Sissy Spacek says she was 'discombobulated' meeting Robert Redford

Spacek appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" and talks about her new film, "The Old Man and the Gun."
21:05 | 10/12/18

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Transcript for Sissy Spacek says she was 'discombobulated' meeting Robert Redford
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers this is popcorn we we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's a movie now called the old man in the Guidant which is terrific on every level. On my guests is the basic could to me. Is into U2 is acting royalty is neither the old man alive nor the gun she had to play any of those things and why should she bother but. She is of the romantic lead in this man. And you know we fall in line up with you when you're falling in love with Redford. Onstage with this so anyway Sissy welcome first you on the show I'm thrilled I'm thrilled. You're royalty my the year I'm royalty to a OK well. It ourselves that we are you genuinely well I don't know about that still before we just let the whole found got. Due diligence says we should talk a little about the old man in the gone and yet came about for you and who is this jewel person. Well. It was David Lowry that that pulled me into this evening and it was Robert Redford who pulled him Ian. It was. Gang in. Late seventies early eighties and the Dallas Fort Worth area they based out of their called over the hill gang that work. Elderly bank robbers. With good manners. You just don't see that area you've really done the bank robbers are rude that area apparently tired and it brutal and I have real bullet man. And when that film opens up on the screen it says. This story is mostly true. And actually jewel is the only character that's. Not so true path of truth is she true at all dish well any basis in fact his. His first wife's name was you'll when he left who OK and that pick me up on the kind of rat. Cell that was that element that that a David added. And so weak he allowed me. He's such a collaborator he did this. With all of us with all the actors he would send a script to her new saints attack got an idea for seen in the jewelry store in. And so that we talked for RO. Almost a year it different different times and then I just loved. Seeing how all those how. How he worked Powell he's script evolved and. It was just bright and then I got to move the location and there would. Run record here there in line. And I was a little bits come populated three yeah I do like the rest of you've worked with every one in this business wow at all I. Often get their acts desperate spotlighted. The channel there's something about mr. Redford. He's she asks. He's so charming he's so lovely so gracious sees. He's some you know he's very private thing he's. Very funny we've got to know each other since we. Since we've been doing press but this I think apparently Brett is not during my movie but now we weren't we artist market where eating right brand. But it was just a pleasure it was just the planes fly. Mean they themes that you have with him in the mood. Our. It they're real falling in love scene re in the audience are watching this and think. This you know he's robbing banks he's a steep like sixty times from different prisons. And he's telling you. Basically the truth about itself. That I get idea ridiculous if my gets ridiculous and yet. The way it says is that the done just the correct pacing that we're feeling the same thing. Of course isn't liable in death she's gotta do what you know it was interesting because with Bob I I just had to learn how line. And it. Wrists behind him and sell that you know that made it. So. Sweet. It must've been so great with you and Redford because. He decided to quit the business after. It Wiki. Well we know that weird. We are working on him you know that was very exciting. I think we've come bins came to roll that back a little bit because we just some. There was of relief behind a line who walked in and totally. Didn't keep that character. On track and how mean he was born played that wrong. Yeah no he really really didn't I don't see when that's happening in your enjoying yourself and we're joined watching it why should Sam not doing it. So I now we shall while they Jerry stern with him wish them well we have I had ban you have. And now he started a tool to roll it back a little bit but you know one of the things I loved about worked with David. Lowry why are things I noticed. About Ian was. When I looked at all his credits was. No actor only work but he wants. Everybody. Works within two or three times here we have the way Robert Altman east work. He has his cinematographer his cost and people his his rent aren't ready or he's got his people and they just go from one thing. To the next. And he works along the same actor I miss him so much that man I miss him lesson he he Herat all mouth on him. But it didn't matter because of that when you did three women with him. That had to be one of fun times. He did. He was a trip. I loved Bob I'd say two of. All better than I cannot. And that's Abby said. Benson wants when she do something it becomes reality and then if it's reality means it real and so we're the a. OK but I that the youth who see this the first time we've talked you know in this kind of situation. And I he a whole sense of this career that year habit which is so exciting. And I remember bad lands you know that's the first time I remember seeing him we basically. Are serial killer. Yeah I liked. I was involved the killer then or now what off what you can and I'm no better. At that I'm same time I'm staying I'm not gonna do nothing at my hat you know where I'm. That's right that you and who. When it's the seventies you're doing carry the whole world. Dan knows who you walk if that there's always that movie where