Chef Michael Symon shares 3 twists on Thanksgiving turkey recipes

With Thanksgiving just two weeks away, the celebrity chef demonstrates how to prepare a turkey three different ways.
4:34 | 11/08/18

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Transcript for Chef Michael Symon shares 3 twists on Thanksgiving turkey recipes
We are back now with our countdown to Thanksgiving. You can just smell it here in our studios just two weeks away. Delish. Nothing better. Michael Symon. You just heard him. Michael is the owner of a barbecue which is divine and right now we are doing Turkey talk? Turkey talk. We like a little bit of Turkey talk. Simple ways to prep it for all of us. Three different way, right? Three different dishes you could make with one Turkey, stra. People are getting their menus ready. You like smoked Turkey. I do but the best part about Thanksgiving is the leftovers for me so what I want to do is show you how to smoke a Turkey, show you how to make breakfast and a snack with Turkey the next day. You do it. This is a huge tip. So you've seen this a lot. You spatchcock the Turkey. Take the backbone out of the Turkey. What do they call it. Spatchcocking. I won't try to say that. I'm not saying that. But cut it in half. If you go to your butcher and say take out the backbone and it redues your cooking time by two-thirds so in one hour, 450 degrees my Turkey is done. Everybody should just do that. I think it's the best way to do that. We smoke ours so took apple chips and soaked them in water and put them on a pan and start the stoveto have covered in foil to bring the smoke up if you don't have a big smoker and stick it in that 450-degree oven and then you're done an hour later. An hour later. On Thanksgiving, this is an effective way to cook it. Yes. It's not going to take too long. One hour. One hour. So you obviously -- you want to check the temperature of the leg and thigh it's at 160 gregs. I baste it with a little bit of butter then when it comes out you finish it with gravy just like this. Should everybody buy a them ter. Thermometers are the greatest gift you could have. Now, next we're making a fritata. You know why I like making a fritata, Michael Strahan is the worst whisker in America. The greatest athlete I know. You're better. A little more power, stra. A little more power. Very messy whisker. Like a quarterback. Come on in there. Power. People in the front. That's good. We'll work on it in the off-season. So all we do with the fritata, salt, pepper, whisked eggs, scallion, go in our pan with melted butter and the great thing about a fritata is you could just get it going, stir it around a little bit and then take that Turkey and put it on top. Sprinkle some on top. That's Turkey. That's Turkey. And then. A little bit. I like a lot of Turkey in mine. That's the beautiful thing. Go more. Go more. Don't be afraid. Very fluffy. Light. Mine are Florida. So you start it here and move it and significant it in the oven, it pops right up. I forgot the oven part. Turkey fritata. Little late night/morning snack type of thing. I have Turkey. I have cranberry, onion, stuffing, my favorite brown mustard, a little mayonnaise we put on the outside, and hot sauce. You build your Turkey -- I haven't been on TV in a while. I can't speak. We got you. You take the mayonnaise, one of the great tricks when you're toasting bread. Do this -- My mom does this. You don't put butter on the outside but mayonnaise. It adds flavor and what it gives you is perfect goelgden brown goodness which you can see right here. Oh. Doesn't it have a little too much tang. It gives it a little bit of sweetness. Look at how golden brown it is. Gb. Golden brown. Much better than my plain white like bread, not cooked. It's just a little more fun. It's a grilled cheese -- ? Put it on white bread and eat it right out of the fridge. I tell you what, thank you very much. I love coming over to your house after Thanksgiving. You come. You both -- You're making leftovers. We're opening Mabel's in Vegas. You. Mabel's barbecue. Here we come. You can get all of Michael's free twists on a Thanksgiving Turkey on our website, make sure you check it out.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"With Thanksgiving just two weeks away, the celebrity chef demonstrates how to prepare a turkey three different ways. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59054129","title":"Chef Michael Symon shares 3 twists on Thanksgiving turkey recipes","url":"/GMA/Food/video/chef-michael-symon-shares-twists-thanksgiving-turkey-recipes-59054129"}