Summer movie preview 2021

Film critic Peter Travers on the top movies being released this summer.
16:19 | 05/28/21

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Transcript for Summer movie preview 2021
Hi everybody I am Peter Travers and welcome to this special some armed the free nation apart. We are what I'm gonna do is safe from Memorial Day. This weekend to labored at. Content for its size. Eight will be bigger yeah I mean this is why else. But this kind of size and shameless showing off going yet. All of us back into movie theaters where all we hear from them and then we want to get there were a little rain. So this movie summer Hollywood's hold future happens. And that you. T get up and go to the theaters to do it they can't show you what we saw the past year. Will independent movies that you can watch on your lap or. Home. They got to get less. And star with the first movie to be in the summer quiet place part it. Steep slopes and the 22 box office maps like 300 million dollar. 200 opposite weather cost doctors. And it's in this post apocalyptic world where if you used. He demand that you see here beat us. It dances. And all harm creeping around her they stand alone. You know that's weird. Scene in theaters where everything's dark. Each we. Our next on this well. Here's a movie we're broke. And stylish Hong rock fashion show. Sergeants or. So that calls and Mort Emma Stone are. And see her as a lonely or girl in the 1970s. And London trying to be fashion designers like Anne Hathaway in an example where this. Is imminent and Thompson. It's not as scary and you know as that first one was but let me try tribes. And Seidler dirty is PPG. Thirteen tricks in the book. Two oil talks. Next we are conjuring. The double made me do it. Get demonic possession in this case and paranormal investigators. With your phone. And catcher Wilson. They were real cases happen in the 1980s. Where this one. And sit in court the dam on me do. What's an arm while it was down so. I really miss seeing harm people. Basically. Clayton somewhere where I can get thousands distracts. Ben. On the list is in hi this is to meet at best picture we're gonna see this summer me happy just ride. The film version of the Manuel Miranda is Tony winning two packs into a musical. It's kind of an Oscar contenders she your perfection. And it's like jolted joy of singing dancing and John and show directed this in some kind of delays and creativity. That nothing looks like it's HD bound musical it just pops. And Anthony Ramos he took over for road than Manuel Miranda and Clayton on Broadway is shining star. And this is I'm telling you. Re times. It's better retire when does that. That you this writer. Then we get a movie called Luka which is animation again animation. Is just amazing and Pixar and Disney make this kind of magic this is offset and the Italian seaside. We're two boys Luka and Alberto accommodates nature seekers and we Opel and yes he steps. Then we had our other. Now laughing. In the movie theaters twos something that hearing everybody around. New amateur this kind of thing can be part. And just in time for Father's Day Kevin. Actor as well as a tonic. And he's playing the widow war who passed it raises that Europe so you got giggles and sniffles and that's the kind of in tears as double and purpose was. They act. Talk about science top of this act not wish all of you people who had seen previous eight fast. And furious that me I've seen. All I'm. Have not been decent bat and he's got a rather play like Johnson brother in all the statements never heard. Is it but he's here now. And you're not gonna believe him and I stated this time the looming takes place also in outer space and San. It's ridiculous. Fast and furious is never cared about eight cents out of that sanity and this is a thrill ride for the senses not a brain. We're not really looking for subtext. With Indies. Then we have a movie called soul. And it's kind of based on Twitter threat and he did to pop up killer pages although it's easier Detroit waitress last stripper invite Ed. I'm Kirk friend Stephanie. They writer she who wanted the best new talent. That we can have anywhere. And right he has character brings along a black friend whose plate but Nichols brought. And here in this red. He is like L oh well times in and it just guys we find. So I gotta say using that whole terminology of the movie that act is Nolan movie is like nothing you've ever seen. It. Our what I had hello I have America motion picture. Inundated chanting KN voicing a chainsaw wielding George Washington and he's leading founding fathers into camp guards and also revolutionary war. What I call each bit. Didn't we have no sudden boo. This is the movie it's even Soderbergh the director and Oscar winner shot during the it's a crime thriller got done she nobody should go for a and year end there are small time crooks. Now it's on the screen for. This kind of Soderbergh independent thinking Independence Day I just loved the idea so you got me. Dan the date saying they'd be bigger tomorrow. But scifi epic at that time travelers from the U twenty you want. Who wins in the present to root. To help them fight and ending days Chris Pratt starts its history teacher who signs our team kicked him but. Does that so BO. NB got a forever hurts. Any person is they the last one I never believed has lost her mind. Then people are gonna take she. That whole premise. We get twelve hours a year. Where we can murder the people we hate our lives is that kind of risky this disease. So that because I'm sure there. Victims. Next up it's some are of sole this is. The Harlem cultural festival AKA the black Woodstock. Was filmed in 1969. Was put away somewhere nobody ever heard of it its historic footage. He won thirty Smollins live bands down. And now are Mir Thompson who beyond those qwest. Has performed a resurrection as the director. And he's made it kind of mere call of cultural representation. That deserves to be seen. On the