it happened and Harry. Now we you ever when you're grown up in Texas did you ever get to be prompt when. Yes I. And it it was really it was really wondering what might that was no blood. Why then they'll look at threaten anything with that we just went Korean we just like some. Smart. But at this point in a I know that now I think for care act up. I badly got a lot of invitations from people become their problems at that. It. But I'm Dana bad that I was back when IA withstand scripts to my folks down because there really are in my career and then. What I call the lesson from that script to read Carrey and Mike called them muscle on science. On the phone they were so dear though they said when you just. Following your instincts go with your instinct let you know that was. That was I think scary for all of the actors working on it we all needed to work it was of the picture and low budget. And but Bryant really you know he really brought it all night you Piper Laurie everybody everything getting unbelievable Academy Award nominations crazy for harm now. And that guy called Stephen King. All my got a tactic that keeps if the kid. What about you when your kid and you grown up in Texas and what happens that meet cute today I'm taking that next step. And I'm going to do I think it was a because my mother what Alice Alice I had two older Brothers and and I. Until I was much more dramatic. Than and I don't mean like on the stage but more dramatic in real life. That my Brothers and I'm not a quick thank having hopes to see you should be an actress she Sumpter and I don't think she meant that. The literally but. It planted a Y. And mom do you know any khaki and Aetna plan. For that I never got into play at school I was the musician singer songwriter and I would saying between acts of them. My eyes and I I had read this in I don't know if it's exactly true and so you're here to do it but that. In a very sad sense you lost of your brother you know. And that this happening when your kid what how old are you filed this I was sixteen when he when he sent the seventy via. And that but this tragedy in new life he do you look kind of car she. It really did it was like rocket fuel. I want I'm pat Lila I have. Live through that. I can place anything. It gave me courage it was this it was a strength time actually at top of France who have had you know had law. Along loss in their early years and it affected than us and why. Because he could he could affect people where they just lose any kind of impetus and and will and a few more importantly it could of they made my parents. Just not let me. Go. But. You know. You can't really protecting children. Letting go. They did and I appreciate that. That was the way you in your husband Jack Fisk I should say when a degree. Production is the in the entire universe I I think so well you know the world does since he constantly work. And everybody says we want him to do this but you you've borne ever Hollywood props. You rejected no we're not living here we're gonna be. In Woburn and OJ Virginia in Virginia yet we'll have their furlong timely relive their for about twelve or thirteen years. And it was great because you know mulling over there where what working. And all of our friends for people that we were working with that we met on film so it was public the business so and that vehicle are we really loved it. But. When we decided means we can have a family we wanted them to have a and normal life on and more normal high. And if not completely normal -- not come out of no where possible bright you know it just doesn't happen it's hard to raise kids wherever it is now I think it's harder. In cities. Could you just have to. You have to really keep him when you've seen you know as a person as it and actor who does this evening for live. Rooted now you seem to have your feet on the ground there's something about you that says I'm not gonna let all the Ruth. Give me. I had great parents Adam really great childhood. And sell I have always felt that I head. Everything Miller who is really important to me I had before Allen the little mountain. Man and had. Strong family. Was taught values than parents had integrity and good character and never civic minded network just to Ireland wonderful people. And I think that you know that's that gives you fan nation. And then you can you can you can kind. You know roll with the punches it's because it's as you know. Happens he does I think we can all Wear that teacher in Iraqi hadn't and its friend Ian you know human experience. And yet your children grew up in there. World Skyler. Yeah and Madison there they're doomed that they are picked. They're due but that really were exposed to the work. We took some complication. And they they missed all but glitz and the glamour which is. On in wonderful on that's that's the celebrating there's certainly a place for that that's a celebrating. World phone for what you've done what you've accomplished grammar the first house nominated for an Academy Award Alex. Cara Cara I am now you and I called my mother nine. Oh you don't know where I didn't do she said that there. I think you've already got it just going into yourself like. Sure but a well good for the offense moment the fact is the whole academy is who you Wear. I don't get an action now I don't dig com I don't living but you know they didn't save us from ourselves the designers because if you look at old clips. Of the Academy Awards. You will see. All and really. Awful outfit. Some now back I think I think that's a good thing that the designers stepped that he does play but. Don't just Wear what's in your closet thing that I now because. These pictures will be every well the beginning we just go Latin you know going to a store in Beverly Hills and by Branson. You never know if it was. God off Fuller are half. And it's your faith in