Tyler Perry surprises 2 deserving ‘cleaning warriors’ from Georgia

The movie mogul surprises Tina Jones and Lesa Kelly, who are a crucial part of the team at Emory Decatur Hospital and make sure the facility is clean every day.
5:38 | 08/05/20

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Transcript for Tyler Perry surprises 2 deserving ‘cleaning warriors’ from Georgia
This morning we are shining a light on two of Georgia's amazing essential workers who call themselves the cleaning we have Thain and miss Lesa, they put their hearts and souls into keeping their hospitals safe and in turn keeping us safe and T.J., you were able to give them a special surprise. You know I love doing this during the pandemic, honoring the front line workers and these are two that are part of the staff that don't get a lot of love and are sometimes overlooked with everything going on in the pandemic, but they're absolutely essential so we wanted to give them some love. Tyler Perry wanted to give them some love and we might have a Madea cameo. Tina Jones and Lesa Kelly are both health care workers in the Atlanta area. How are you all doing? Hi, T.J. No, they're not doctors, nurses or E.R. Techs, they are, however, still on the front lines and without the work of these two and their crews, the system would crumble. It's not just a one-man job. It's an everybody job. Tina is a laundry team leader at Emory Decatur hospital. It's her staff that handles and cleans 9,000 pounds of used, contaminated linens every day including those from covid patients. It makes me feel special just to serve someone or make someone happy while they're sick and make a patient feel somewhat like they're at home. And that's not all. We do all of the gowns that the doctors and the nurses wear on all the floors. I love my job. Everything I do comes from my heart. Lesa Kelly or miss Lesa as they call her is the environmental services operations manager at Emory hillandale hospital and what exactly does her team do? We clean every inch of the building. We're in operating room. We clean in patient rooms and the outer areas and the corridors, restrooms, do you want me to go on and on and on? I can go on. We want to make sure that when our patients come in they feel safe in this environment. You all are providing a service that's absolutely critical. You all have to keep things clean and this is a safety Working in this kind of environment with this covid-19 it can be dangerous. When the pandemic first hit and Lisa's team was scared about entering patient rooms she led by example. I said we have to do this because this could be your mother or your father. I said I will be the one to go in the room and you guys stand on the outside and just hand me the items once I come to the door. Was I afraid? Yes, I was afraid, but I knew those patients need to be in a clean and safe environment. Within two weeks my staff was going into the rooms with no problems at all. So we're exposed just like the nurses and the doctors. Sometimes we don't consider all that goes into helping those people be okay and helping those patients even feel better in that room. Everyone is important, not just one set or one group of people. It takes all of us together as one to get the job done. We are fighting to keep this virus down. As miss Lisa calls them, they're a team of cleaning warriors, but these two Atlanta ladies wanted me to knows as well they're also members of team Tyler. Which one is the bigger Tyler Perry fan? Probably me. Me. Me, I love Tyler Perry. I'm not going to joke about it. I love Tyler Perry. We'll just share him, how about that, Tina? We could do that. You get half, I get half. What would you all do if Tyler Perry walked into your hospital? Can I go first? Tyler Perry is on the screen, Tina. Hi. Hi. Hi, Lesa, how are you doing? Wonderful! How are you doing, Tina? I'm good. How about you? I'm good. I'm good. What you're doing is so amazing and I wanted to come on to say hey. So many people don't get credit for the things people do and they're magically clean. No, your responsibility is huge. They made an agreement that if they saw you they would split you. Two halves of me is no good for nobody. You may want to keep the whole. A thank you from Tyler Perry is great. Another thank you from you know who. Hallelujah, hallelujah. Was also in order. I appreciate what all y'all been doing for everybody. I really, really appreciate what y'all been doing. I wanted to come on here and make you smile and what you're doing, keep doing it. It does not go unnoticed because there are those of us who really, really get it and I'm one of those people and I wanted to honor both of you. Come to hillandale, we'll be waiting you by the door. If it ain't on video, I ain't coming near nobody. I'm in a quarantine bubble. We waved good-bye to Tyler and break time was over. Oh, wow! We have to go back to work now. We have to save lives. Yes, please! They both left me hanging and went back to work there. If you don't know, Tyler Perry is not getting out. Something they pointed out, guys. Think about this, if you're in your hospital room with a loved one in that hospital bed they say how many times the nurse walks in you say hi and thank you, the doctor walks in and say hi and thank you and the person wiping down and handing linens do you ever say thank you and notice that person? They're getting more love these days and it's good to acknowledge the work they're doing. And they know their work, saving lives. They are brave and beautiful. I loved hearing their story thanks to Tyler Perry, as well

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{"duration":"5:38","description":"The movie mogul surprises Tina Jones and Lesa Kelly, who are a crucial part of the team at Emory Decatur Hospital and make sure the facility is clean every day. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72184742","title":"Tyler Perry surprises 2 deserving ‘cleaning warriors’ from Georgia","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/tyler-perry-surprises-deserving-cleaning-warriors-georgia-72184742"}