Vanessa Hudgens calls working with Jennifer Lopez 'hysterical'

Hudgens said, of her "Second Act" co-star Lopez, she has "grown to just love her as a friend."
3:09 | 12/14/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Vanessa Hudgens calls working with Jennifer Lopez 'hysterical'
We're back with Vanessa Hudgens Taki on the big screen with Jennifer Lopez new movie "Sact" and,adrienne, had a chance to speak with her and shedou she had her own second act in her life. Haven't we all? Lly we've had to set,rtnd STA a new chapter. First all, happy birthday today toessa dgens. It was a great conversation about W we've all had those second chapters inives to change things and discover lly are. ?????? Reporter:es I celebrating big time starring alongside Jennifer Lopez in the filmcond act." I admir you. Kind O who I want to be when I up. Reporr: And celebrating her big 0today. We wanted to be th first to wish vansa happy and make a wish. Hank you. Yay. It intentionally made that wish. Yeah, of course. You're not, you're one. Reporter: The hh school musical alum cast with? 'S real-li best friend. Who the champ? I'm thecham You're the champ. Stop it How is it wit J. Lo and LE shysterical. I love them so much.what you S the film is what they are in realife. When you look at J. Lo who has vented F in so many different way, do youtudy her or see her more as a peer? I think a L B of both. I have grown T just love her as a end S dearly. Myharacter I a little br and Q harsh with. Lo and I'm like, girl, just to? Lo. Come on. Ihi seen enough. Thank you F coming in, Maya. Yeah, okay. K That was great. That was hysterical. The hand up. H, O you have any moments in your lif Thate a secact ere you were having a fresh St fter high slal it was a interesting time because I wasverwhelmedh this worldwide success. I got to kinf have my second act and go off and D T dark independent films and work with filmmakers like harmony Corrine and changehe mold. She gets to show more of H range and says all of will relate T theheme of starting a new chapter. I sh an amazing that hopefullyill INSPI women to lift each other and to take a chance to looknd fire outf they are truly happy witheires and if they're not to do something about it. That it's never too late to make a change your course of life. And for her own jrney she talked about goingnto 30s as something she's giddy over. Super focused. Grul to be working lented, gene and hilarious women likeen Lopez and Leah remi thvie comes out December 21st. She is awesome. Happy bi, Vanessa.

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"Hudgens said, of her \"Second Act\" co-star Lopez, she has \"grown to just love her as a friend.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59817438","title":"Vanessa Hudgens calls working with Jennifer Lopez 'hysterical' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/vanessa-hudgens-calls-working-jennifer-lopez-hysterical-59817438"}