'Shazam!' star Zachary Levi on joining the superhero world

Levi appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" and talks about the making of "Shazam!"
3:00 | 04/05/19

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Transcript for 'Shazam!' star Zachary Levi on joining the superhero world
And pick up we're here to tell you what's happening at the movies and I'm telling you. That should them is out now and you got to see it and one of the reasons you have to see it as my guest Zachary Levi. Who you know it's it. Difficult when you describe an actor in a role matching up but in this case it matches up so well that you sit there and say. This guy's got it I can relax and just enjoy this moves and his graduate thank you you that they accuse you you continue to say things. About me even to be now and and that our ID I don't I'd words I'm I don't I don't have the words that having people and has used to teens know. Actually no it's quite honestly the opposite I mean you know the reviews for the most part 93% of them anyway have been very are you looking at ride me because we did not particularly when they're being asked the post about it on your social media. But now it's just bad it's very kind thank you I really appreciate that I just I have so much respect for users so the fact that you were saying such nice things about me making me blush of little bit will. At its affiliate hunt and are we worried that a year identity or via would you do the of the great things about them if things than. Yeah it just going. Yeah if you could say it who would you be. I mean to be perfectly icu at Pacific. I mean you know guys let me after the other day you know what he wanted what you wanna do you grow up and and I said I'm bill and you know I mean honestly I I've been kicking around its own this business for twenty years and I've been really blessed to have done a lot of great shows in including Broadway and an all that. But you know to to now be at this point in my career and that just fuel vary healthy and strong mentally mostly physically. And that I get to know it enjoyed this journey wherever this rocket ships in ago like that's what I would call what you're going to be impossible you were seen very nice. You know. If if it's just a habit now probably able to get all of all the what they want DuBois at. At. That you do to protect yourself out some love lea area but now I'm and I I just this is all great Mississippi what's so great about the character to it's it's fourteen year old bull yeah. It UC happy you know somebody once told me once we ought to get older but we can stay immature brat yet and it. If it's kind of great but you get that you know bags when we're watching you did this. It will really natural so what I'm asking. Are you. If I'd advocate if I really the people everybody basically give you with schedule and make them. Like snack time yet not a dime. OK we're gonna read a story. Hit well I mean in some ways I look I I jokingly say that I've resisted growing up in this in some areas of my life. My entire life and that's not entirely untrue I but I think that that's not. I think most of that is that I've just always been a kid who really enjoyed life by I enjoyed joy I do if you enjoy bringing joy that's probably why. One of the biggest reasons I became an entertainer to begin with I knew at a very young age that. Like I consciously figured out around four I think or so if I'm not an Atlanta area and have been. At around four I think it was that for some house cognizant enough to realize that I could intentionally makes him. And that made them feel good and that made me feel good I didn't ever want to stop doing I was addicted to that drug. And I hall loved the idea of being able to entertain and make laugh because like its you can feel Julie people. And so I've always held on to things in my life that have brought me joy that bring other people Julie. And I think all of that stuff has kept me you know young enough hordes to. Hopefully bring you know Billy bass until I think in a way that makes sense. Well he's brought to life that would fill. I'm hearing things about view. Being somebody who is not a stranger to the culprit. Yeah it. He had not have not at all they have this out now so we're wishes them in your pantheon of comics when you were growing up I wish I could say that what you have is it my favorites the exact yesterday. I was like to say that ID he was my favorite and I knew all about them and everything. Not even know us now I didn't like I knew what I think a lot of people knew. Which was or not a lot of people but certainly with a comic world. That you know there was this character that was a kid who had a magic words have been become a superhero you know kennel like big meets Superman I knew that was that is exactly is totally. But I was when I was in my heyday of comic book reading is a kid I was more on the marvel universe reading a lot of X-Men X force X-Factor all the mutants I really really dug all that stuff. And then while auditioning for this role is one obvious that was deep diving into the east and even those in the all that stuff and realizing as I was doing it I was just. Following more in love with the character eye. To eye I think Tom Hanks is one of my age idols I've I've. If I could pick an actor in say that career that all the things he's have been able to accomplish the roles he's played how well he's played them. At being a director writer actor all of that I've ever done musical theater's know well what they company hit at him I think I think it Evernote add up. But some so you know big was a huge impact on my life as a kid and I always dreamt of having my big whatever that was going to be. Never did I realize that it would be it was beavis that that the there was a superhero. That had that quality in that I would ultimately get to play that part which just feels varied his I don't know if there are a lot of it's tough when a daily this morning right now I'm sitting up Arnold Peter travelers and we're talking about me being a superhero movie theaters like. How is that not a into the that this office. Well let's stop for a minute take a look at once he approaches and it's let's do it. We can be disrespectful you can say any calls all the things up and running but you're up here it is a healthy. Poke