Taron Egerton and Dexter Fletcher talk 'Rocketman', Elton John

Egerton and Fletcher appear on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to discuss the making of their new biographical musical film, "Rocketman."
22:19 | 05/31/19

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Transcript for Taron Egerton and Dexter Fletcher talk 'Rocketman', Elton John
And there is a great movie right now. For years he called rocket man. You have to go not only is my friend here at spared Edgerton terrific as albums. But thank you the question to you got a movie here we hasn't movie that really work. As a move will. Thank you think it's great because you know that you're making a movie and you turn around and say you Regis screw everything. People to hate us you know. Of honest I think especially when it's someone threw. People for the real sense of ownership. And the united. So I don't sold current foreign among some people whose line here that people stances. Unity they hate. They framed people who who memories so when you. I'm to take something like this you feel that way responsibility that the legacy. Yea yea you're damned if that you know news is that some taxes and I alone. I hope that you use and what the people in price how he leads. That is what we do in weeks in these right. Classic songs and I'm bringing the different kind of put view in life to them. And you have something that's the quite different from bohemian rhapsody even though we know that you director came in and at the last minute finished I was yeah it's now made forty built out of what Everett make that yeah I'm sure they just gave you all the money. The lives of yet says nobody an agreement read it. Oklahoma as punishment that do it but Elton is with death. Yeah then fill with he would present. On this sat. I mean it cools the united debate the biggest presents a mean not physically but who was an equity there in your AF coolest but he's he's and he's manifest through through talent as well I mean tavern and and it's these. Right all right but. Now I mean he wasn't that tight titans he's out you know so in the world. The stuff but look what wasn't. That's. He needs and uses a results for us yeah the final week and so he called me twenty minutes ago you know it's it. He's a prickly when I think. Seems very he's present in the sense that he's not breathing down on that yet you know what I mean. It's not that he's some sort of absentee fault he's constantly working. It. Let you know who it yet you worked with him in Kingman where he was with that the first time that you meant certainly that was at this time and and the united everything on the set of kings and it's quite surreal way it is but that was particularly civil Heatley them. He had done apps and it be that kind of all she outrageousness. This these these variants their development in fact that Matthew who wanted him to be. In the first though the script I read how to minute for kings and sequences. But that's not what I think I guess that if an on the island. Thing you know. And I think Elton really regretted not doing the system which is why. I think Matthews huge Elton some more questions and a level. Well who isn't exactly true that there is no you don't find people who stay. Nah I'll am I don't really want that to implement it but I'm gonna put him. Animal secret out of LA on we're talking yet happy yet he yells about an article directly that yet. So that's great and all that happened by now. You had to do you have to sing in front there. I mean I have I have already in corporate America here you know I don't you you guy but yeah I mean united. But it's it. You know does does this couldn't dance to both situations is in the you know it's a parties but I mean. Having him there is a resorts was incredible because it meant. The whole experience for me became intensely personal. Because all right you know that the that the most important thing you do is an act in Olympic hockey prepay. It's that regardless of who you play you full enough of them because you have to give a cut it to become. The you have to if the if the true enough of regardless of what they. So when on. Devout at least for NG. Between reading that was a very intense beaten and became very easy to to get under his scheme. But no I'm thing in front of him until we sang to get averaged issues. Oh really that was the only you did that warm again we determined that it was a it was a great momentum in the putting them together with talent and abbey rose. And sang you'll slow and don't think you know me and these diseases pop. You know that raise the finance meets the studio give him an interest in seeing concepts like views of town. Playing Elton and thank she's husbands there. But a lot of people was suddenly there were acting rug that. Such talents and these songs views he sent from of the piano and Studio One at the rug on. Ku and studios and you're just add to the practice. Did you go to. Corporate theft on the spot Saturday. Going to be pressure. Given. But that pizza for each day's thoughts. Is it. I didn't let him on it would put together and that was the studio and went and oh yeah cool sorrow that was that was an that was the Dixie changing it one Huntsman would ease. What it was them who we can it is the becoming. They're doing it with all of the Khaleda. And all this mean we get. You've seen in the movie it's not. Explain to my beloved that human B dad and hold our hands that the then but we see him this is the young. Gains conflict is and he did in L. Gifted and he is that some parts hiding behind the scene at the troubadour yeah is especially indicative that where you're basically you're dressing room. Indeed shoot yourself in the EPA. Not do this but just the winner of that kind of thing must've been mean what went. In 20. Very early on in the process fixed when we were getting ready maybe that should be seen luncheon Wilson on the scene he's. Go don't want to lecture us. That's our Chrysler took was so far off nothing you won't commit DP data moves on me and I sat and watched her. And it G just set my whole perspective up for the films don't if I'm not mind and not showtime. Not read that ritual how do you get ready how do you. How do you face the world because I think that's the really interesting thing about colts in this. I threw the guy who is. On stage Dodger Stadium. United a leading the wolves and having the will in the palm of his hand yeah you know less than full is India he'd taken an