William, Kate joined by Harry, Meghan and more for Louis' christening

The christening for Prince Louis is taking place at St. James's Palace.
3:49 | 07/09/18

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Transcript for William, Kate joined by Harry, Meghan and more for Louis' christening
It's the christening of prince Louis the newest addition to the war O family. And that's where Eva program has been covering the story from outside saint James is palace it well I see crowds gathered there even for the christening today. Winds are gonna happen. We heard we've just heard that means literally has just arrived here thinking out you can see. Once this bus and how to lay I think there are. People gathered on all sides of the palace here there's people gathered outside all just to get a glimpse of that well and life. We we did some specifics about what is going to happen and I hated the war in it long ceremony they are going to have. I believe the the baby where the royal christening brocade. By the rest maker to the queen it's a replica of the royal Chris Ingram and the Lilly and the water from the red river port will be used in actual fact it's. Now prince we will have six got every how well contributors. To talk. A little bit about those six got parents and they'll have their spouses and significant others with them well. Isn't a surprise exit them. They're all close friends and play will it aids and their inner circle people Heatley resentment with book bower who are these people. Exactly keeping following relieving pain for long enough these will be names that you would have the full. Let's go iPad is one of the apparent success prince williams' place this friend we saw the party together long before papers even on the scene. And we've seen leasing Middleton Kate's cousin also names one of grandparents. They've really making efforts he picked friends and family members that. Main sort of play an important role in the future experience not. The other thing Davis is a first time we're gonna see this three children together. With will indicate the whole family as a cohesive unit. Sense Willie was born eleven weeks ago. This is off that's of this agency to see the five of them to get. Goes alongside the rest of the prime minister Prince Charles that is commit and of course Harry and Mac and rules the committee that. The moment will of course be. Captured on back to crop. Michael. Pontiac will be taking the pictures on the on the day itself so we'll see portrait slates on this week. These are pretty small intimate gathering they're not really big show we things inside this is just. Just their inner circle has been invited to this her ads it's the chapel royal. It's very much a family chapel site. It's really the instrument boxes and sends us ceremonies that go on hand that's the tapes as pilots and the people who are actually that will be the sixth got parents and the immediate family members be put Middleton family it would depend and James mates siblings. That's a really small ceremony conducted by the archbishop of parents agree to some wildly. An upbeat a couple of things. A couple of read things one of those meetings being read by current tally on the apparent site brilliance. If they're actually going to parents' house which is prince charles' home for a private he. And they will celebrate anything there and what about the queen unit with a queen be making an appearance or their christening. So that is cousin bit of the scuttlebutt you've been talking about the queen well not be at the christening. Today and didn't think there's anything wrong you not think she got mad at anybody he really busy me. After ever that the queen is a little bit older and so she she needs to rest and to have this as well that is conducive to having all of those. Events in place and possible and so violent new. A while ago that he would not yet. All right certainly a small family affair there outside saint James is palace for the christening of Princeton will lead the newest member. The royal family of a program has the fun assignment today think he's so much even for that.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"The christening for Prince Louis is taking place at St. James's Palace.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56458894","title":"William, Kate joined by Harry, Meghan and more for Louis' christening","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/william-kate-joined-harry-meghan-louis-christening-56458894"}