Who will win at the 2019 Emmy Awards?

Peter Travers shares his predictions for the 2019 Emmy Awards in a special edition of “Popcorn with Peter Travers.”
20:41 | 09/20/19

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Transcript for Who will win at the 2019 Emmy Awards?
Everybody's wondering if their favorite shows are gonna win. Here's a million nominees like the Emmys though he's due. They also had this idea of rewarding things they've rewarded in the past so can any new shows breakthrough. Anyway I'm gonna go through that some of the major categories. And tell you what I think the favorite is and you also about newer shows that I would hope can break for a so let's begin. With the best limited theories. The nominees are Chernobyl escape that then a more classy burden sharp objects and when they see death. So to me you've got three in this category that have a good shot of winning. Chernobyl about that 1983. Horrible nuclear meltdown that happen again you crash. Is a moving people thought they would never want to watch because who once received disaster like and people falling apart from. Radiation poisoning a real scandal that when and yet. Audiences loved being watched it because it was done with such care and such beauty bossy burden. Had Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams playing. Bob foxy and his wife when burden and we went through their meeting there divorce. Their reconciliation. Is people. Beautifully acted in beautifully done and then. David to burn names when they Fiat about the Central Park. Jogger and he. Five men falsely accused. Of committing this crime this abuse in this rate in Central Park. All are completely brewing I would say that the winner of that. In my book should be when they fee yet speak out. It's a movie that even though it takes place in the path we filthy that there's no Jeff this week he. So many African Americans in this country. Being falsely imprisoned if so topical and singing and it Denver native such a great job of directing it. That I would choose that. And I think the spoiler would be Chernobyl that these are gonna run neck and neck in terms of votes. And it's kind of a great thing to say about he'd be here a lot of people if they to me. He's the movies that I'm seeing aren't as good as the things I'm watching on TV the meaning fears that limited fears are. These three show that that is the absolute truth so if Chernobyl wins if we win they see as wins I don't care I think. Both of those deserve an award. All right then we have best television movie and the nominees are black Muir bandits snatched. Wrecked it did would the movie king a year and my dinner with verve that served in villages who is played by Peter think that's. He air. The tomb that are really going neck and neck are black mere bandits which is black mayor everybody seems to be obsessed with and band there's that. Was it inter active program it was about basically. What was going on taking a fantasy novel and turning it into a video game and we got to vote at Phil with it and so with the times. And then deadwood the movie which is a continuation. Of that great western series that ran maybe five or six years ago. I think both of them are good but I think. Watch the Emmys have in black mere bandits that is really trying to move with time. I think that you get a national prominence in terms of the ward for taking he'd be into a new frontier. So I'm gonna predict that and it did would win well remember that good things about that it. Our lead actor in a drama theories Jason Bateman in ozark. Sterling K brown misses us kit Harrington game for owned. Bob Holden Kirk in better call Saul Billy Porter and pose and mind open to media in this is death. All right there's so many things here Billy Porter. Imposed is this is about those drag balls that happened and we're Wi fi means that maybe we haven't been given a privileged look at that we see here he is fired cracked. And Cate hankins who played John Snow on. Me laugh he's. Do you even more than usually didn't showed how valuable he wasn't the character. And then there's Jason Bateman and foes are to be and I think is the heart and soul of that theory you know money laundering. Leaving Chicago being out there in the ozark and fighting the drug cartels and yet directing episodes. I think it's time weary and defeated Jason Bateman you're really good so I'm going with him. But if its Billy Porter that wins that award I'm going to be OK I'm back in the fight. All right lead actress in a drama theories have you Clark in game with Brown's Jodi homer in killing team. Viola Davis and had to get away with murder Laura Linney in ozark Mandy Moore in misses us and for all and killing eve and Robin Wright. In house of cards. Killing each one of my favorite shows on TV and Sandra all his party won her share of awards Ford but her costar Jodie Coleman who plays the bill and now the fasten. In the shell. Has been doing spectacular work I'm happy to see her name among the nominees and I'd be really happy if you win. There's a lot of people out there that are all about Emilia Clarke. Because he's the co Wi fi on the ground and with state either but weren't you a little bit angry is was. The way they turn the character who we field. In this show this was it's appointment to a lot of people who were vocal. On thing Jodi com are you should get and the shared the stage with your costar Sandra and that's a good celebration. Killings. All right lead actor in a comedy series Anthony Anderson and flaking. Don Cheadle and black Monday Ted Danson in the good place Michael Douglas in the community in massive. Bill hater and Barry and Eugene Levy and shaped trees. All really good actors but this comes down to me to Bill Hader and Barry and Michael Douglas in the oddly enough. Michael Douglas plays a teacher of that thing and bill hater and Barry you know he's a hit man. Is