Secret Facebook group helps mothers find support and community online

The Mommy 2 Mommy online community provides "life-changing" support for mothers, one member said.
3:00 | 02/07/18

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Transcript for Secret Facebook group helps mothers find support and community online
We turn to our powerful series taking you inside the secret groups on Facebook this morning. This morning we're looking at one that's thousands of mothers to discuss difficulties of parenting and advice 24 hours a day. Paula Faris is back with that. What do you mean, parenthood is so easy, isn't it? No, being a parent involves so many complicated emotions and situations on top of that, we are under a microscope. Scrutinized more than ever now that we have social media. Which is where this private Facebook group comes in to provide help and a few laughs. Hi, I'm a mom. To a 3-year-old boy. I'm Brittany and I'm a mom to one beautiful 22-month-old. I am a mother of two boys. Reporter: They say it's takes a village to raise a child. I've gotten so much great advice on what strollers to get, the newest swaddle that's out there. Reporter: What's the best diaper cream to keep on hand? What do you really need in your hospital bag? Reporter: And in the secret Facebook book mommy2mommy a village of nearly 36,000 women are coming together. We are focused on making sure it's a safe place where people don't feel judged or shamed for having a different kind of philosophy. Reporter: The secret group was started in 2011 by a California mom, Amy her memes and to join you must be invited by a current member. People would ask like what's the best Sippy cup to buy. What do you think about cloth diapers versus store bought diapers and then very quickly people started to form this amazing bond of trust and people started to have deeper conversations. Reporter: Moms flocked to the group 24 hours a day for advice on the best car seats, pediatricians, sleep training and so much more. My son had heart surgery at 10 months and it was a great community of just people passing me some more information. Mommy2mommy was a group that was created by a mother herself who wanted to find other mothers she could connect with to ask these kinds of questions, both specific advice and tips and general support and information. Reporter: Members also share their fears over a growing problem, the pressure to be perfect moms. I'm so tired of trying to be this perfect mom. Done. Reporter: The "Bad mom" phenomenon is played for laughs in the movie. Let's be bad moms. Oh, I'm in. Right? Oh, my gosh. Okay. This is exciting. I'm in. Reporter: But those feelings are often much more complicated for those posting in the group. I feel the worst when I just pop a pizza in the oven and not provide the more healthy options. I could not feed her and she would not latch and I was in tear, thought I was failing this little baby and I posted it and I was very raw and very real and these moms turned around and said I was not a bad mom and I shouldn't be guilty. Reporter: For mommy2mommy member Annabelle Raymond that rough day led her to post this in the group. Having a guilty bad mommy moment, after two hours of nonstop whining I hit the roof and started yelling. Went into my bedroom and screamed into a pillow. Reporter: Years later Annabelle recalls the support her online village sent her way. I was feeling particularly raw and vulnerable and just felt like I needed some people to relate. Reporter: And says one message really stood out. I wrote you're obviously doing a great job if they would write this note for you. You're human. With that comes all of the emotions. In that I needed another mother remiepzing me of how important it is to allow yourself to be human. Make mistakes, and then correct from them. Thanks to mommy2mommy, you have made being a mommy just a little bit easier. It absolutely does take a village. And, Paula, I love this series. This is really great because you see the mother said we started posting about the best baby bottles, best strollers but then became deeper. Why is it so important to have this community. We can't do it alone, it takes a village. Surround yourself with friends, family, I know we don't have any family in the area so we rely on our church family but a funny story. When I was pregnant with my first, I went into a big box baby retailer to register for the baby registry, I was so overwhelmed I'm supposed to do what with that. I had no idea what kind of bottles and nipples. This online community, women to women 24 hours a and I just joined by the way I'll hit you up with some questions. You know, one of the things as a parent you question yoursetf so much and mothers feel like they could be scrutinized. You saw so many say, oh, man, I'm a bad mother. I'm a bad mother. How important is it to be able to go online, have a community where you can talk and not feel like you have to be perfect. I think it all starts with us, it starts with you personally. You have to keep it real. You have to embrace your flaws. You have to embrace your craziness especially when posting on social media. I'm going to show you a couple of photos I post. You have to post your perfect imperfections? That looks perfect to me. I was trying to do downward dog and my boys being crazy. Important to teach your kids it's not about perfection. We have to extend the same grace to ourselves and children that we extend to others. I like it. Roughhousing and your daughter is reading a book. Does that describe the difference between genders right there. But this is really a great series and community for people to know these communities are out there to help them. I think it's really important. Thank you for bringing that. We'll go see "Bad moms" together. Great movie by the way. Tomorrow we'll look at a Facebook group for families dealing with addiction providing support for so many and now

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{"id":52891196,"title":"Secret Facebook group helps mothers find support and community online","duration":"3:00","description":"The Mommy 2 Mommy online community provides \"life-changing\" support for mothers, one member said.","url":"/GMA/Family/video/secret-facebook-group-helps-mothers-find-support-community-52891196","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}