Tom Brady splits pants during charity golf match

Brady joked that his pants "wanted in on the social distancing, I guess," as he partnered with Phil Mickelson to face off against Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning in a charity match.
3:45 | 05/25/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tom Brady splits pants during charity golf match
something on the happier side. The G.O.A.T. Showdown on the green is trending big. Peyton manning and Tiger Woods faced off against Tom Brady and Phil mmickelson. T.J. Holmes joins us with that and more, hopefully not too much more, T.J. Good morning. Reporter: No, we'll leave it there. Still we're in strange times right now, stra. We gathered around the TV on a Sunday to watch two of the greatest quarterbacks of all time compete in a sport other than football. That's sports these days, right, guys? Still, this is supposed to be an exhibition. They turned it into a very serious but still wildly entertaining competition. Game day has arrived. The match is on. Reporter: Brady versus manning, but on the greens, not the gridiron. They're hitting shots in the rain. Reporter: Teaming up with golf pros Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson dubbed the match with sir Charles Barkley in the broadcast booth. He got all those balls like he going to hit all those balls . Reporter: The track talk started. You bring Eli. You bring Nick Foles maybe. That's a cheap shot. Reporter: The match was a sight for sports starved eyes, and there was some great golf. After a rain delay teammates manning and woods took on early lead. Bam, oh, Peyton manning. Reporter: But six-time super bowl champ Tom Brady struggled to stay on target. Tiger and Phil came out, took three swings and they're ready to go. I've taken about 3,000. Reporter: He even had a wardrobe issue, splitting his pants. But ever the golden boy, making this amazing shot on the 7th Oh! Go in, oh my goodness! Reporter: Social media was eating it up, reacting to the contest in real time, including Brady's wife wishing her hubby luck, and from little brother Eli manning, a pro tip. Maybe aim for the green parts. In the end, manning and woods were victorious. Way to go, bro. Way to go. Great job, man. Reporter: But the match was a win all around. The event raised $20 million for covid relief and will be auctioning off items used during the match like these customized golf carts. It's called the match, but this was really, stra, the match part two. It was woods and Mickelson that went head-to-head for the first "The match" back in 2018 for a $9 million prize. Mickelson won that. Already people are talking about clamoring for the match part three, whatever that might be. Also I think people are looking for when professional sports is going to come back. Do you have any idea on that? Reporter: There's some movement for all the leagues. The NBA, first of all, they have some facilities open. Some teams have opened their training facilities to players, but now there's talks the NBA is in talks with Disney, our parent company here at ABC news, to actually put all the games, practices and teams and house the players at one complex in Florida at one Disney complex. They're talking about possibly a July start. The MLB hasn't started their season yet. They're in negotiations this week. They're going back and forth about money, the players and owners, but they're eyeing possibly a July start to their season. The NHL does not have a timeline for when they come back but they actually -- the players have at least approved an expanded playoff season so they're kind of getting the season in place even though they don't know when the players might come back. So safety is key to get protocols and guidelines in place first of all, but looks like some movement, stra. All right, a lot of fans hoping it works out. T.J., thank you so much for that, my friend.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"Brady joked that his pants \"wanted in on the social distancing, I guess,\" as he partnered with Phil Mickelson to face off against Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning in a charity match.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70866062","title":"Tom Brady splits pants during charity golf match","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/tom-brady-splits-pants-charity-golf-match-70866062"}