Stephen King tells us what scares him (Spoiler alert: elevators!)

The famed author of the new book, "The Institute," shares the inspiration for his latest novel, which critics have described as "gut-wrenching."
3:51 | 09/10/19

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Transcript for Stephen King tells us what scares him (Spoiler alert: elevators!)
Yes, he has been keeping us on the edge of our seats for 45 years and he's here now to talk about his latest thriller and his 61st book, "The institute." Stephen king, what an honor. Thank you. Thank you. I kind of worked my way -- She hijacked this interview. Because I'm obviously a huge fan and I know we've spoken before and I'm so excited about this new book, "The institute." But what's it like to see just a few of your -- all of your books are best-sellers but just to see your work all in one place right there. It looks like you're -- It's pretty scary, actually. What came out of my head -- I can't believe it's still around. I'm scared to think that pennywise came out of your head. What was it like being on the same set? Yeah, but you had bill skarsgard here, isn't he a nice guy? Really nice guy. He is. Let's talk about the new book, "The institute." Absolutely. How would you describe it not fully but give us it in three words? I would say that it's a story about kids who are being held prisoner to use special psychic abilities that they have in a veries thatty place. The thing of it is Tom brown's school day's go to hell. It is all in your head. Is there anything that scares you what keeps you up at night? Well, the current political situation. Well, that kind of echoes in a book. There's a little bit in the book because I try to keep my politics and my storytelling separate but there's a membrane there, a blood membrane where it kind of feeds through but there are things that scare me in the real world. Elevators. New York City is a huge -- every time I get into one, the trouble is your imagination is a two-edged sword. It pays the bills but on the other hand you get on an elevator and go, there's a hole under there. You think about the unthinkable or what's possible and what is scaring everyone. The new book, "The institute," being called the most gut-wrenching tale of kids triumphing over evil. That's very high praise. A remarkable thing. How do you top the next one each time you're writing another book. You forget everything else you've written and you sit down. I mean we're all amateurs at this business and every time I sit down it's like the first time and so I sit down and I say to myself I've got this great idea, I understand that what's in my head is terrific and what comes out on the page won't be quite as terrific but you try your best. But one common thread is you have such rankable children. It seems like you get in the mind of kids in such a unique way. How? Keep your antenna out, listen, listen, listen all the time. When I wrote "It" all those years back, I had my kids to draw on and I would just sort of be the fly on the wall and listen to what they said, what they were talking about and I was able to pull from mie own childhood at that point because it was closer. Further away now but thank god I have grandchildren so the book is dedicated to my three grandsons and -- What an inspiration you are. Can you imagine? Thank you for coming in. Institute toutant is out today

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"The famed author of the new book, \"The Institute,\" shares the inspiration for his latest novel, which critics have described as \"gut-wrenching.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65508297","title":"Stephen King tells us what scares him (Spoiler alert: elevators!)","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/stephen-king-tells-us-scares-spoiler-alert-elevators-65508297"}