Family's adoption nightmare

A couple shares their story of being tricked on social media as they sought to adopt a child.
2:54 | 08/27/19

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Transcript for Family's adoption nightmare
We move on to our "Gma" cover story. It's an alert about a growing trend using social media for adoption. One couple sharing their story saying they turned to social media to connect with a birth mother only to have their hairs broken and dreams shattered. It's a story we first saw on bbc news and janai Norman has the story. It's hard to imagine the toll this takes on a couple desperately wanting to have a baby and happened to multiple couples. Many with similar stories describing a devastating back and forth before they realized it was all fake. Social media is changing the landscape for adoption. Allowing birth mothers to connect with potential adopters. But for one family, the unthinkable became their reality. Samantha and David wanted nothing more than to have a family and after trying for years, T couple turned to We met with a director of our agency that we went through, she advised us to create online profiles we could use to put ourselves out there in hope that some birth mothers would come across our profiles. Reporter: Naomi palace broke the story for the bbc. It's increasingly common for them to adopt on social media and there's lot of benefits to it but I think it's opening up passages for people to take advantage. Reporter: So that's what the Stewarts did, they set up an Instagram account @findingbabystewart and soon after a connection. We were ecstatic. I called my parents and told them, hey, you're going to be grandparents. Reporter: Quickly their excitement faded when they realized their connection was too good to be true. I would receive nasty messages saying, this isn't going to work. We'll find somebody else. Reporter: After more and more didn't add up, it became clear there was no baby and they'd been tricked. It was grieving a child that didn't exist. It was really hard. It was purely emotional manipulation, emotional neediness and just very hurtful behavior with no really clear purpose. She's not asking for money. She's not asking for anything material. She's just doing this to be mean and flip your world upside down. Reporter: For the Stewarts there is hope. They were recently placed with a baby and are in the final stretches of finalizing their adoption. He is the bet thing that's ever happened to us. He's a little miracle baby. We're very lucky. A lot of people's story doesn't end like this. Many families left grieving but for the Stewarts they say as soon as parker took his first breath, they were healed and they say even though this type of deception is out there, they hope it does not deter other family. So cruel but so happy there seems like a happy ending almost there. Light at the end of the tunnel for them.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"A couple shares their story of being tricked on social media as they sought to adopt a child.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65213019","title":"Family's adoption nightmare","url":"/GMA/Family/video/familys-adoption-scam-nightmare-65213019"}