Tamela and David Mann open up about their new book on 'GMA'

The couple shares their secrets about love, family and a marriage that has lasted 30 years in their new book, "Us Against the World."
5:18 | 01/14/19

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Transcript for Tamela and David Mann open up about their new book on 'GMA'
We're hear with the powerhouse couple, David and Tamala Mann. Yes. They star in the popular Tyler Perry "Madea" movies. Tamala is a grammy-winning gospel singer. They're sharing the secrets of their 30-year marriage in the book, "Us against the world." Can we have a little music. Can we just play -- ?????? ??? good love ??? ??? sometimes we get stuck ??? ??? on our open ??? Yeah. Oh, beautiful. Thank you for that. I love the music. I love the bok. Keeping it real. Letting people in. Yes. I did not know that you all knew each other sense you were yea big. Well. Pretty much. We met really young. We got married when we were 5. No. I almost called you Mr. Graham. But you both have similar upbringings in that humble beginnings. Let's put it like that. Very devoted mother. Absent fathers. You didn't know you would have the life that you all grew to have. The marriage. Now you're going to make me cry. How did all that come about? CHLT really. It's our faith. Our faith base is good. To survive. Oh, that picture. Wow. And the struggles that we had made us work harder to do better for even our kids. It's like, we wanted to do better. The marriages that we saw, we wanted to do bet we are that. You know, so it's like -- We didn't have those examples for marriage. That example to say, you know, cause both of our parents rg unfortunately, they were divorced. We made up in our mind. We took divorce off the table as an option. It was like, we're going the work through whatever. Richer for poorer. Sickness and health. So the thing is, you all aren't shy about the fact that you'll have arguments. You put the fun in dysfunctional. Yes, yes. How do you go about as a married couple, having -- a healthy argument? Well, we have learned to stick to the issue. A lot of times, what happens is we go back. You didn't resolve it. And you also want to get an understanding when you're arguing. A lot of times, we argue to make sure you know my point. Make sure ooip right. It should be to make sure you get an understanding. We never make the situation bigger than our marriage. Than us. A lot of times, stuff can grow and get out of hand. One of our biggest arguments was over a tuna fish sandwich. What? I wasn't about the sandwich. I didn't feel appreciated. At that time, I was working. I had worked eight hours. Left the job. Went grocery shopping. At the time, I would shop for a long -- I would go from store the store to store to try to budget and get the best sale. Spent $20 in gas but she saved $3. Once I got home. Yeah. Once I got home, it's like, okay, well, since it's so late rg I'll make tuna. We had tuna sandwiches and chips. I hope somebody knows about that. I served him. And then when he bit it. It wasn't enough pickle relish. Oh, come on, now. I complained about the pickle relish rather than saying thank you. She said, you ungrateful! That started an argument. We wept from issue to issue. We wept from ever issue that we had when we first got married. We learned. We included the families and everything. Your mama, your daddy. It's how bad it got. Over something, nothing. You all work together. Live together. You're always together. And it's -- It's what I wanted. It's what I parade for. I wanted somebody. Singing has been my life. It saved me. Honestly, it saved me. So music has been my world. So, with him, it's like, I can't- do -- I don't know. It's impossible. It would be weird if we were not working together. We can do that. We can do that because we enjoy each other's company. You're the grammy-winner. You sing around the house. Yes. I do a little. I do -- she finally got me to sing on the new album. I was terrified sipging with her. You're talking about one of the greatest voices. I'm not doing that. He has the ability to do it. He has the voice. Once we got in the studio to do the album. I started hearing him, I was like, he's outsinging me doing this. I didn't say that. To me, he was. You are a beautiful couple. Thank you for sharing it. And you -- you don't sugar coat it. You don't sugar coat it at all. We share the good, the bad, the ugly. We want to save families. Encourage families to stay together. You are an encourager. I can't believe that Madea, the last play. The last tour. Get the tickets. The play is going to be off the chain. Madea's farewell tour. U.S. Against the world. It is out now.

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{"duration":"5:18","description":"The couple shares their secrets about love, family and a marriage that has lasted 30 years in their new book, \"Us Against the World.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60360153","title":"Tamela and David Mann open up about their new book on 'GMA' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/tamela-david-mann-open-book-gma-60360153"}