Zac Efron-starring Ted Bundy film slammed before release

Efron portrays Bundy in "Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile," whose trailer was slammed by some who said it appears to glamorize the serial killer.
3:16 | 01/29/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Zac Efron-starring Ted Bundy film slammed before release
That backlash over the new film about notorious serial killer Ted Bundy. The movie starring Zach F front isn't even out yet but the trailer has some worried it's romanticizing one of the most brutal murderers in history and he's here. But warned that morning and hey good morning to you Robin we all remember Ted Bundy was exe cute in thirty years ago in fact last week. After eventually confessing to sexually assaulting and killing Oprah thirty young women. The director of this new film says it is not meant to glorified Monday but to show him as he was handsome charming and ultimately a monster. From. What is the real. A new movie about serial killer Ted Bundy has yet to be released. But already the film's trailer is making headlines. Zack jackpot will portray Bundy in the upcoming extremely wicked shockingly evil and vile. But some are slamming the new trailer. Saying it appears to glamorize the notorious serial killer who was executed after he confessed to murdering dozens of women in the seventies the ladies and gentlemen. In a sense of. We're skating on thin ice partner. One person tweeting not here for this hyper sexual lies Zack Ephron film. While another writes I feel so bad for the families of the victims that have to sit there and see their terrors revived as a witty romantic thriller. But others say the portrayal is frighteningly accurate they're trained Bundy as the charming seductive figure many claimed he was. The movie is in glorifying him it showing why he was a successful serial killer charming handsome and intelligent. This garbage duty and all cases. The trailer coming on the heels of a new Netflix dot Q series. Conversations with the killer did Ted Bundy tears which features never before heard audio recordings called Monday discussing the case. Story. Reveal bloopers velvet. Just it won't division. And buggies much publicized trials. I think things have been working. Point where that charm was on full display no. Or whatever he didn't like the type to kill somebody. Jill burly juror who directed both the feature film and the jockey series spoke to 20/20 before the film's premiere. About how the film for trees Bundy and it's casting. And in many ways we are taking his kind of teen heartthrob image and turning that on its head were who were understanding. Why women. We're so attracted to this charismatic killer through Zacks performance. Verlander isn't commenting specifically on the new trailer but he didn't respond on Twitter. Commenting on a user's tweet that said in part the reason the trailer seems to be painting him. As this charismatic good guy is because Ted Bundy was a very charismatic nice all American guy who no one suspected. Verlander re tweeted that with a comment exactly and also it's important plant people are reacting again to the trailer and those who have seen the full movie. Most of them say it is an accurate depiction. Of whom Ted Bundy was and a cautionary tale for women. Can these things you should eerie resemblance yes yeah. He heard comments he doesn't look like you heard him exactly.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"Efron portrays Bundy in \"Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile,\" whose trailer was slammed by some who said it appears to glamorize the serial killer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60696043","title":"Zac Efron-starring Ted Bundy film slammed before release","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/zac-efron-starring-ted-bundy-film-slammed-release-60696043"}