Shaq and Kyrie Irving dish on 'Uncle Drew' live on 'GMA'

The basketball stars will discuss what fans should expect in the new sports comedy.
5:33 | 06/26/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Shaq and Kyrie Irving dish on 'Uncle Drew' live on 'GMA'
Our next guests are NBA legends on the court now that particular talent to the big screen in all the hold true welcome Kyra. Are you really are actually Shaquille O'Neal and beverages should says. And I know I got I got really thought that gentlemen it's funny how you get through this too sure who you. Yes it's a wonderful. You are seven years of the tired when you heard about this myth that they want to play an old man Jack. I had to do. Why do you feel about back. Bill firmware over Jerusalem's commercial was Paramount human Coleman if people want to remove those who sure. Because you could work through very concerned and religious groups from. Tourism film and doing what we're at. And romance in Europe and landing at LH UU mineral man in the moon. About 52 million people have seen the bad and four. Important look at the first what I saw the trailer was like at first but it is just the commercial veterans day on the making this a movie. Youth he probably had no idea it would. Now has some like this no idea none none I think you resist. Who's who who's a good feeling to be part of something oh best artists. This the idea New Jersey warmth from and you know is is it was awesome to see it trance transition and transform into what is now as full blown movie I can live a sort of we've this. Sort of different approaching what did you I mean it was irresponsible there other yes and no problem there were preservers are not that I was that can believe that I was going to be. Featured in the film with yeah. God this is awesome as is awesome and then. 13 things are becoming production and then we had great collaborative group now let's turn to an organic movement like. Couldn't the wolverines Graham Paul that's what they're saying that that your look is Shaq out. I mean. And a cover was who would continue. Content but I also saw the flick. Not that we're gonna show the scene but Muir me plated. But assume my new not a nude scene but a semi. Or groups around the well you know what I'm talking about Miller who's broken. Well let's talk about this. Well it's a little bit of uncle drew yeah. Okay. Geriatrics save you can't back in the gulf. Oh yeah. Yeah. It's good that I've been here infinite. 010. June. On the head. Okay. My ball back today he does make it a smile now that we've not that we looked quite like that but it's this. It's it's so incredibly. Uplifting. Really believe in Penn promises the was a fellow warrior. You know. Lot of influence of the basketball. Anyone insistently the foundational for me to be. Claire and today so there's learn as much as possible from the past generations. Making it as original as I can not sit down to the general said that he laid the foundation to euphoria Shaq to buy I hear your rapper. But wrapping you up orange and yellow yeah. I think single owner of the Hastings would have been ridiculous the song on the soundtrack a riot I thought it would just be nice just to see Niko drew and a soundtrack O of the Muslims ridiculous. Oh yeah. We'll look. Home solution. You know I left my for the NBA awards rules. Do some good things. Folks what to celebrate the whole crew out here handsome pundit with them but what do you want them to from this is excited to offend or isn't with a lot of life lessons building relationships utilizing the passion that I feel so strongly about being able. To share with the world and have an amazing cast. You know I'm just excited for the opportunity for all of us. Book moralists the reception whom they'd I think that professionally. Have to kind of separate myself will be in terms of character and how would you got figured beat the centric and you know talk contrast to older. All the guys on his woes exercises each and drifted that he like a centric and where we're worker wow. Wow 55 pick. Have a big word for one year ago individual notably Bruce Berman who's. Some I'm I can only imagine the fun you all have put them together there's what thing we or offensive well look at everybody come on out here because uncle drew is in theaters nationwide on Friday.

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{"duration":"5:33","description":"The basketball stars will discuss what fans should expect in the new sports comedy. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56163293","title":"Shaq and Kyrie Irving dish on 'Uncle Drew' live on 'GMA' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/shaq-kyrie-irving-dish-uncle-drew-live-gma-56163293"}