YouTube star Jake Paul: 'I'm going to be real, I'm going to make mistakes'

Social media superstar Jake Paul told ABC News' Michael Strahan he feels his massive online following is an "honor and a responsibility."
19:10 | 03/20/18

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Transcript for YouTube star Jake Paul: 'I'm going to be real, I'm going to make mistakes'
Dick thank you for joining me man thank you for having me did Bob pleasure in you know people love you. Fourteen million subscribers. To you to you argue to. I mean you really really quite incredible had a many people who rare interest didn't what you do to help for you how is that the know so many people are inch did your data Dave life. It side it it's is an amazing feeling then and like for I love what I do and I'm so it was a dream come true to be able to get to do this our ever growing up I was like. Wanting to become of a big U2 very and it's an honor. And a responsibility and like I wouldn't be you oh I am today without my without my fans in. You know I I this I just tried to. You know would be awesome for them in and be there for them on a daily basis you know hopefully can make them laugh everyday or put a smile on the face every day or teach them. A lesson not learned like growing up. Undated basis. Fourteen million people are presumably you do you do some pretty creepy thing through pretty whopping to drive fast cards you blow things up. You do all kind of pranks where did you come up with the ideas. We will be about what you do. Yeah there there is. I have to come over the idea basically every day of so mark crazy like that on the other side there's it's like there's you know some. There's some real moments there's there's there's drama others like. Mistakes that people that I have made there's like other things all incorporated in into the content but I think we're allotted ideas come from is like. You know as a kid I had like. Dreams of like things I wanna do and house all the so for example I always had this like idea of filling a pool with marshmallows. Like diving into it. Does this seem like so awesome to me. I have. That's a kid you're right and and so fast forward a couple of years on the committee about that in anything that really makes me laugh or. It is like a real moment for me or some and I think kids like be a valuable lesson from our audiences like what I make content around. And you live and a house with a bunch of other social media influences. I mean that that seems like a dream and itself right here on the creative people. It any but he your neighborhood a lot of people. But like all these eased over the top without a bounty burning furniture in the pool kind of a menace to the neighborhood called the circuits. In the eighth in the in the true how to how do you handle that criticism that comes your way. Look I mean. I I understand where that that comes from them and you know I I I get it and I think a lot of times from outside of that sort of like appears like and that's you know it's like this big like wild thing that's going on in. To me it's like more than that and to me it's like it's like entertainment for for like a younger audience and like. You know part of that part of the criticism. That it is you know they're calling him in a society calling me like crazy and while NB a crazy neighbor like all I've done. Choose since says that criticism is China like amend the situation and we've since moved out of that place into a different neighborhood in. Here if the forgot without without line as of like how crazy can you go with these videos you know and where there's a lot of people watching you and you're getting a lot of views and stuff sometimes you wanna like. Take it up to the next level and we have to learn that level this. And you talk about audience did when I talk to your brother he taught by he makes videos of people his age you know a lot of kids see that who your audience and you make your videos for. In my audiences in is definitely younger. I'd say it's like eight years old to like sixteen years old and so that's right Chad like Kate the content towards I try to be as as clean as possible. And because I do know I have a younger audience and I was on it is the Disney Channel and II have that that younger group of people watching him and I'm naturally younger. My brother specifically. And and I I think it just relate more to that even younger audience and in a video that you put out here for this younger audience. We you do do you think you're gonna copy you do you hope they copy you may emulate what you do. He us. I like the thing that they live vicariously through me Manning like a lot of the stuff I do requires a lot of production in. And and or. And or money and and or skill. This I think that's party excite and they're like the all I'll never be able to do this so I wanna watch Jake. Go and do some of these things are gone some of the these crazy adventures and so on I think that's like part of the excitement and why they want to watch on a daily basis you hurt yourself do new things. Honestly I know. I had a I have to hit. Which. This kind of crazy but let's knock on some would be guilty of not enough on the look good for nothing from the look if you Ruddy you you brought you fitted to a bit early that you were gives me you reduce me TV star and last year you guys parting ways what you're separate ways. Why did why did you guys do that. You know I was I was and his agenda for two years and when I first came on it under this the channel I was at a very like to her place in my career that I was two years later in. You know that I was candidate. I was kind of like growing up and out it was one in you know kind of do my own thing I was there. 