Nanny to the stars shares her top tips from her new book

Connie Simpson, better known as "Nanny Connie," has worked with celebrity parents such as Justin Timberlake and George Clooney, and shares some of her top tips for new parents on "GMA."
5:29 | 04/09/18

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Transcript for Nanny to the stars shares her top tips from her new book
story about nanny to the stars. Something they may needtty soong. She's known for saving the sleep cyclf eve from George and amalcloone Justin Timberlake andessica alba and her husbacash. Help one day couple tackle parenthood. New parents Inna and Austin T learn the ropes of Ng care O their 2-month-old son jor I okay. Reporter: Theouple realizing they may neome help. Meet N Connie, she's the highly St after caretaker to some of T most famouss inhollywoo Well, let's get started. Yes, please Reporter: Her firsttip, check I how the baby I feeding. The problem I'm H he's ting two ouncehen after two ounces he gets a little Ji Yes. Like he doe want to eat and then he lets tottle go. Right, soy the position T you to bring H in is to give hhat angle so that his milk moves much easier. That's better. Now ion to the diapers. K at . This is what your using. And is what you sho be using. You can see the difference. Oh, wow, yeah. Size larger will help Yo Reporter: And her tip calming the baby. O's swaddlere. See.fe is good. All right, now, the next thing hewants, yes, bam. Let's do this. S do this. It's okay. Reporter: Her final tip, don't forget aboutyourselves The first thingt I always recommend is datenight. Yes. Gon date night at for 30 minute of that date night don't talk about yourchildren. You won't get pastee but try 30. Love you. Thank you. You to Some great advice and credible Connie Simpson has a new book out called "Nanny Connie way." Welc Good morning. And, you know, we met bef because you were nannies to friends of mine. T. You've been around all types of parents. That'sright. Famous pat regular people who are' famous a well. What have you lea from em They all have the se issues. The pare and not be talked about and judged. But they all havehat same -- All being a parent andcared when you have that baby and bring it home looking fore advice. You' hel Justin Timberlake andessica biel sed their appreciation for you ande have a clip. Ohwow. O be able to D this and be alive a somewhat Normal out you andr guidance. Aone who is wg this right now, if you want tow what an angel looks . Oh, man. Like in human form. An angel in human form. What did you do toet him T say that. A whole lot of butter. A whole lotbutter. You they eat all THA green stuff so I came in the house with butter. Get rid of thegreens. Add butter to . . Justin had ae-all as a new fathe Yes,hen I came in the door just really wanted toet me know that he nd his S and I was like, uh-huh. It's okay. All good. And then like two months he was LI oh, okay. I'm up. So Rea quickly he learned at babies don't sleep and H S okay a he learned how to adjust to that. Well, there are a lot parent be in our audience whoking youradvice. Great. We have a video from a very special parent W asking a question. Sweet. For you. Here we. Hey, G it's ginger here with Adrian. . And miles. And my question is, whenever I'm fng miles, Adrian wants sit withme. Gh I want -- Even right now he wants to silt with so how doe share time especially during feeding. Ah, right here. He's going to sit right -- rfect. Righre. Thank you. Well, H nee his own little ro right next to mom and that makes him fl super special bee 'there with the baby and the baby doesn't H that space and he' sit comfortably. A book you'ved with him before. Make him comfortab and still feel importa and have that time with him before you start feeding so when you go INT that feeding itot so chaotic. Makeim feel like he's still part of the process. Ave an audience member, Rebecca sellers and reb H a qion for you, as well Hi, I amht months pregnant and fling -- Congratn. Feeling super ohelmed with all of the products out th what do I actuallyneed? It's not vermany thing you do need bse you are the number sourcef everything so the only thing you really need is lik rp cloth, swaddl a lot of diapers. A lot ofpers and make sure you don't ign sleep deprivation because it's real Al. You kneel nanny Connie. At's what you need. Hiechl here for you. Well,lad you're here. THA you, sweetheart. Angel in H fm. I love that. You so sweet. You know what, the book, "The nanny Connie ways out tomorrow. A lot of great vice. Make sure you go get it and now

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{"duration":"5:29","description":"Connie Simpson, better known as \"Nanny Connie,\" has worked with celebrity parents such as Justin Timberlake and George Clooney, and shares some of her top tips for new parents on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54328531","title":"Nanny to the stars shares her top tips from her new book","url":"/GMA/Family/video/nanny-stars-shares-top-tips-book-54328531"}