Chefs Eden Grinsphan, Jeff Mauro, Jamika Passoa share their favorite recipes

If you’re still thinking about what to make for your loved ones this year, consider these delicious recipes.
5:26 | 11/25/20

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Transcript for Chefs Eden Grinsphan, Jeff Mauro, Jamika Passoa share their favorite recipes
Cue the sirens. At some point. There they are. You know what that means it's Thanksgiving 911 right here on "Gma." We're going to save your save our holiday. We need the help too. Jeff, Jamika and Eden are back with must have recipes for your menu this year. Jeff, we are going to go back to you. You got two sides that you say are easy to make at home. What you got? We're focusing on the bread portion of the meal herehich everybody is kind of in it for as well. You need good fresh bread and cornbread type stuff. I have bread I'll pull out real quick that believe it or not, guys, I didn't bake this in the I just crisped it up there. We baked it in the slow kerik. A no knead slow cookeread recipe, so satisfying slathered in butter and clear up the precious real estate and do it on your stove top or plug it into your counter and make fresh bread. You don't have to touch it or knead it and bake it literally. This is just done, perfect. And then you just throw a little butter on top and crisp it up under the broiler to give it a little crunch to it. Love it. You'll never knead bread again. N-e-e-d. Cornbread. Don't be afraid. How do we bump it up and make it less brittle? Add a half cup of sour cream full fat. Usually you feed a cup of milk in it substitute half milk for half sour cream and adds such creaminess, such moisture and richness and do it in a muffin tin, man, come on. Again, make them individual, less cutting, less to do. Less prep. And these stay so much moister in the muffin tin so do them a day before, paint wit a little butter on top age flash it in the oven like 400 for a couple of minute, invigorate it. Make it buttery, creamy and everybody will roll out of your house uncomfortably. Isn't that the goal for Thanksgiving? We need all the carbs and bread and, Jamika, we need everything that you're telling us about desserts. Yes, we are still talking pies and I'm doing my air fry hand pie so no more fighting over who gets the largest slice. Right here I have pie dough cut into four-inch rounds and simply going to fill the width. I have blueberry me serve, a teaspoon in the middle. Use whatever preserves you have in your pantry and I'm adding in some diced fresh apple. You can use died fruit if you'd like and I'll go around the edges quickly with my finger to seal it up and you can have fun with this like add chocolate chips and marshmallows to your pie, make a s'mores pie like get creative. I just fold it over and pinch the ends with a fork like we have here and then brush on a little egg wash so we can bake it off then, of course, a little bit of turbinado sugar. Sprinkle it on top and will add sweetness, crunch and texture. In your air fryer, it will come out, got to show you these beauties. You see this? Okay. Does not love T right there? Beautiful air fry hand pies and now for those that are using your pie dough from scratch. Making it from scratch. You got to pay attention to the signs here, rolling out your dough and it keeps shrinking back, that's a sign it needs to rest, stop fighting with your dough, roll it up in a ball, wrap it in plastic, put it in the fridge for 30 minutes and let it rest. The next time you roll it out it will keep its shape perfectly and be ready to bake, no more shrinkage on your pie dough from scratch. My last tip is the butter. Dessert, everything will have butter in it. Probably for your Thanksgiving dinner but make sure we're ready. A few sticks I leave out on the counter overnight so they can stay soft for my recipes and require softened butter and put a few sticks in the freezer so biscuits and pie dough that feed cold butter, all I do is take it out of the freezer and grate it right into my flour so T makes it incorporate a lot easier into my dough so butter is ready when you're ready. You had me at butter but a fabulous tip. We'll talk Turkey with Eden. What you got? Okay, to baste or not to baste? Super controversial for Thanksgiving. I say baste and I also say glaze. I absolutely love a glaze on a get that lacquered look and what I like to use is something that's sweet obviously, I have honey, you can use maple syrup. You can use brown sugar and I like to mix it with a beautiful tart juice. So I have apple cider. You can use Orange juice, pomegranate, anything, mix it with butter. The butter gives it moisture and beautiful golden crust and melt it down and glaze yoururkey and it'll be so gorgeous. Another tip, okay, we got a spatchcock Turkey here. Looks kind of funny but let me tell you, the time that it takes to make this Turkey is half the time that it actually makes to roast a regular Turkey. You take the spine out, you flatten it out and break the actual chest plate and then you just kind of throw it into the oven. It takes less space in the , takes less space in the fridge when holding it. More crispy golden skin and it is gorgeous. Breast also not dry out this way and just make sure that the internal temperature of the thigh is 165 degrees. And then you are golden. It is just perfect. I might be ambitious and try that this year.

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{"duration":"5:26","description":"If you’re still thinking about what to make for your loved ones this year, consider these delicious recipes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74393392","title":"Chefs Eden Grinsphan, Jeff Mauro, Jamika Passoa share their favorite recipes","url":"/GMA/Food/video/chefs-eden-grinsphan-jeff-mauro-jamika-passoa-share-74393392"}