How one woman keeps her kids entertained with simple activities

Susie Allison created Busy Toddler to teach parents that fun activities for kids can be easy and affordable.
4:34 | 11/21/19

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Transcript for How one woman keeps her kids entertained with simple activities
We are back now with our insta parents series and this morning we're showing you how to keep kids busy and entertained with stuff lying around the house. The creator of busy toddler will join us in a moment but first Abbie Boudreau is in Los Angeles with all she's learned. Hey, Abbie, how are you doing? I'm great. Good morning, Michael. If you're looking for simple and fun ways to keep your toddlers busy we have your answer and most of these ideas cost $5 or less. The two words that can stop any parent in their tracks. I'm bored. We've all been there. I'm not loving this attitude. You seem a little mean. Reporter: Meet Susie Allison, the mom who created busy toddler where nearly 600,000 turn to get tips to entertaining kids with stuff everyone has laying I love how simple and basic. That's what I'm going for. Yet so effective. So effective. I think there's this big mystery and this big misunderstanding that activities for kids need to be fancy and need to be expensive and elaborate and that's not the case. They don't need fancy. They just need engaging fun play and we can do that so cheap. We can do it using the things in our house and don't need to buy a bunch. Things. We have the tools. The former teacher's Instagram account filled with fun ideas and simple how tos that will keep kids busy for hours. To test out just how easy the projects are, we're sending her into the toddler den. Come on in. Come play. One of her most used items a storage container that can be used in so many ways. Like this one filled with cups and pitchers. That helps kids learn how to pour. You did it. Or this one that keeps kids busy by having them wash their toys. We now know Lila likes to clean stuff so get baby dolls in here and dinosaurs and set it up again and again. And measuring cups and rice transform in a sensory bin that seems to hypnotize the kid. What I'm noticing it's kind of quiet. So quiet. With the kids occupied the parents have a cancer to sit back and relax. This is great. They've been quiet and engaged in whole time. Saw the bin set up and just zeroed in on the activity. Any time our kids are playing by themselves even if it's just for like pour minutes we stop and hold hands. I feel like there's so much pressure on kid, especially moms and it's like you have to have all these crafts ready. You have to keep the children constantly engaged. I mean there's a lot of pressure. The truth is, we're all struggling and what I want to show parents is you can use these activities as a tool. It's a wonderful thing. And Susie has so many more tips on her Instagram page and blog. Fun, affordable and educational activities perfect to try with your kids over Thanksgiving break, Michael. Yes, something we all need. We're joined by Susie Allison, the Crear of busy toddler. Thank you. As you see this is one of the most ambitious segments we've ever done with so many kids. You can see they're having a blast painting trucks and dinosaurs. And they're also playing with rainbow -- And bins. How do you make rainbow rice? Super easy. I'll show you how to make this. So to make rainbow rice you'll put a cup of rice into a bag. And then you're just going to pour in a little bit of vinegar, a tablespoon. What color? Green. We'll put in a ton of food coloring. The limit does not exist on food coloring, put it together and you're going to want to hold it tight and smoosh, smoosh, smoosh. Oh, wow. See, it's turning rainbow. So we repeat this process over and over again until we get enough colors and pour it out onto the baking tray. We don't have enough time to wait the 30 minutes for this to dry but once it dry, the coolest part the color will stay on the rice, nothing is going to get on little hands and it's fabulous. Kids love it. Kids are clean and the rice is still the same color. They're having a great time. But why are these bins so important. Sensory bins are important for every reason. If you can name every reason for children, this is dramatic play. This is imaginative play, independent play. Look at how independent these kids are being right now but they're also learning math skills and learning about capacity, estimating life skills, literally everything under the sun. They're learning from a sensory bin. Learning from the sensory bin and from your tips. You can get more of Allison's

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"Susie Allison created Busy Toddler to teach parents that fun activities for kids can be easy and affordable.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67192627","title":"How one woman keeps her kids entertained with simple activities","url":"/GMA/Family/video/woman-kids-entertained-simple-activities-67192627"}