opposing for himself in the swimming him. So why is that unity that June from that morning and after initial in the pool the earth is that June for the moment we Utecht into the world and we approach that Janie is the showtime and indictment inserts a real theme in the movie. Of she me to masking I think it was a beautiful mind is well aware town walks out onto stage after being put back together. Kind of reassembled offices patrolman. Some experience in arms wrapped up and it didn't that Doug scene and the winds it will. And he just puts a smile and spicy puts the show times mines Fries and steps out of the state. Dogs by union known as not would be to heads buried beautifully set out the clip that we had. But really. Didn't did not only rain you know I didn't that advantage and we eat is. That we look at they come. He just a regional and you could do together. You. 48 hours before. Less at the low. Yeah point in his life to get to the point of doing that so I am I was joking before about the first take with you hit the ball did that happen I did we do today. No I was quite yeah every time it wanted I have to that a web comes on from wild blueberries will occur. But would have been a just barely answer and he he of the mine we'll actually should be playing some baseball player we'll see. If that can actually happen for you but I've seen and seen. It GAAP. In the Q how do you do that as he gets. Possible chiseled as well as live. I expected that it would get enough faith in you know you able to get. It was a really interesting and it's actually quite contentious moment between mr. in the process of reiterated its one of very few that Dexter and or a parent can we get on so well and it's actually. It's quite it was who was clutch of new single week I was very. I was desperate to have and desperate to have it because. The something iconic about the shape to sit on the opposite a wet but the shape of the clashes in the technologies felt it was at a parlor game. When it's the way these teeth and there's no two ways about it they affected my speech and especially because you know the hope. The Holland if the foam is that would govern this questionable authenticity of expression you know lead with me singing and being amusing the blow it again among yeah. So to facts. Basically. Said you know pleas for benefits kind of read that went into whether to you don't you call went all right Wynton. How to compete you ski facility about it but I didn't mean a sleepless Monique with the knives socialist ultimately what because just cited by the artist and you know including the characters like Condit that when the town has to do is to bring that to the screens open everyday is stepping and that. Try and a who owns that carrots if the parties YE and even system and this is seemingly simple. As to how he looks when you'd and that may I salute you fundamentally understand what it just meant to just. Make that pick on me on the show time on the Malaysia. He's and I tell my from them and is and that. I know which could easily double white employees and relatives of wit wit of biblical but but luckily. Eyewitness a much right now. I go so well about it and I don't apart you know in Kate's dress up as well she's a distinctive about people community broadcasters would use on the black one tooth yet. It was short so. Which do. So when accidentally cut box I asked lazy oak I'll make a design if we try to pay the ignorant. It's quite and he came in and he would take with the figures when. England take. Olympics. I'm not wearing anything can. This is what we did it hit and I will definitely thinks it got. It was like it was good you would think it is this is what we're doing is what is and they keep coming off and I don't know. Integrated with the you know I thought it was usually has special that their goods since that you had words during that time but otherwise you get along the I mean its own kids breath when he's not liking what happened. On that if the thing about them visas seats. It's how I don't think. That terra. Arafat. You'll with the exit on the ticket. And they're text doesn't think that creates an atmosphere in satin like any. Out of the bedroom and everyone feels ways those for the productivity enjoy. But the star of everybody that's too sharp at the top of his voice. Come. A bright idea but he doesn't take its LT Hughes and he doesn't take you know. We would take the what matters to me but it but it just means the lightness and it. Let's bring us the atmosphere that gets. I think Greg Warner and and and and and things don't like attempts at like us I see this on the to a system. You know and that at least about keeping that alive because even when we we we cover some reports arms we find and and that is but we need to keep it fresh and alive he could do again repeat it varies if reasons bites fuel costs by where she's still got me. Activity guy EG cheerful tavern and the other says about the choices we and we move around so it's not. That's it's. It's like how do we now we think these how do we just coming against. And aidid's president with a big budget movie with the credit here. We actually relaxes and just enjoy in the area but yes I was saying before about the movie. Being very organic in terms of the music which he into every afternoon so for you having Bernie Kapanen Jamie bell plays. So brilliantly. It should be able to say. Goodbye yellow brick road trip yet be able to express what's happening in that's the fabric of the movie because people will compare you to bohemian rhapsody shall. Even though there is no compare that was that's upon this is a musical because of a genuine but yeah is an. And and you know the Butte event. Opens them it makes it. And by all. Since the its point coming up but he's an example of that relationship with that when they -- relationship is completely you know. One in the sign things and the agency. And he global but he was wrong about would've beaten. Paul possible reactions while he was experiencing we that would you through. And so and they and they very much storytelling devices they'll still leads that problems in the wrong wrong and I can remember I when he sings. You can't let me you penthouse they are going back to my flat. Which if so typical of what Bernie writes yes Atlanta Seattle etiquette to lose your decision was going back to. The might laugh PAK get away from. And exactly all right I need him Adam have a couple of questions that come from out there in the