also in an acting class taught by Henry wink or that we are very similar and that way. But I think what bill haters doing on bear. Even in not its first season where second fees and usually fall backward this got better. And it's because the bill haters performance because of the directing and writing than on the show so my money's on bill hater and so is my heart. Okay lead actress in a comedy theories Christina Applegate he did to mean Rachel Bronson hand in the marvelous mrs. nasal. Julie Louis-Dreyfus in deep. The tops of Leone in Russian doll Katherine Harris ancient Crete and Phoebe Waller bridge in flee back. All right Rachel Brosnahan has already won her Emmy for the marvelous mrs. maze so and BB Waller bridge to me is a breath of fresh your reverent air on TV. If I were going for something here I would go with Phoebe because that that shows that things that you want to put the paper bag on your head sometimes. It's a little risque it pushes the envelope but that's what I love about feed people's outrage and we. But. Think of this to you Louis-Dreyfus is one and me every time he played. So Lena Meyer on the and this is the last time we're gonna figure play this was the final season and I think the sentiment for our it is going to be overwhelmed. Put your money there aren't you Lou we drive. Lead actor in the limited theories are moving her show. Braintree detective in the que del Toro in this gave them more Hugh Grant in a very English scandal Jared Harris in Chernobyl. Gerald to Rome in when they see essence Sam Rockwell and behind the burden. This is an amazing group of people Sam Rockwell playing Bob I think you mean when it is best performances ever. Jared Harris and Chernobyl. Is the heart and soul of what this show is playing if scientists do was put in charge basically that covering this. And yet who became suicidal over what he had to do. And then to Rell Jerome in when they see is was 1 of the Central Park five. Unjustly accused of a crime he didn't commit. I think it's between major Rell Jerome Young who knew and who is basically saying to us when we watch it. Who leave that guy I'm really want to see him again. Or Jared Harris and Chernobyl who's a veteran actor but who is spectacular. And show. And I am seeing it there is close to it ties I can find when I'm gonna put mine in my money on Jared Harris because what he's doing. In Chernobyl is so extraordinary in its show that obviously touched the hearts of so many people. Okay lead actress in a limited series or movie Amy Adams and sharp object Patricia Arquette in this state that then a more. On each of the LS in when they see us Joey king in the act needs teen action when they see us and Michelle Williams. In Fossum were. Defuse a two woman race this is between Michelle Williams playing when Burton the great dancer and Broadway star and doing it. So brilliantly that I when I look at it even know I'd known how good she I'm thinking this is the best he's ever been and then Patricia Arquette. Playing this seamstress in the prison who has an affair with two of the prisoners. And escape it then a more. This is one of those performances that so incredible. That it has to go in the time capsule were great performances. So either one could win but I'm gonna say Patricia Arquette in this state but then more because of that transformation. She made it yourself. The weight he gained. The way she used her posture her voice in everything to play characters so far away from her this is just brilliant brilliant work. Then we have supporting actress in a drama figures we have Wendell and Christine game with crohn's. Julian garner and ozark Lena heady end game thrown Fiona Sean killing mean. Sophie turner in game thrown in me if you Williams in game promptly statement from everywhere. He knew he had and one thing divided the theories and don't wanna say goodbye at the same time there's so much game grounds. But Lena heady who is surf city. Who is this woman who's had an affair with her brother. Youth killed people in her family is like may be the most devious and evil of the land there's. And I like if he heard getter do. But Julian garner our young actress in ozark who's basically living there and gets involved with chief abatements character and the money laundering scheme in the drug cartel. He's doing extraordinary work so I'm gonna say do you garner. And I'm gonna say Lena heady coming shots behind. Right supporting actor in a drama series Alfie Allen game throngs Jonathan banks that are call Saul. Nikolai coaster while those game frowns petered includes payments for owns. Jean Carlo as Zito and better calls hall. Michael Kelly in house of cards and Chris Sullivan in this is about. I'm not even gonna do anything else I'm gonna say this is our goodbyes and Peter bing pledge. In game wrong plane Syrian land it's there for the ages he is. Flexibility and actor he's won the Emmy book war but he can't get enough and as far as I'm concerned. So I'm betting the farm and the house and everything on Peter think. Okay supporting actress in a comedy series Alex force being in the marvelous mrs. measles Anna Chlumsky in the Shawn Clifford in flee bad Olivea Coleman flea bag. Maybe guilty and in glow Sarah Goldberg and burying Marron Hinkle in the marvelous mrs. Mays though and Kate McCann said. OK you can get treatment in an on the Emmys you want and that they'll say that's a great idea because he is the heart and soul of Saturday night but. My money's on the Libya Coleman's lead actually playing the godmother to PP we'll hook which is character. And the way he says he's insulting line for the way he can look at Phoebe and just say you really do that the Catholic god. All of you Coleman just won the Oscar for best actor but the favorite. She's going to play Queen Elizabeth in the new season of the crowned. Me he deserves every award that they can actually make it