Is it safe to breastfeed while drinking alcohol?

Dr. Jennifer Ashton sets the record straight for breastfeeding moms.
2:56 | 08/05/18

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Transcript for Is it safe to breastfeed while drinking alcohol?
Bybel: Sav it! ??? Lcome backeryone. In today'sownload we are setting the record straight on breastfeeding andnking, and this ueion became of this photo posted by singer Jesse James decker in by while holding what appears to be a cocktail or a Glas wine in her left hand. Comments on the picture rang from thiuote, drinng alcohowhile breafeeding equals poison for by. Less this nonalcohothis is stupid yond belief. Another moment, yes, mama love, love, love. Joining usset the red ras our chiedical correspot,n. Yohave delived your shof babies, 1,500. Full disclosure, I nursed all three of my kiith a glasof wine in my hand because that's lactationsultant instructed me to do. One glass while nursing. So what is the science. Fir ofl, not a lot going to be giving breastfeeding or lactating women a lf alcohol and testing it in the breastil buthe think here is along as the mom does not feel inebatedzzed, the amount passed along to the baby is in a feeding won will N rm T it takes about 3 6 for anything that's consumed to gohrough them and pass into breailk, and when E mom feels better and that's cleared from her blood, it cleared from her breast milk at the same time.the other insting thinis that mothers are tense when breastfeeding -- and by the way it can be pal. Iainful. Ectly. Nd they'ever the samthe way. That's right. It can actually inhibit the Len reflex, a little T oflcohol C actually help theletdown hoones. So in the kind of lactation wives kindcircle, a title bit is thought not to be and allows the milk to let down. Fill let's asking and dumping when've had touch to Right. So normal when W say pump and du a woman U breast pump, that's for cations the actual daerous or ctraindicated or viruses or some kind of fehe mom. It doesn't really wo focohol but hto remember, Paula, any time you see anything dealing with a woman's breasts, it becomes globalevne feels like they can weigh in -- you saw wt Ned to Jesse James decker. We have trember, yes, there are clear benefits to brstfeeding th for the mom and the baby, but it's not always lssible for every man and it N always ING that the mom chooses to do. Sounsel women on this, I say the operative in breastfeeding is feeding and the man needs to feed her baby the bestay she this best her, Andry stay in their lanes. Staout of theud zone. Right. Dr. Jentodvice, thyou so muc we're going to be right back

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"Dr. Jennifer Ashton sets the record straight for breastfeeding moms.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57040979","title":"Is it safe to breastfeed while drinking alcohol?","url":"/GMA/Family/video/safe-breastfeed-drinking-alcohol-57040979"}