world social media. We'll see witnesses. OK that's a good one what was the most emotional scene to film. I mean. It's a really emotional news the united states of all right as huge saying unpacking these memories and figuring himself France and in two except himself and that's it an emotional process there is that different. If it taught situation so. Do you think do you think that you song is is quite. It's about the love between two men and then. Just bugs a lot of uneasy because of Philip McRae annual salute to let the bugs discovering it and then Matsuoka in wall. Of we go here. But to discover their friendship as well journalists are looking to that we that the heart of the film these these days. Oh and buddies fringe you know just real genuine even if everything gets you if you know that song to it you're watching this process that happened long ago but it seems so correction in the moment so when we hear a little bit fun. You know we are up to me. Yeah you're a cop joke tour that has a part the part of our life. But but it is it is Carla lovely two each on the you know that the song is so. Lovely in terms of French utilities greedy we that on his bat is incredible one patents from under the while Shelley you know just out of the city. Playing the piano and sing the song man and join me in England and Boston verses well just. The way connects them is really for apple to you know I think anything with anything that Bernie you know the scene where way he finds that there aren't. Some men and unlike. And is of great fear of I'm really. Very much. I'd go to site for me one of my path proceeds of my actions and he's going. You are actually confront you mom in the restaurant. An excellent. He sang the least he left on us with the east but it tight and it would amend an eye on Hawaii Julie at the I think poll. Someone to its level best someone who's completely impervious to de emotional ones who objected can't be back she copied it she's not achieved fat comes back in. All she's not she owns in its horrible that ad but at the pine who got you. Do you know this Deutzman trolling these level best. And easily he Julian we know we've seen meet Julie you know drug addiction is not enjoyable than a pop art when you're alone in a back Alley. I've sent to new Marie. Donnelly we feed. Yeah fuel. And yet there there's a buoyancy this moving you know people have seen it yet and they we're but it is where they did bottom of the swimming pool scene where he's at the lowest and its. Suicide. There's still that point without yet right that's which is what you know it is Elton John you know we feed that he. Conquered that in effect but what people say to you. You talked about that you know he didn't know we didn't come out that he was -- there are people that say. Will you should have been gay actor yeah that's why why why do you react to cook and I just can isolate a you know as a as a dark as the direct the film have. Not wrong. To inquire how what an act of sexuality and I just don't have that I cannot see it now. Either meeting with an excellent site so to only you guys are used right it's just nonwhite these. That's the simple facts and spends. Of people think that. By. A testament pop like I don't know how alike and Mike that quietly. I mean do you want coming involvement in the nation which is completely different from. Me being able to inquire about our. And as a Dutch EU can't actually offbeat even now while dial in case prejudice or opinion al-Qaeda front row comes that's a whole thing you know come here. Later they brought can't control a minute I'm what you can do you guys have to let it go. Here the that this would be government needs you know handling and in living with every day it exempted that law that just on the subject you know I mean. I completely understand the documents and I think immune. Our member of the community that is it's been on the represented you going to want to positive opportunities. Four members of the community are a completely completely understand now. That being said it's a T think there's also an element of having to respect the wishes of the man on playing and and he didn't want to meet plankton. So I think personally I think he's I think he's a patronage and max's. I'm Kate yeah I'm okay I also think that. I think when people see things I hope when people see. They seem to breed so celebrate Paula who mountain news and so who. Put it fronds and I don't do not have anything to apologize for school she. At. What. I think we're all really a great you know. I think they're like out there we really can't control of India and Burma and Angeles I'm sorry but I don't know if it I think what you're feeling trying to understand where that comes of course. But he did. Either of you hate anything from the fact that you take them I'm did you take. Anything from. It would take flexible that's you know yet that's given is as is that. With the clap quite rightly all of its money management Ahmedabad. As the as the loss slight in the house. Funny anarchy is preserved is like and what did you think we'll talk take lightly that he couldn't voice a bowl of it was yet at all it was a lift truck detect and stop exactly. A two Jamie bell. Richard attitude along fees now one complex on Sharon and you all say. Not goats well last night that it new premiere with a jacket from tiny dancer sort of that. When they elected duties are very coveted object that decades of various countries if I have Kofi him we're gonna be seen them a buyer that is. But. But RD. I did taking classes I've always enough to glasses wolf we do song. And John. I wanted them but up. A couple of weeks for a vasectomy certainly second the study. All he realized it didn't have anything to keep in so let us. Judy and I mean she impacts how they felt but me taking the classes and given to Al. And they said they thought it was an American. And so how that was reading prescription place in the glass is an occasions in percent. Other beautiful I meant it. All right we'll take us out with a little bit of one of your favorite Elton John. And depth and I will go with Kiewit and we will join you and we will we will because I just did. That's a little bit. This. We're. And not want to lose who can easily. Yeah. Don't know what's mom and. Those men. Yeah vote. Or aren't you want more of Batman logo to rocket. Please do it right away thank thank thank you actually think tank so much right.

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