faster and she is just a borrowed the light and flee back. And I say she needs an Emmy ago it and give it to air. Okay supporting actor in a comedy series Allen arc in the Kaminsky masses Anthony Carrigan Barry Tony hale be. Stephen Root for Barry Tony Hsu Lu the marvelous mrs. amazed though and Henry when cooler and bear. I'd love Tony hale and be. I think he that's one of the performances that goes right along with two Louis-Dreyfus and again it's the last time we're gonna see him and be playing Gary. If the voting. Assistant. To Selene a minor and he does it so well but. Tony Shillue in the marvelously made plain that chiropractors bought hallways. Angry. Always befuddled by how the women in his life or taking over his life. This is just spectacular work and Tony you should be one of these names called when they open that envelope and I mean Tony Shillue. Knowing felt the Tony hale anybody named Tony doing great this year but it punish the loop who should step up for this form. All right supporting actress in the limited series or movie. Patricia Arquette in the act Marsha Stephanie Blake and when they see us Patricia Clarkson in sharp objects. Deer farm meat got in when they see yes Margaret quality in fussy burden and Emily Watson in Chernobyl. Margaret calling clean and run King and I think we're in the woman who basically came between when Burton and Bob's bossy and his young actress. We're gonna see a lot of and we will feel but what Patricia. Clarkson doesn't sharp objects. As. The mother. Indiana. This woman that themes to all the world like if she knows how to do the right thing. But does only the wrong thing. He devilish he TV if and on the surface she looks like a goodie goodies but boy he's not. This is one of the great performances. Any theory movies. Anything he could feed here. District court in need to have the semi you hear me people that's what needs to happen you have you vote. You still had time to vote for Patricia Carr. Are supporting actor in the limited series or movie. Found that black when they see us Paul band now if people had been a more John they who's on wall when they see us. Felons guards guarding Chernobyl. Then which are in a very English scandal and Michael K Williams and when they see if obviously winning CF has so many nominees. They're likely to cancel each other. And that would mean I think the way for sandwich shop who in a movie. A very English scandal. It is a scandal about a politician who has an affair with this gay man and careers are being destroyed by. But Ben was shot one of the best young actors out there. And he had his very best in this and I little like to see him when in fact I'm thing. Vote him. He's the jobs are right. We're coming down now to the laugh two categories the ones like if you we were at the Oscars it would be. Best picture or the Golden Globes where they do best comedy or best drama. But this is the television version. I'm gonna start with the comedy series and the nominees for comedy theories are arrogant fleet bad. The good play the marvelous mrs. measles Russian doll shapes creek and be. I'm a major Barrett ban. And if we're talking about new fresh voices coming round flea bag and Bea Bea Waller bridge. Deserve all the awards and tan. But I think nothing can stop B from winning it is the last teeth that show so we thought the end of something that has won a lot Emmys. War but that is never stopped the enemy I mean he's the academy loves you reward what they've rewarded for war and in the case of the they're probably right to go with that because we're saying good bye to a political satire that Rios. With hard on politics in this age that when their van and may be in its final season was harder than ever on. In a way if it cut comedy that's hopeful I think about the future of corrupt politics but you Louis-Dreyfus in this amazing past. Made magic out of it and so I think deep. Is the one there part of me bill. Think that Barry had his best season ever. Make of that what you will. Our the last category. Best drama for years nominees or better call fall. Bodyguard. Team of Rome killing team. Ozark. Holmes succession. And this is enough. I think that what HBO is done with succession if you give us the new fears that's going to be around for a lot of years that it has. Kind of taken over people in the show become fan favorites the acting is spectacular across the board even though no one in eight. Has been given an Emmy nomination for acting which is saying non news television academy that will come back to haunt you when you feed the next season. Make up of that and nominate everybody in his path and cut in terms of what's new in terms of what's exciting. In terms of what pushing buttons succession is the show. But there's no way there's just no way and all hell. That game of round in its final fees and is not winning Emmy for best on the Theres just won it before again. The Emmy people do not care they want to do it the controversy about game from this year was a lot of people didn't like the win ended. But did they not watch it of course they watch it because we are still up death. With the life that was pre aided by this. He reads and the people who gave their best to the theory is that into a fantasy world that need that world seem real. So it's gonna look like everything old is new again the drama is going to be game of Brown's the comedy is going to be the I'm personally looking forward to next year when something new anything in there and win. But saying good bye to too old favorite. Will put it here in all of be game thrown. Enjoy your time at the Emmys and all of you out there. Enjoy doing that because when we're looking and voting for the things that hit us in heart. And basically have to. Also hit in the head of the Christian thing we've seen in the needs a year. It's an enemy. Mystery.

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