largest screen possible. Lee again warned could list. Next we have black widow because what would summer be without another marble it would be pops. So here's Scarlett Johansson the tops are Romanoff AKA black widow and she gets the kick ball amid outrage of the Kirk. I'm not dealing with him at all she is dealing with her traumatic early days as a Russian assess. Now you remember that you saw binges and game and we didn't. To die. But this is before that so. That the gay and arches or. Such as a surrogate sister and Clark you surrogate mother Rachel lives and times op. Which is fast in this twenty sport Indians. Sisters are doing it for themselves. Okay incomes H chairman new legacy. LeBron James king James you he steps in for Michael Jordan and his goal was to team up with the loonie some day but this time. LeBron has got to do would digital hoops game in order to save his kidnapped stuff. Got back. It doesn't you know. Here's that movie with a title that probably not going to make people's half this year that you brought it called all. I have a six cents because it comes from and I Chama that there's going to be twists. Guy Alan Garcia Bernal and secret star as each vacationers who find themselves and their children aging in just a matter of minutes on a single day. If nothing scares you more than getting all. You know prepare for night accepted this. They're not senior snake eyes GI Joseph origins that usually makes me. Is Jia Jones each year. This is that kind of live action comic book they usually plays well in theaters and snake eyes is the silent names. Which is good since previous G true and he always lost whatever motive they act when the characters stop fighting it started topped. No talking just actions. In we have jungle cruise jungle cruise this heat and and on that is open for the last year and a half and between Iraq are an east and the ultimate in humans wrestle back. Team him up with Emily blower for a Qaeda hair raising all trip down the Amazon. And you have a Disney theme park ride in action. It worked for pirates of the Caribbean. Wouldn't work well now. Then behalf that reignited this is from the director David Lowery me is it true visionary makes me. That always goes its you know its content I remembered ghost story you know you should watch it goes. Anyway this is ran cable T a team. Are there is nephew Stuart Garrard was late. And test his mettle against a decidedly un Jolly Green Giant. And expect Larry test your medal as well by going deeper than usual camera. This one is civil war. And his stands at an crap out of summer escapism. Because it's a crime drama from Tom McCarthy the director of the Oscar winning spotlight. And Matt Damon stars as an Oklahoma oil rigger who has to travel to France to help his daughter played by a bigger breasts and who's on trial were the ice murdering her girl for so this is serious business. Because we all need even in summer like this week who say what's out. Can't hear him be actually engaged me emotionally. This one year. This next one not so much it's called the suicide squad again. Talked about our goal which without doubt had she conflicts kicking in this. And it's not all of the death frozen repellents that are back in this suicide squads he noticed it's called the suicides are. So they added that a nation track and Will Smith is edscha he added that but they edited it yourself up as let's or and they really wisely brought back Margot Robbie. As the deliciously demented partly plan just whatever Margo. And the mission is to destroy enough she lab in South America. Point the plan is to make it man. You your son. Then there's really got. You know summer release allotted and Campbell are together and video games but three its check in and actual. In which Ryan Reynolds please god he's like a plan bank clerk. Who resents being a background player in this video game and decides to become the hero of his own Digital Life. And they sell offenses that head and it started. Deserves to run amok in theaters and be free at last. And we have respect. And you gotta keepers because here's Jennifer Hudson singing and acting up Armas municipal. A REIT friend seems to me like match me in Oscar. So dream girl Hudson needs this size in the sand over packed movie theater to let her performance ripped. And on August 13. She acts. All look at candy. Jordan repeal Kohl wrote this caller asked your total sequel to the 1992. Car classic about it goals killer. With the hope for a man. And handyman remember he can be summoned by repeating his name five turns into a mere. Can't match and again. Say five times and she who appears you never. In my dreams or night. But even now. In Chicago. He towers where they were stacked they've been knocked down and now we built in gestures and digital artists. They by yeah hi Abdul Mateen the second I'm really. Saying it five times tree really works prepare to scream your. K a year ago the last the last movie to be released. In some are 20/20 one and it is called. Eagles. Peter Jackson all Lord of the Rings Oscar and he had his restoration team. Rain this free great concert while they were recording their last slash ORO London Ruth Ty back and it's never looked and sounded better but more importantly. Jackson hit two Howard's film ghosts of the room. I was backstage look at these Kama. With footage that shows lessen the fighting in acrimony and warm the euphoria that John Paul George Ringo. When they were working together for one last tar. I come to the end this list that devastated you're going to fuel used for two years in one particular site. Getting The Beatles did back to where you once long. Isn't he didn't he somewhere in your car as we inch toward this coping recovery. And we film lovers can also get back to where he once belonged and that means movie theaters where we can share the magic. The peach creek gap. So let me leave you with five words that I didn't want to say fourteen.

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