These natural skincare activities are perfect for Mother’s Day

Skincare guru Nurse Jamie shares some of her favorite at home skincare activities that are fun for both the kids and mom.
3:24 | 05/08/21

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Transcript for These natural skincare activities are perfect for Mother’s Day
Combat every mom likes spot treatment. So I've got some fun do it yourself. Activities that you can do with your kids we are making it three different things today we're gonna do some homemade soaps and I'd do it yourself shimmer lotion. And then we're gonna do you have been and it costs a homemade Mac. Kenya so that says this is the easiest at home. Activity ever all you do is in a double wheel trailer floor of the microwave. Is take these blocks so these are ready made an easy war melts. Super easy to do their around ten dollars and he'd get about five arts is so out of you can for the end to this silicone mold spore you can use yogurt Europe putting have anything to three feet. Another little punk thing that you can do is you can't pick the sense that you once so I had these essential oils flipped over. I preferred like the government is at the pack for men which one what's your favorite. When about yeah. Came up. So we all like different cents. And then you can use these skin friendly guy is. Make them different colors and Jack as we added opening outfit because oatmeal is very high and natural that and it makes it more moisturizing. So British show you how to make your own body shimmer lotion. And you can control the shimmer and any leftover gold eye shadow that you have her shimmering eye shadow you can head inside your favorite mention. This is again a fun activity for the kids we are kind of free decorated jars see that the product and afterwards. Senator if you want to start seeing promotion. Your ball and then. Goldie it's gonna show you like if you have gold ice Saturday you know my anymore you can basically do get out into the bag. And continue to crush depth and make it. Mining next into the list. All right so mean they've RD decorated. The times again I can tie it up with a little bit and flying. And are you happy with the amount of shiny got it. We're grade level. We're making it at home mask and this is with the right banana and change people's opinions I'm. Some have opened your banana. You need a right banana and achieved peoples the news honey. And then you just sent Nash together and make them well. And then typically. When you let this for twenty minutes. It's very moisture easy. And bananas are known for being high and anti accidents which helps prevent. Fine lines and wrinkles vaulted to the honey is very moisturizing. This is something you can give help with just ingredients you probably have around the house super easy to make and I really really like this mask. However I guess we'll do this right now to. Happy loving save them he. Thing there.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"Skincare guru Nurse Jamie shares some of her favorite at home skincare activities that are fun for both the kids and mom.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77565741","title":"These natural skincare activities are perfect for Mother’s Day","url":"/GMA/Family/video/natural-skincare-activities-perfect-mothers-day-77565741"}