. Enjoy it. Veryappy for Serena. Very happy for. Worked hard and can O imagine less than a year after givinbirth -- Her 24 grand slam. Like she's got nothing to lose rightw. Ot long at Walko the mailbo Now it'smaelous, right?mm sights in new York City.

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{"id":56560838,"title":"Serena Williams advances to her 10th Wimbledon final ","duration":"3:11","description":"Williams reached the women's singles final in just her fourth tournament since returning from maternity leave after the birth of her daughter.","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/serena-williams-advances-10th-wimbledon-final-56560838","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}