Washington Nationals win 1st-ever World Series title

That Nationals battled back in the seventh inning to defeat the Houston Astros in Houston as thousands of fans celebrated in Washington, D.C.
3:50 | 10/31/19

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Transcript for Washington Nationals win 1st-ever World Series title
A world series for Washington, D.C. The nationals won all four games on the road and even though the game was in Houston, take a look at the stadium in D.C., 16,000 cheer on the nationals in the rain. Amazing support by their what a fantastic finish. Battling back in the seventh to take the lead and beat the Houston Astros. Boy. My Houston Astros. But the better team won. Eva pilgrim was there for it all and good morning to you, Eva. Reporter: Good morning. Not trying to rub it in but check it out. What a wild game. This is why you have to watch a game to the very end. The Astros were actually up most of the game and it wasn't really looking good for the nats but then in one inning everything changed. The nationals winning 6-2 and this morning they are waking up the world series champions. There it goes. The Washington nationals are world champions for the first time in franchise history. Reporter: This morning, the Washington nationals are the world series champions. Defying all the odds bringing a world series title home to D.C. For the first time since 1922. Soto delivers again. Guess what? We stayed in the fight. We won the fight. Reporter: Through most of this do or die game, the nationals looked down and out. But they came alive in the seventh inning staging an epic comeback. The nationals' Howie Kendrick smacking the go-ahead Homer. The nats gaining a lead they never lost. Howie Kendrick has made it 3-2. Reporter: And the nats never looked back. That's the beautiful thing about baseball, you can fight, fight, fight and never out of it until your last at bat. Reporter: I spoke to winning pitcher and world series MVP Stephen Strasburg. What are you going to do now that you won the world series? I think we need to go trick-or-treating. What do you think? Yes. Trick-or-treat. Reporter: Pandemonium at their home stadium, in bars and on the streets. It's a comeback story for the ages beating the Astros for the world series. Unbelievable. Reporter: And, guy, I want to show you the ball that changed everything this. Is Howie Kendrick's home run ball. You can see that yellow mark there. That's the yellow paint off of the foul pole. It hit the foul pole and bounced in helping put the nationals in the history books and this ball is now headed to the baseball hall of fame. It's going to be in the museum so everyone can see it. Howie Kendrick donated it to the museum so you can check it out as well. I thought he donated it to you. How did you get the ball? This is a great lesson to never give up because this is a surprising victory for the nationals considering their season got off to a really slow start. Reporter: Yeah, they were 19-31. That's not a great way to start the season and they have fought tooth and nail throughout the season to come back. They won every game of this series away. That's never been done before in any professional sport. Lots of historical moments happening last night, guys. Every one of those five elimination games they were trailing and came back and won like that. You got to give that ball up. You do know that, Eva. Hang on to it while you can. I have to give it back. Charlie Gibson, this time, 3:00 A.M. I got an email that said if I see your show in the morning it won't be because I got up. It's because I'll still be up. Too excited to sleep. Congratulations. Yes, congrats. All right.

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{"duration":"3:50","description":"That Nationals battled back in the seventh inning to defeat the Houston Astros in Houston as thousands of fans celebrated in Washington, D.C.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66659667","title":"Washington Nationals win 1st-ever World Series title","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/washington-nationals-win-1st-world-series-title-66659667"}