Tiffany Haddish gets fit and healthy during quarantine

The comedian told "People" magazine that she dropped 40 pounds by exercising every day and choosing healthier food choices.
2:16 | 12/05/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tiffany Haddish gets fit and healthy during quarantine
Now to our "Gma" cover story and Tiffany haddish telling "People" magazine that she has dropped 40 Pou quarantine. Zohreen shah has the story. Good morning, zohreen. Reporter: Good morning, Eva. Tiffany haddish just turned 41 and get this, she's now saying she's lost almost that exact amount in weight and she's sharing her secrets. You got to get your cardio in. Gotta get your cardio in. Fine. I'll get my cardio in. I'll skip. Reporter: Comedic powerhouse Tiffany haddish is sporting a slimmer figure these days, revealing she's lost 40 pounds during covid. I want that I can wash my clothes on my washboard abs. Reporter: She says she exercises every day and focusing on eater healthier foods. She says, I've been eating way more vegetables, definitely eating directly out of my garden and just really putting in the work making sure I sweat every single day and staying up on nutrition, nutrition is everything. Tiffany decided she really wanted to have the body of Florence Griffith joiner. If you remember, she was the track star in the '80s. Super fit. She says as long as she moves every day, that's all that matters. So it could be 15 minutes. She said sometimes it could be two hours. But you just have to make sure you sweat. And she says she also dances every day. Reporter: Tiffany, who just celebrated her 41st birthday this week, also discussed how her past struggle with hunger and homelessness impacts her choices. She says, I'm grateful for those experiences, that the pain I was feeling was all to prepare for me success. She also takes credit for helping her boyfriend rapper common get into shape for his photo shoot for "People's" 2020 sexiest man alive issue. Tiffany and common are enjoying quarantining together. They're working out together encouraging each other. And he got really, really ripped and Tiffany would like to take credit for those abs of his. Reporter: So 40 pounds is a a lot of weight to lose. We all should be a little bit skeptical but, look, she is promoting healthy habits and says she thinks she sees ab lines. Must be nice. Eva? Props to her because I have been eating the cookies and cupcakes during quarantine. And all the studio food to go with it. She looksood.

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{"duration":"2:16","description":"The comedian told \"People\" magazine that she dropped 40 pounds by exercising every day and choosing healthier food choices.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74554275","title":"Tiffany Haddish gets fit and healthy during quarantine","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/tiffany-haddish-fit-healthy-quarantine-74554275"}