Study shows pregnant women have increased risk for heart attack

Underlying physiological changes may unmask risk factors that can lead to cardiac arrest.
1:56 | 07/22/18

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Transcript for Study shows pregnant women have increased risk for heart attack
In today's we get down at home pregnancy brings about half he hopes for the future but we're learning about a troubling new report found. That a pregnant woman's risk of having a heart attack increased by 25%. From two doesn't take a dozen fourteen. But the death rate called relatively high at four point 5% and join us to talk about why that might be the case our chief medical correspondent doctor Chan Ashton and morning good morning these. Numbers let's dig in a little bit so wild a sudden are. Pregnant women more susceptible to heart attack we really don't know Paula but this his car responding to a dramatic increase in the maternal mortality rate than we've seen in this country over the last twenty years and the number one cause of death amongst pregnant women and in the immediate postpartum period. His cardiovascular disease so. Yes many people will say. Well women are having babies older they're less health be there at more obesity more hypertension going into pregnancy. And that's definitely true but that also kind of blames in the woman and the patient. And we're just not sure what's going on it's disturbing a 25% increase rates startling increase what. Does pregnant will. I did particularly scary and had three children right what does pregnancy due to the bodies still art and women's my mini med school massive cardiovascular changes it increases the cardiac output it increases the heart rated increases blood volume actually drops your blood pressure but at the same time increasing clotting risk. So all these things we need to think of cardiovascular disease even in pregnancy and that goes for the health care provider. You know in someone's having symptoms we need to think this way and so if you are thinking about getting pregnant or you are pregnant or YouTube just had to be brighter than that postpartum period. What are signs to look for the review of review of symptoms for women any kind of chest discomfort nausea vomiting. Dizziness heart burn these symptoms can occur just in normal pregnancy but we have to think of the number one killer of women first and always Wendy you're pregnant or not. Take care of yourself ladies.

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{"duration":"1:56","description":"Underlying physiological changes may unmask risk factors that can lead to cardiac arrest.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56741565","title":"Study shows pregnant women have increased risk for heart attack","url":"/GMA/Family/video/study-shows-pregnant-women-increased-risk-heart-attack-56741565"}