poke hole they don't. I discovered there pattern or not to reveal anything telepathic abilities to legally that you're really not what's what did you express that illness thing pretty. I swear its VOK. But I know we're not really close friends or anything we you're the only person that I know that knows anything about this cape crusader stuff. In an. Yeah. This or zero. What is your powers. Sit for hours to out of this thing. Think back is great he had gentility drastic is that these guys on grazer yet yes so towns in the I mean awe as as of Asher who plays younger me and all the kids in the family I. Which I can't wait for the world hopefully we'll be able to make sequels and the world would get this spiel and see more of all of their incredible young talent. But Jack is a really just that a very very intelligent very gifted young man who. I see a lot of myself in and quite quite honestly and I was really grateful that you know I got to. With all that's about it a couple of big I mean kid who played opposites on Nancy what's all that red get who forgive me I'm sorry you're watching a city. A bit more read it all right and ginger. Going to if you are taking meaningful military jail and a box out of keep it yet that that that easily fit that whole. That his look ahead at the outfit two what is we for protecting because it's great I mean the movie in the trailer went. The energy source yet there where he's going Europe published charged yeah but yeah yeah rain yet. What was it means that it was insane I mean it would at. The first summer put it on them. It was amid almost immediately after I was cast of cast and maybe two days later there's a OK we're getting in the suit and I was I was standing there if you hit it yeah brightly. It. And so I put it on and you know version one of it does we still had to do a lot of adjusting things but it was still get a pretty much there that that the broad strokes of and I was both simultaneously. Deleted. I mean that little kid in me you always earned about being a superhero in the actor who always dreamed about portraying one like this. All that was happening those dreams come true but also simultaneously. It was it's very. It's very humbling the character has been around for eight years for eighty years people have been loving and believing in and supporting and purchasing. These are comic books and and keeping the character alive and afloat. And so all of that is now sitting on that whole suit in the responsibility with that and mourning to honor the character and a lineage in the franchise and the fans. So have fun with it at this time of course. I only take you so far as you know profit a year on the island battle a lot like that thing up a battery fillets. Ballot. The battered spread batter he invited. Via its seventy my battery. The statement that ridiculously. Yes that you get are you allowed what you are reluctant Kate. The the outfit home and walk around in it or ego and some little special place the no no ID. Didn't ever take. The suit home I assure you wouldn't want to know out I don't want to take this news it's a comfortable so it's very cool that I get to where it and it looks though. But it's not it's not something that I would elect me funding that I would I want I would love though if we could make he's an easy on easy off version of it. That I ago because it takes its I mean it's ten minutes to put the whole thing on because it's so tight and form fitting and I. Have you note it might amazing customers or from Toronto there were helping me get in and out of it much like him. Four year old and a one easy you know I was like these you know like that's what it felt like appropriate it is completely. But but it's I would love it easy on easy offers and were like you just throw it on and go to like children's hospitals and stuff like that because always. Had so much respect for the actors who bring these these characters like joined obvious yet like. Jack's paralleled that that he keeps around with them so he can just a pop in and do that stuff. And and also the character of captain marbles is am there's some very famous. You know there's a very things comic graphic novel where he. Goes and actually it most of the comings and going and being in hospital with children and giving them open. I I just I don't know I think. Not to quote another superhero but with great power comes great responsibility. That genuinely and I and I think that that you know pertains particularly to people in my position that are given. A platform and given an opportunity to speak from that platform is that for as much good is like him. Got you into this in the first place while you talking about the insular life all I. I think it was you ward. Get a manager if you were five. Actually happened and they were the worst boy. That's madam dies when it landed my apple. With. One outlet out well I mean ultimately he yeah I -- around for a short sell what whenever the whenever I write. I know that I knew that there was something about this and he did it. In a row if the Imus are with what battle it what. There's some sort or salesman knocks on the door a kid. Like a four year old in a robe smoking a cigar answers the door and sort of north elements as a your parents though because that's what do you think. Let that it I digress. So. So I added I think at a very young age I knew I liked entertaining people bent down theater. In like middle school and have ago. There's there's a there's a place for people at me. Two are just total spouses and won't shut up and loved doing voices and love entertaining and there's some there's a structure that can be done and we can all do together great to that I go to the theater. And the middle school high school. All the whole time by the way always believing and hoping and wanting that this would alternative the rest of my life and I did do for a living. And and I had a lot of you know very tremendous. Influence around me throughout my life other directors I would work with and community feeder or other actors or just parents of other kids. Who that would history anyway I would just continue to. Just encouraged me enough to say don't give up on this and I'm so so grateful that I haven't but look at the stuff that you no I don't have all the time at which it did not the first time you know