Google equips school buses with WiFi

At a time when millions of children don't have internet access at home, school buses with Wi-Fi allow children to do their homework.
3:04 | 04/24/18

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Transcript for Google equips school buses with WiFi
growing problem, millions of American children face every single say struggling to keep up with their schoolwork. Many don't have high speed internet access at home. But now Google says they have an answer. In a rural community of Clarksville, Tennessee, the school bus ride is shifting into the future. In this town some begin well before dawn. My alarm goes off around 4:45. It's very hard to get up because the sunlight is not even out. Reporter: Their commute up to an hour and a half each way valuable time once wasted until now. Normally I talk but now we have wi-fi so I just do my homework. Reporter: Enter the rolling study hall. Google's program to turn travel time into study time providing kids with laptops and equipping school buses with onboard wi-fi. Essential but sometimes inaccessible tools for the web-based homework assignments. Many of our students come in from a long distance and some of them don't have internet access in their homes so one of the sayings you'll hear in many of our schools every minute matters. ?????? Reporter: On the road, that web use limited to just schoolwork and just like any study hall, a teacher to help keep the students on track. Open your classroom back up. Having the Google bus makes people more productive so when they get back to school they can't say I don't have wi-fi at home because you have wi-fi on the bus. Don't lie. Reporter: But perhaps nobody loves it more than the bus driver. Before they were throwing paper wads and horseplaying and now they are content with their wi-fi. It makes it where I can keep completely focused on the road. It is just a safer ride for the children. Reporter: Clarksville one of three school districts to receive the Google upgrade. What we've seen from the initial report, more Kus curiosity when they get to school, more confidence when they enter a classroom. Allowing them access to information and making sure kids have access to the same kind of technology that kids all over the country might be able to utilize. Reporter: For students like Nathaniel it means for free time to just be a kid. When I get home I don't have to do my homework. I can play around with the animals. Just have fun. Great idea. Nice for the kids. Google has just announced plans to roll it out in 13 more school districts and those will be up and running by the fall and Microsoft, they're also in the school bus business looking to expand a similar program so kid, look out, your daily commute is in for some big, big time changes. Study hall, fabulous. This former school bus driver approves. Kudos for driving a school bus. How cool is that. Robin Roberts drove me to school. Before wi-fi. Before wi-fi. Coming up, the moment George

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"At a time when millions of children don't have internet access at home, school buses with Wi-Fi allow children to do their homework.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54679938","title":"Google equips school buses with WiFi","url":"/GMA/Family/video/google-equips-school-buses-wifi-54679938"}