7080 hours a week in and coming home and having to like run my businesses from about film content. Unabated it basis and we kind of just like now actually like grew grew way from each other and and it was an amazing experience and like all of the all the people there like us so much respect for and I love. Hello all black cast states are there are like amazing people and it was a dream culture to be able beyond on Disney Channel seven the eighty hour weeks. Yes like nonstop bonds onset. Well I think you may realize how much work ego Goldman to that we who we are shooting episodes like every week. Likes 1012 hour days and five days a week and then like rehearsals sometimes lecture music video stuff on the weekends while. Takes a lot to be Disney star yeah wow it but you know would've been there too fat to you. There is you know people may think either minutes we'll he's joining things we don't like at a neighborhood but then there is is a a charitable. Of sweet side I mean you went to bar hometown Houston after working hard to visit the city and and to to show people you hear me you were there what what made you do that. Yeah I think. I think. A lot of like. Who I am going even growing up like off camera I was always like trying to help people men and like at. I'd go around with my dad a brother in like on Thanksgiving and give out meals of people like I've always like wanted to get back and I think I can especially give back now have. A big platform and raise awareness around certain causes and at certain things that that people need help with and so when the Hewson thing happened. There is that my own fans were like Jake like. Help me like please like that treat this out like I'm stuck in my house like here in Houston and on the roof of my famine as a devastating to me. And so narrow to around fans like being affected others. I thought that there is like a great opportunity for medium. For me to be able to go down there and and use my platform and I actually at a meet up. With. A ton of my fans whether I had the like bring supplies and we. I think out like 101000 pounds of water earlier but like bring it down into Houston and it was a life changing experience overall just to be able to like help people help these families and and to be able to get back in the use my platform note to raise money in I was like selling shirts were there like a 100% of the proceeds are going. Back to these families. And so what you said there's two sides man and you know you wanna be entertaining you wanna really funny and that's like just people in but sometimes have to break it down and get real with them then. And show show kids that there's like problems and there's things outside in the world that are happening is a lot of these kids don't watch the news via on a databases and and even if they do watch and is like oh there's like a hurricane they don't like they realize I donors. That's how serious it is and another serious situation was Parkland Florida and you would down to be the best school as well what was that experience like. Again like it's super like changing it it furthered my thinking on and so many different. Aspects of life like. From like politics to family like I religious texts him my mom after talking like some of the people down there and then my dad and my brother industry ahead like I love you. I just just because like that you don't know when. When it can be it and and as sad as that is that's why wanted to. The so I wanted to get involved like again raise awareness on making schools. A safer place. I remember sitting in. In classes as a junior and I'm a mom takes Rick Perry OK a safe I was like yeah what's going on. I like thirty minutes for me there's a school shooting happening in and charted Ohio. And like everyone in my school it freaked out those kind of like it the first eye opener. For me. As to the school shootings and as I as I grew up I kept them see you then and seen them and again like. Hi this wanted to go down there and listen and and talk to talk to the kids that are affected that the teachers the parents and and figure out if if there is any way that that I can help. And and listened with with key keyword was lifted because of the video in in the video still do these these kids were. More willing to open up to you more than that doctor involve the counselors. Or why do you think. I think it I think it's just like. The same ages and the like I went there has spent a day like off camera just. Talking to them in play and playing video games in talking then about like reelect broad brush stuff for bar real high school stuff and problems and I don't think they can relate to someone like counselor as is or therapist as much. And especially if that person is there just so like. Just to try to help. But I was spending hours ago just sitting there playing video games and just having a conversation saws able to connect. Quit with these kids on like a super real level. And in its didn't you can with some ideas about how we didn't help save some lives. And in Munich where we're some of ideas yes so that the biggest thing I wanted to do was to figure out how. Kids and and or parents and or just like people in schools like principals or superintendents. Could act immediately. I'm these some of these problems. Yeah that there is all this like government stuff going down and talking about gun reform which. I 100% believe their news begun reform and I think an easy less access to guns and bigger mental health. You don't checks in. And and maybe even like a driver's license course you know wiser drivers there's this course but not like it concourse of people have to go through I think it's a super an important thing. But I wanted focus on like how. Kids and parents can get involved in the communities like immediately as some of the changes that they can make immediately. Well the one simple thing that I found out was. The the people inside the clashes were able to react super fast they knew the shooting was happening at Roy closed their doors and lock their doors. And the shooter was able to get into the into the into the classrooms. But what he did was shoot out the windows of the classrooms. And then he was able to like starch shooting. And if there were bullet proof windows and though little like window. That could have. Saves. Multiple people's lives via the so there's a lot of like simple things that I found out like that. That I think people get such a fund raise for within their own communities and not just like wait for the government to pass laws on on certain things. And and you do believe that there is gun he'd gone down reform is needed we use your mobile believer in the Second Amendment I mean in your thumb your videos you've used to mean automatic weapon is even have a tattoo yes. One as well so your message ahead has been you know their other little things that you can do. Outside of where right now while they wait for gov reform. Lot I think I think again don't reform is super need them and I think. I get asked if furthered my thinking going down there and and seem like what these kids have gone through and there is shy Dick and I think. Dean did someone who has used guns going up so what has been a guy around guns. Being from Ohio like. I I support that. However like. Seeing what they've got there like changes happen and these thing these these guns need to have less access and I think it's stronger if someone like me. Who who has grown up around guns pick setter. Is coming say like we need to limit these things. And and I'm going to continue to to push for that and I