How a young girl prevented an attempted abduction

The girl's parents adopted the code word just a few months prior to the incident and urge other families to do the same.
1:50 | 11/10/18

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Transcript for How a young girl prevented an attempted abduction
who police say scared off a would-be kidnapper. It's all she's -- because she asked him a simple question. Should you teach your children to do the same? Erielle reshef is here with more. Good morning to you. They say kids are sponges. They absorb everything. Well, in this case remembering a code word may have saved a little girl from abduction. This morning police in Arizona crediting a little girl's quick thinking and a creative lesson at home for helping her avoid an attempted kidnapping. My daughter called me and in tears crying upset and told me that some guy tried to take her. Reporter: The 10-year-old walking with a friend near a park when a man driving a white SUV allegedly pulled up next to them telling the girl her brother had been badly injured in an accident asking her to get in his car. That's when authorities say she asked him for a code word. When he didn't know it, he took off. We actually just came up with it a few months ago, so it was something recent from a story I read that reminded from when I was little and we had a code word. Reporter: The girl unharmed. The sheriff praising her parents. The mother of this child did an awesome job teaching a code word to her child, and that potentially saved that girl's life. Reporter: Her mother hoping her daughter's story will encourage other families to come up with a code word of their own. And we just talked about people that can pick you up and people who can't pick you up and in just that crazy emergency, it saved my daughter's life. Reporter: Quick thinking little girl there and police are still searching for the suspect. Residents say after hearing this little girl's story, they may be implementing a code word at home with their family. It's a good lesson. I'm definitely going to be doing this. Even in stable situations like after school you have another parent who is picking up your child for a play date or something like that could be very helpful. Stranger danger. Erielle, thank you very much. Really appreciate it.

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{"duration":"1:50","description":"The girl's parents adopted the code word just a few months prior to the incident and urge other families to do the same.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59104933","title":"How a young girl prevented an attempted abduction","url":"/GMA/Family/video/young-girl-prevented-attempted-abduction-59104933"}