Zendaya on her new 'Spider-Man' role

The actress, singer and social media sensation talks about her latest project, 'Spider-Man: Far From Home.'
6:38 | 06/24/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Zendaya on her new 'Spider-Man' role
She is an actress, singer and social media sensation with more than 56 million Instagram followers, well, now she's starring in the new movie "Spider-man: Far from home." Please welcome zendaya. Good to see you. Good morning. How are you? I'm great. How are you? There you go. Thank you, thank you. Welcome back. Welcome back. And we have a Monday moment for you. We dug into our archives. Oh, geez. You know what's coming? "Gma" or kiefs back to 2011 and this is your first appearance. This is your first appearance on the show. I remember that. I remember it too. You remember that. You remember those moves. It was my first time in new York actually and the night before this I stayed at my cousin and my niece with me and we stayed up all night like playing around the whole night and next thing you know it was like 4:00 in the morning and I was like I have "Good morning America" in like an hour -- oh, my gosh and it was like my first time being on a major thing like this so, oh, I was -- yeah, I was running on fumes at that point. But that's when you were -- you were on your first Disney show back then but now you are a bona fide movie star. Yes. Stop. And you mentioned your niece there and so I'm curious. With your niece and nephews, do they give you more love for Disney show or for being a movie star? You know, I don't think they care at all. That's the thing is like I think anyone can relate -- I think it's probably similar to like if you have kids and they don't care about the parents -- You're still dorks. I try to get them to talk to me and be the cool aunt and they're like, please leave me alone so it's like we're all in the same boat. They don't care. Can I ask about "Spider-man." It sounds like you had quite the sets. You guys St in Prague, you shot in London, Venice, just to name a few. I mean when you got that call, you must -- Not bad at all, right? Of the three do you have a favorite? You know, we spent a large portion of our time in London which was really nice. I've never spent such a large portion there before like and really just being able to experience things and we did actually have like a lot of time off because when he's off doing spider-man stuff we had time to explore the city and stuff like that and I occasionally got out of my hotel and actually did things which was wonderful and also the show shoots in so many like, you know, historic landmarks and stuff like that so it was kind of crazy to just be shooting and running away from monsters we can't see yet because they're going to be put in there at some point and like look around and be like, oh, wow, we are at the tower bridge right now, you know, like so it was -- yeah, an incredible experience. In one scene you're in Venice covered in pigeons. Oh, yeah, yes. Sounds like you did that more than once. You know, they -- that was not in the script. I got there and John the director was like, yeah, so we're going to put some seeds on you and let the pigeons go for it. I don't know if you guys know what it's like out here in new York but seeds times pigeons times me equals a disaster. And it was -- I mean I was terrified but I handled myself. Good girl. I kept it, you know, composed but it was -- You won't forget that moment. Yeah, I'll never forget that I've gotten over my fear of pigeons since then. I don't know if we have the pigeon scene but are you ready to see some of the movie? Therefore I have value. No, no, that's not what I meant at all. I'm messing with you. Thank you. You're welcome. You look pretty too. Oh, my gosh, opera glasses. So cute. Can I -- Want to go in on a pair? You mean sit next to each other? Yeah. Welcome. Are you in position? No. Okay, no. You don't want -- you just don't -- I didn't mean that. And I was telling you I saw the movie last Friday. I took my twins. They're mad you're here & they're not. You're fantastic in this movie with Tom Holland who plays Peter parker in "Spider-man." Tom parker. Put them together. He will be here tomorrow. Okay. Is there a little something we can ask him. Usually people like to avoid asking him questions because he likes to overshare sometimes. Yay. Deplot lines that people aren't supposed to know. So I would try to avoid asking him anything too -- you know what I'm saying. Now we know exactly what to ask him. He will ruin the movie but, yeah, no, I'm trying to think of a good question other Dan -- I don't know. Just ask him something awkward, I guess because that's what we do really good in this movie is just lots of awkward moments between the two of us. The last I saw you was may on the steps of the met and you looked beautiful. Thank you. We just want to share with everybody. That was unbelievable. Thank you. With the magic. It was Disney magic. It was. I mean the theme was camp so we wanted to go a little -- go out there so it was incredible. There was a team of people that worked with us and Tommy Hilfiger who constructed this it had to be like literally coded and put together and it's robotic basically because it got bigger so I was literally wearing a machine and I had two guys with me that had little control panels that basically had to go off to the sides and as soon as the cue was made they had to do their little thing then it -- then the magic happened. Movie magic. Movie magic. I tell you, you impress with everything you do. Thank you. We love it when you are here. Make sure you go so spider-man: Far from home.

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{"duration":"6:38","description":"The actress, singer and social media sensation talks about her latest project, 'Spider-Man: Far From Home.'","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63903691","title":"Zendaya on her new 'Spider-Man' role","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/zendaya-spider-man-role-63903691"}