Stephen King talks about his new book, 'Later'

The king of horror and one of the greatest storytellers of our time also shares what he thinks his character Carrie would be up to during quarantine.
3:49 | 03/02/21

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Transcript for Stephen King talks about his new book, 'Later'
Back now with our next guest, he is the king of horror and one of the greatest storytellers of our time and this morning, he's joining us to talk about his new mystery book, let's welcome Stephen king to the show. Good morning, Stephen. How are you? I'm good. I'm glad to be here. Well, we're glad you're here. You're best known for your horror stories but "Later" is more of a crime novel so how would you describe it in a few words? I'd call it stew. You know, it's got a lot of crime in it and I love hard case crime books because they remind me of the paperbacks that I loved as a kid with their colorful covers and their little tag line, the one on "Later" says only the dead have no secrets and so it was a lot of crime in it but there's also got an element of the supernatural because there's a little boy in it that can see and talk to dead people. Yeah, we say it is narrated by a young boy being raised by a single mom but does have a unique ability to see dead people. But like so many kids we see him trying to hide this gift. Is that something that you can relate to? Yeah, well, when I was a kid I had a huge imagination and I was a little bit afraid to let people know that because they would think that I was weird or crazy or strange. You want to be like one of the guys, you understand, so I tried to keep that a secret and the little boy in my book has been able to do this ever since he could remember since he was just a tyke and so he takes it pretty much for granted, but it's his mother who says, Jamie, you have to be very careful about this because there are secrets and you could find them out and people might want to know that, so, of course, that figures into the story. That figures into the stew, as you call it. The stew. You have this unique ability, you can get into the mind, you can get to the heart of young people when you write for them. There's "Carrie," "It" and now "Later." Speaking of "Carrie," this year marks 45 years since it hit the big screen. Your first book adaptation and now considered a classic. I have a question, have you watched it recently? No, I haven't. Actually I'm trying to watch one movie from every year from '61 to 2021 and I'm trying to concentrate on movies that I haven't seen before, but, you know, I was thinking about "Carrie," and 1974, boy, she would be eligible for a vaccination now. 63 or 64 years old and I'm even older. Well, you don't look it. You look great, by the way. You have a passionate fan base to say the least so we wanted to get them involved so we got one of them to give us a question. Her name is fallan Patterson. Her dad wants to know is Stephen king still afraid of his basement? Hmm. Well, I'll tell you what, I am not because I always make sure to turn on the light before I go down and then that way you don't really have to worry about what's down there. You know, we know all those things don't exist but it doesn't hurt to be careful. It doesn't hurt to be careful and the way you write makes us think that a lot of things exist that probably don't because you scare us but "Later" is fantastic. A great stew as you said earlier. Mr. King, thank you so much for joining us this morning. I appreciate being here. Take care. Thank you. All right. You too.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"The king of horror and one of the greatest storytellers of our time also shares what he thinks his character Carrie would be up to during quarantine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76198008","title":"Stephen King talks about his new book, 'Later'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/stephen-king-talks-book-76198008"}