Stephanie Ramos says her Dominican grandmother helped her achieve this life goal

ABC News Correspondent shares why she thanks Tom Llamas, Sesame Street’s Sonia Manzano, and more this Hispanic Heritage Month.
8:30 | 10/15/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Stephanie Ramos says her Dominican grandmother helped her achieve this life goal
Anything about it and happy Hispanic heritage month I'm Stephanie Ramos from ABC news here in New York City. As the daughter of Dominican and pottery parent I'm so proud to celebrate our culture each and every day but this month we could highlight Latinos with made significant contributions from here in America. And honestly about five people whose shoulders I stand on people who have influenced me encouraged me to do better eat better. And just be me. General Irene South Beach. She is the first Puerto Rican woman promoted to the rank of general in the united states army reserve before she was called general she was known as. Rob the female version of Randall that's how tough she was that's how tough she is. She was commissioned into the army reserve as a second lieutenants after finishing her ROTC courses at college like I did. And she worked her way up some breaks. Only about 126. Generals in the army reserve. Today out of nearly 200000. Sold that's huge she's one of up. When I met general sloppy she had just been promoted and assigned as deputy commanding general for. In military police it's the largest. The military organization in the department. Scents she served at every level of military leadership. To get to where she is two days she speaks five languages. Has a Ph.D. plus three master's degrees on topple all of that she's a mother and a wife. And took the time to talk to me about our careers. I've only seen a lot. A similarities between had been in the army reserve for eighteen years I will never forget the time she spent with teaching me. If you can have all it may be really difficult balancing two careers. And a family but she's shown me and continues to show me it's possible. Spanish and for happy. Sonia men's on the Sonya from Sesame Street Lance. One of first let he I saw. One of the first women on TV that I saw. Most out I was already amazed with the show but just seen her look like so many of mine and we members. It showed me the diversity. I saw in nine New York City neighborhood was and that stuff with. Especially at night and turn things this is going into so many different TV market across the country as a young reporter in cities where. There really isn't as much diversity. I had those memories of Sonia and what's he he can actually look like. Sony pave the way so it was a means you're part of testing street teaching kids the basics of Reading at. Like lessons of Manhattan school music and then was expected to Carney island. Soon after she Atlanta don't Sesame Street and she played the wolf Maria for forty years and one teen Emmys. She would face phrases in Spanish. And that type of inclusion is still important for child. I remember when I took my youngest son to see discount nights they had cocoa on skates. And Coke said only 98 sun. It up and he just look at me said they think he didn't just. I was it. Until having kids of my own I realized how important it is to show kids curling on. That's their culture and background matters Sonia gave me back. Thomas got us. I remember watching Tom on the local news in Miami I was rats. To see him rise through the ranks and network news anchoring this show has been still motivating over the years. Good evening thanks for joining us on this Saturday I'm Tanya on us. He's inspiring a whole new generation. Like my son. I brought him to work with me and number of times and Tom it definitely made an impression and he not crafts. His own news reports and toss you out. Thomas been so supportive. Started here offering advice men charged and a few laps when. I'm in the makeup chair and shows stern but he is such respected journalist when it rings on story asks the right questions. I admire them bases covered so many different. Stories he's just genuinely anxious and concerned about him. What he's from morning. I'm honored to work with him here any scene to scene continue to sixteenth. Without losing side where he brought this on Cuban immigrants it's a beautiful thing and Beers urged. So when do I. I swear I'm never let anything come between that's. Lisa Nadal is an actress she's got a whole lot spice which I love. Most recently is on ABC's baker the beauty and BAT's being there. I admired her work for years but also her will and patient to be seen she really made her mark on TV at a time when. He didn't see many Latinos on foreign movies or in the theater and when you take it. They've worked portrayed as strong independent successful women. Instead Sara types were glorify over the years she's horn those stereotypes down she's diversified. So many pools. She consistently empowers Latinos to support each other and that's something I saw a lot of I was growing up. But it's taught me it is on us to show that support and just be proud of that all our where we've come from. She's. I stand proudly on the shoulders of my grandmother. Lewis makes it is means. She was born and raised in the Dominican Republic she was active in her community and politics from a young age she was the executive director a feminist. Political group in the Dominican Republic and she always had a passion for education. She received her bachelor of science and education from the community about 01 a mother simple mingle and then went back their heats. She later served as a principal. The K through twelve schools got married had two kids and in the midst of the Dominican civil war of 1965. She was faced with the appeal lead typical since. She sent her two kids my mom and uncle to near city to protect them from the war. As a mom I can only imagine that had to be the most difficult decision life. She was a strong woman. Years later it all worked out I came along and we travel to the Dominican Republic to spend time with my grandmother and pats weren't really developed. A love for the culture waking up two among go breakfast with a gentleman aid. It's what I remember and eventually my mother brought my grandmother to this. Seats where they became US citizens. I think about her a lot now but cook meals for my family similar to achieve when made for me all the lessons she taught me. I wish she was around to see the family I've created. I know she'd be out. I am forever grateful for her love her jokes for support and ice all those years. Yes if I. There are so many of us who are doing so many great Danes in this wonderful country that we love so much and we have this culture that we love so much as well. So I think it's important not just this month but every month that we celebrate every one of these celebrate. Latinos who celebrate. People from different cultures and acknowledge. We'll work in the effort they've put into their successes.

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{"duration":"8:30","description":"ABC News Correspondent shares why she thanks Tom Llamas, Sesame Street’s Sonia Manzano, and more this Hispanic Heritage Month. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73624127","title":"Stephanie Ramos says her Dominican grandmother helped her achieve this life goal ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/stephanie-ramos-dominican-grandmother-helped-achieve-life-goal-73624127"}