Tim Tebow talks his upcoming wedding and his inspiring new movie

The former football player opens up about what fans can expect from a new faith-based film he is co-producing live on "GMA."
4:33 | 02/13/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tim Tebow talks his upcoming wedding and his inspiring new movie
You know this next guest as a two-time national college football champ, former NFL star and now a minor league baseball player but you may not know that he is the executive producer of a new film, please welcome Tim Tebow. Thank you. So good to see you? So good to see you too. Thank you. Thank you, guys. The audience loves you. Congratulations. I mean for so many things but mainly because you just got engaged. Yes. Former miss universe. Demi-leigh nel-peters. How does it feel to say my fiancee. It feels really good but I'm totally messed up. Right after we got engaged and introduced her as my girlfriend one time. Sorry. Because then she did it a couple days later so I didn't feel as bad. It's just fun to say. You say it often until you actually get married. You organized an elaborate surprise engagement, correct? You have, right. You pulled it off. Oh, my goodness. Well, we had so many surprises. But the problem is I had to lie. Like a lot and I didn't really like it or feel comfortable but I had to and it was worth it and created this story. We were going to have Christmas dinner at my parents' house in Jacksonville, Florida, and it was super special and everything and I lied that I had a truck that we were driving to surprise my dad and we were going to give to my dad but the dealership was in on it. It was just so she wouldn't know that I was going to propose and -- She was surprised. She was totally surprised and had her favorite singer come out, our favorite song called "The wedding song" by math knew mull and flew her family from South Africa so it was all us. Low-key engagement. Yeah, it was really special, though. So what can you tell me about the wedding and who is making out the plans? That would be her and you need to be askingher. I will be extremely supportive but I will definitely let it be her decision because it will be her day. If she's happy I'll be happy. Happy wife, happy right? That's what they say. All right. So as if you weren't busy enough you are starring in, execute producing this new film called "Run the race" about two brothers who draw on each other's strengths and faith to get through hard times together. How did you come up with the idea. I read the script six years ago and I never had the goal of getting into the movie industry and I still really don't. I just love telling stories and I love encouraging people and hopefullies that song that that will do. It will tell a story about overcoming and believing in each other and loyalty and support and, you know, what faith, hope and love can do in the midst of tough times and I really wanted to be a part of this story because I feel like young people in today's society, we need something to be able to take the whole family and watch a movie and be able to be encouraged and inspired in and go away with hope. Let's take a look. Who wants to watch? This is part of the movie where two brothers confront their dad. Take a look. Rumor has it you're going to shatter all my district records. Yeah, no, I'm going to wipe your name off the record books. You can count on it. We're family. You think that's supposed to mean something. That does mean everything. It means nothing. We're family. You' dude that left us after our mom died. Wow, and you teamed up with your own brother. I did. To make this movie. I teameds up with my brother and it was awesome working with him telling the story of two brothers and, you know, this was special because, you know, we all have to go through things in life and have to learn to forgive and accept forgiveness and not every family is perfect but we're all trying to work together and I think this movie does a great job of really telling that story of truly running the race together as a family. That's so beautiful. You know, I love how you just put yourself out there no matter what including baseball. I mean, it's just incredible to see you just say, I'm going to go for it. Thank U. You started spring camp this weekend. Are you ready? I'm excited. I'm ready. You know, obviously the goal would be hopefully be back here in New York talking to you again soon. That would be awesome. I don't doubt you'll be doing that. Tim Tebow, thank you as always and "Run the race" hits theaters nationwide February 22nd. Stick around and we'll be right

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"The former football player opens up about what fans can expect from a new faith-based film he is co-producing live on \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61042769","title":"Tim Tebow talks his upcoming wedding and his inspiring new movie","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/tim-tebow-dishes-run-race-61042769"}