The world is anticipating the sequel to Disney’s 'Frozen'

Hanna Cranston, host of the podcast "Too Much to Handle" breaks down what is binge-worthy this weekend.
3:21 | 10/19/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The world is anticipating the sequel to Disney’s 'Frozen'
Welcome back to hour two, our third week of two hours here on Saturday "Gma." The world is patiently awaiting the highly anticipated sequel to "Frozen 2." My 4-year-old son will not stop talking about it. And the fact that we're playing this song is a clue about the fact that somebody has brand-new music coming out soon. We'll find out soon because it is time for "Binge this." We are breaking down everything to binge this weekend with a little help from our expert. Yes. Great to have the host of the podcast "Too much to handle," welcome Hannah Cranston. Hannah, good morning to you. Thank you, good morning to you. Happy to be here. We're happy to have you. So there's another Disney classic that is being reimagined. Coming up this weekend, what should we binge in preparation? So first you're going to want to binge the animated classic old school "Sleeping beauty" but you'll also want to watch "Maleficent," which is the back story behind the iconic villain from the fairy tale. This movie came out a few years ago but the sequel just hit theaters last night. "Maleficent: Mistress of evil." Now, this one still stars Angelina Jolie and elle fanning but we get to meet some new characters too. Now, Angelina and elle, yes, we are on a first name basis are joined by Michelle Pfeiffer and chiwetel ejiofor, and elle fanning actually said that Angelina Jolie and Michelle Pfeiffer were like her mother figures on set, which could you ask for anything more? No offense to my mom who is probably watching. I took my son to see it. No spoilers, and Michelle Pfeiffer is terrifying. She is so good. She's really good. Now, a lot of drama. Yeah, all right. So let's talk about music. What should we be binge listening to this weekend? So you're going to want to binge the "Frozen" soundtrack. Now, you both have kids so I'm sure you already got that one, but you'll want to binge the "Wicked" soundtrack as well as the "Rent" soundtrack. The voice behind queen Elsa and the hit "Let it go" as well as the Broadway hit, idina Menzel just released her holiday album "Christmas, a season of love." Now, this ain't your grandma's holiday album. Let me just tell you, there's cameos from Kristen Chenoweth, Ariana grande, Billy porter and Josh gad plus there's a Hanukkah song and, of course, "Season of love" from "Rent." See we haven't even gotten through Halloween but you can get your Christmas playlist. Yeah, we're ready for eggnog. I'm still looking to get through Halloween. Let's talk books. What should we binge here? You'll want to binge the pulitzer prize winning "Olive Kittredge" by Elizabeth strout. Now, I'm going to warn you, you're going to hate all of it first, but you will fall in love and want so much more, and you're in luck, because you get more. The sequel "Olive again" just came out this week. And it is a sequel that is as good as the original. I laughed, I cried. Now, I don't know if it's going to make you 10% happier, but I can promise it'll make you just a little happier. You just made Dan a lot happier. Made my day. Thank you for that. Also a TV show on HBO that's good. Yes, the miniseries that is amazing, also very binge-worthy. Great to have you. Thank you so much. You can follow Hannah on her social feeds. Her handle is Hannah Cranston.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"Hanna Cranston, host of the podcast \"Too Much to Handle\" breaks down what is binge-worthy this weekend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66387382","title":"The world is anticipating the sequel to Disney’s 'Frozen'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/world-anticipating-sequel-disneys-frozen-66387382"}