think there's there's students out there from Barkley in their marketing going to continue to push that wishes support them. I do think both parties need to come. To the middle Bowen and figure out you know what what is fair for both sides. Yet met figured there's every chance for anything to change it had it it will come now because you do have the youth by Heidi you'd have his next generation in your part of that wave. Of of the next generation I can really make a change. I'm a parent I got kids they love you they love your brother. What are you want to tell those parents out there whose kids. Watch your videos. It in and I know a lot of parents it may give a little skeptical sometimes but you seem to be one who can you tell people to smile. You try to give a lot of positive messages. And some of them are eager hidden within the videos. In any is that something that you very conscious of when you make your videos is not just for you would rather people out there in the fact that you know what you can be happy you can smile you can make a difference. Yet I think I think there's a lot of there's there's parents out there that are skeptical about the other kids going onto YouTube and watching. Different in different users or me or my brother and you know I would say like. You know if there if they haven't really like look in doing research like what we're doing and their Connors like reading like headlines and kind of be like a passer by they don't. Now maybe necessarily understand our. Our movement. And what you said I chide which added. Encourage these positive messages tell tell people smiled Toby little work hard on a database is actually laid out. It one of my videos like how I set goals for myself. And it courage to hold our audience like set goals because. I never had that I never had that growing up and I know I wish I had that like sort of role model but I look at myself as like. I look at my so there's a role model but like an imperfect role model or like a realistic role model where you know I'm going to be real amen to make mistakes some. From Ohio and you know let parents or in this industry and I think I think it's more realistic and which is why have such strong connection with my audiences because they're gonna see me. They see me fail they're gonna see the highs the lows and the things I go through the mistakes and make. And I think that's more realistic for kids that. Have a role model like that the verses like some religious site seems perfect from the outside because these kids in school are going to rely other they're gonna get believe they're gonna. There any you know you may be get a detention. And it's and it's they need to be shown how to do it back and how to and what mindset to happen there's always think positively and and it's to to keep your head out and that's and I chatted the surgeon put out there. But I think in the great method that no one's perfect. No one perfect inning and you have more influence of human lot of weight than the parents do because you can relate on a certain level and up you brought your brother. When talking probably don't. Loaded Zynga and and he he. He's. He's at limit affect about the that whole situation that happened in. And if they're deathly ill like. Has affected an enemy in a major way and he's still dealing with baton like out tried to either supporting a ten minute and I know where he's came from you know like he. He did it did it mean to harm anyone or intentionally like heard anyone. And he's he's still he's so hardy from that. And he made a big mistake and yes to learn from it and and bounce back in. You know I think I think his fans are supporting them like his family members mom dad media are are supported and I know he has good intentions so. And see what he went through how that affected you. You know I think I think. People you liked. Put us like a lump us together either that a lot of below understand that we're. You totally different which were different people you know we have we do similar things are in the same initiative but you know we're we're different people and and you know people in Columbus and together which Ayatollah understand and that that's affected me. And I think it was just a good lesson overall for. From for other YouTube is out there like and and just entertainers in general night. You know yes to learn. What's acceptable and if the realize that there's a lot of people out there that are watching you and M. Listen to you talk I no you realize that you have this big reach. I exe you have a sense of responsibility that you feels towards towards the kids out there who do view your role model so what is next what can we look forward to. From you. There there's a lot going on 2018. Black I'm I'm going fool fool steam had a feel like. The other thing is just the start of my career my journey in the 121 years old and like I've learned so much and it and I've been doing this for like Foley for years now. And there's so much excited things on the horizon I think it's two dozen eighteens a big ear for music common doing a tour. Really yet did a tour started in May we're going to twenty cities in the US. What are you gonna do on the tour so knee injuries and media fans say it can meet the date polish was suddenly happens. He's bad that we're all coming to be performing like some of the songs that I've created and some maybe some like comedy skits and maybe some things that that fans get. You look forward to and have some surprises. But I'm Seubert said if elected to me some people a person. Working nine working on a TV show I can't talk too much about it. That continuing to push right must Philanthropic angles and and and help and been Parkland and community support in of those kids in and make it schools safer and and and just get involved in late causes that I really believe in and really wanna help then and and then continuing didn't make my own content undated a basis. Appreciate man. Good to hear they look before you see a more beautiful yeah variety show has. A bit of comedy and I let all of know ha ha don't do that better when your body continue arguing Obama. I think men whom they pick up free legal mess things.

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{"duration":"19:10","description":"Social media superstar Jake Paul told ABC News' Michael Strahan he feels his massive online following is an \"honor and a responsibility.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53887630","title":"YouTube star Jake Paul: 'I'm going to be real, I'm going to make mistakes'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/youtube-star-jake-paul-im-real-make-mistakes-53887630"}