How social media is affecting the relationship between parents and kids

Parents may take pictures of their kids all the time, but it may affect the kids’ self-esteem when they’re not posted online.
4:29 | 10/25/19

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Transcript for How social media is affecting the relationship between parents and kids
kids and their emotional connection to social media. We see parents taking pictures of their kids all the time but what happens when mom and dad don't post them? Kids notice and many aren't happy about it. Paula Faris is back with us. You spoke to a mom who is seeing that her little 5-year-old -- There's so much of in all of us as well. We're in this moment where we're teaching our kids that, you know, if we don't document it, the next generation, if we don't take photos and videos and post it, it doesn't happen but kids are seeing this addiction and let's call it what it is, an addiction and seeing it front and center and now picking up our unhealthy habits. This morning celebrity mom Jenny mullen is asking all moms to put their phones away. She has two boys with actor joycen bigg and says she recently had a social media aha moment with her 5-year-old son sid. Walking home and he stopped me an I said, you know, why are you so cute and, of course, he looks at me. You can take a picture of me if you want and I so, no, I don't want to take a picture of you. I just want to see you. I want to have this moment with you and there was this sort of wounded look in his eyes as if, you know, what I said was I don't know somehow -- he was a contestant on "The bachelorette" and I wasn't giving hip the final rose. Reporter: Mollen's article in the October issue of "Parents" magazine asks parents in this digital age to hole back sometimes, not every moment is made for pictures. Pics or it didn't happen. Are they learning that from us. Yes, I think they are. That's a tough pill to swallow. Why were you compelled to write it? I don't want my child to feel like I didn't see him -- I don't want him to ever feel he's not being heard. I see it on Instagram. Moms showing me look how good I'm parenting. Look at my kids. You know, we did this today. First day of school there's like a million placards saying so and so is off to school. Reporter: Since posting it lots of moms weighing in and while doing this interview I realized I too am very guiltiment capturing every moment rather than just living in the moment with my kids. You write in the piece, you say, it's an addiction that we make few attempts to hide from our children. You really think it's an addiction. I fully believe it's an addiction, yes. I think it's just like, you know, a cigarette. So what do we do about this? I think we have to put the phone down, take a breath. Look up. Great advice. Be in the moment. Ask yourself what am I getting from the photo I wouldn't get by simply being in the moment and being present? We should always ask our kids if it's okay to post them because they will live on forever. Huge digital imprint for our children. The answer with pie kid, always no. Thank you. Parenting expert Ericka souter of is with us. Why is it so important for kids to have these posted? We're talking younger kids. Like 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and growing up in a culture where everything is posted. My youngest son his first selfie was posted an hour after I gave birth and everyone is doing that because they want to share the pictures with the world but giving our kids a skewed perception of reality. He doesn't know I put on blush and mascara and he's not understanding there are a lot of filters they go through and the world isn't picture perfect. It's messy and they need to know that. What are the risks here? You know, I notice they don't have any sense of privacy. There is no bound dress of what they'll share on all these social media platforms and they're also obsessed with their posts getting likes. They really want people to like and respond to their photos even at a young age. Mom, how many likes did I get? Sometimes for a lot of kids -- That's not how you judge how you're doing in life. Exactly and they're tying it to their self-esteem which is really bad and we want them to feel good about themselves for other accomplish many, not these photos. It they feel slighted because you don't want 0 post, mean while you're trying to protect them, what do you say and do? I love what bhchlt allen said, teach them to look up. My son never takes pictures and Verd and I started to do that. When hs playing or performing he's looking at me looking for that moment of encouragement and he loves that. It's teaching them to be in the

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"Parents may take pictures of their kids all the time, but it may affect the kids’ self-esteem when they’re not posted online.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66521786","title":"How social media is affecting the relationship between parents and kids","url":"/GMA/Family/video/social-media-affecting-relationship-parents-kids-66521786"}