yet what wanted to back we'll talk about it that we (%expletive) But that you could do musical peak could be at she loves me on Broadway. And get a Tony nominee should. Holder Lee. Charming singing you know be perfectly confident you could be as you wall art well I don't known maybe you tell me about season three. The market at an apartment Alitalia but that doctor that you play is another character who is she asked the little off. Based on a lot of things yeah he's not that sort of romantic leading yet these quirky yet is the appeal yet so you're doing that. What. It must be feeling right at just fantastic young. It's a fantastic this is awed Eric hit that surround me and that I see them on the time that let tangled and their yeah that's singing with me and the you. He in the light yet you're all of that but he's pretty well and that rates it's every. Thing man it's that I mean I I genuinely. I don't mean to sound. Well whatever. But throughout. This entire let let's a say the last few. Months of gearing up and doing all this press and talking about it it forces you to reflect on a lot of things as people are asking you questions obviously and I want to be able to give the most honest. Into that I can give and in all of that it has I mean on a daily basis at least once today. I have a moment where I become overwhelmed with and just gratitude and joy and I. In old starts here and up a little bit because I start thinking about. Not just might pass and you know meat grown up as a kid and all of the things that mean my sisters have come through and and so. Proud of all of us for identifying all of those issues and working on them as adults and being more galvanize now the we ever have. But to know that these dreams of mine. RG literally that there they're coming they're coming to life right in front of my eyes. And the embarrassment of riches to be able to say that I was in the marvel universe that are now on the DC universe that I'm a Disney friends. That I've been on Broadway that I was nominated for my performance them on where we killed. I can and I actually able to dictate play pitch a fit at a district judge if yeah everybody wants that that everybody watching with yet I thought she was gonna kill me but he did. Survive the you know without it. Anyway we have a couple of questions that come from the DS is did you ever yes it's not that the result let's look at Brian this thing. Great movie if there's a sequel who would you want to play the islands but would you want to eat. I keep hearing that rock Dwayne Johnson is plain black Adams whose act and they also still the rock. Doing the rock Johnson Warren in May equality call them La Roca. I found that accurate story. So he was attached to play black Adam. Five years ago or something like that Ian. So initially with this first offering of a film they were trying to work well like Adam and says AM. Into that so that. He would I be fighting like Adam. Unfortunately or lower or rather fortunately I suppose in some ways. Try to put to origin stories of that nature into the same film would have to wait too long and also in the last five years. La Roca has become. Even more massive star and deserving of perhaps of his own standalone. Black Adam fell so yes he is technically -- tacitly black Adam. I'm and I very much would love force examined black Adam to have that you know ultimate fight. But I think that would be down the road maybe if we if we get to do three of these that maybe that would be the third one agreements have been signed for nine of them well being sick that they thought this conferred seven I think is the number. It's three standalone and then. For what my vehicle cameos in back to be you can. In a teen movie. Or it could be you literally just him healing and somebody else's standalone film or vice Versa or whatever so you can be just this leave you can be an all of these things we should not get behind it all the years I trust me I wish I could tell you. I have no idea that Falwell about when they OK one more question and then. Hose we. With the web. Sitcom child in Vietnam many of us fought to keep it on yeah yeah that sure as well that's. I don't appear there's another hurt at the curtain curtain. Totally totally totally so. Now in some ways that was not satisfied with the way that the show ended. Com because I want people to only feel good you know like and so. I'm always skeptic of the cliffhanger. Or not fully you like wrapped up things the book you know we're we're what you mean by that but the truth is the more time I gave it the more I realize that. I think Chris bedecked in jars Schwartz who were our creator and show runners I've. I think they at least were attempting to and I think very much succeeded in providing an ending that. In some ways kind of set the show to be a loop. So we ended on that same beach that that that we started that you know chuck and Sarah started on. In the very first of the pilot episode where she's asking me to trust her. And then we go on this five year journey and by the end of it now she's lost her memory. But we believe Morgan my best friend thing you know there will be a magic kiss and that will work in my area yet. But then I'm now trying to convince her to trust me. And sits up for me to help remind her of all our whole journey. And then you leave it with that kiss and then if you as a viewer want to go back and watch the show it's as if I'm telling her our story together so. It's actually quite inspired his way you're you're right about all of that extra practice towards imagines somebody who never watched chopped listening to yeah and they with and yet what's wrong with Connecticut he needs some help you know what I wanted to chuck movies though I couldn't that -- this should be the should be I'd like to continue to are well I've got to let go but they showed first time here on it hope for the many yes thank you and song always I'll bet it's just a little bit of what average in your head you can't. I don't know yet what ever America today is as been whatever bad mood I'm in. Why it's almost like being it'll. And there's that's I'm not fazed. But I'll call you move in rent. Why is our own laws lagged in in Latin. How that should ever did say that I have to. Usually have so much so rates.

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