something that that when you. We're starting in this industry and you get to be carried coal miner's daughter you playing the red of land you win Academy Award. That's usually the time where the head skate. Screwed on wrong mean. If they could twirl and something could happen but that didn't seem to happen here. Well I had children about that time ministers that'll before they they don't care who you think you are there hungry and they money now so that panic keeps you. It keeps you grounded and I I've just always loved real life and that's. I never felt guilty about relief fund myself and the real life as I think that's kind of the honor that's I've deep well that we. That we pulled from. Soul. In all the things that you experienced line for the things that you can bring your work and and it's great to have be able have a long career as it. If you or your exploring. Decades that your skin and some wonderful thing so you change in and Ayers there. You have no experiences. When I was doing bloodline now was harmless. Playing the mother of all these like. Forty I happen to you felt like all very disconcerting are you sure you want meat has thrown out I. And I thought I was talking to someone want benefit ally level bloodline. I'm getting to X or my sixth generation my sixth decade and the person I was talking to said. So hard and Spacek but. Cheers. Well I don't know I like I said. But weakening to an area. Because of all of these things that you've done that I can't deal with in the short time that we have. Do you have for a five of these moves they did it meant something you know beyond. How success in that tests won't badlands of course there's the beginning because that's. When I thought. And art Terrence mount Terrence Malick you know I I remember. Dean in New York. Hurley an analyst just still a teenager and hearing actors talk that were sitting at a table Joseph Allen's been talking about acting the packing. It's just the at the table with people like that packet just join in the back. Could just join the conversation I didn't mean then look at that it haven't experienced that nothing to say but it is wanted to. People while the party and it. And that's what Terry did he he allowed me to be be part of it that the sit at the table and he wanted to know what I thought and that's where I met my husband. Again but few months though many sell many levels and coal miner's daughter head to two didn't yap you know lit red as a dear friend of mine where we're god sisters. At that time. Loretta was going on television play I was gonna do the things. At the time I was gonna I was committed to a film with Nicolaus wrote that the saying start day. As they worked out I ended up. Doing now and I'm so glad I I think that's how it's kind of you know goal white from a country roots because I was. Such a cake got that's. But. It was great that that the plane it's in the bedroom in that with in the bedroom. Know these things he cannot that they are all due and I love what you did Todd Field isn't he and he's like a and Terry Malick is like a philosophy. You know they're all that's great people but you know you've done. They're gonna pull you away from them on you can have not Hollywood's they now but. You are our wing where everything is happening and he just didn't do it wants and mean you've been talked about bloodlines that you've done that. You doing castle rock and now you have -- company you know which is on Amazon. You Sissy Spacek are wicket. You have everything that everybody wants mostly but I would panic came along and the seven and win I was representative of every woman. And I was just in the right place at the right time and that Terry and I just went and actually went from one. Project to another with these wonderful artistic. Filmmakers who word you know that was when the artist rules and the studios didn't care about low budget and you haven't got that whole time that I I would be calling seventies. I it was the people that I worked with that was what I learned early working with. Terrence Malick that it's about it's a director's medium let us not forget that. Well I wish you the best the left with a all of these things because Peter always great Oldman the gun. Anything that you touch is great but first time on the show you don't know we ended song. Oh is that right we always and that's up now I have to ask you and I know that they will leave from me. But up I'm fat I read somewhere that you started your career. As somebody named rainbow without it got me and he ended. With a song called black Jack you've gone no John John Lennon John you've gone too far this time. How do you remember that song another record I think is the mayor's you know red blues that are open Michael Rich Sheen will move that sped up. What's up fantastic. Director gave me in my first part of them. But you can't and pricing supplement thing together well I don't know John gone too far this. This time and I I don't know what yet had a birthday I know we can't we have you spent a fortune to sing at Bieber army can't do that but something that's saying what can I think I'll come in. If he must dark. He had matters you know red blue how did -- look Juan Milan. She aryan had ginger bread out. Smoke and none of that and then that man hello band red chair re number of full. Incumbent backed him homeowner. Narrow Sheen and town whether she you know. Back on my care agreements. They've been beaten and pull things in the back out any wont on him my. Credible manner she knows us mollen and now I do about a backlit de L. Kendall on strung out there swollen. You don't get half million down. Not. That that's up a. They're angry they think are either I don't know I did I didn't bring it today not knowing that we were gonna do the matching. Now what's up oak where it he.

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