Claire Saffitz gives her spin on a classic applesauce cake

Saffitz shares the recipe for her Double-Apple Crumble Cake, as well as her Cranberry-Pomegranate Mousse Pie, in her new cookbook, "Dessert Person."
3:59 | 10/19/20

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Transcript for Claire Saffitz gives her spin on a classic applesauce cake
of Time to cook up something sweet with Claire saffitz showing ace twist on apple pie with a recipe from her new cookbook, "Dessert person," thank you so much for being here and you'll show us a fall favorite. Our double apple crumble cake. I love your first step. Never tried it before. You precook apples. Tell us why. Yes, so I saute the apples in a little butter and that just makes it so that the apples inside the cake are really tender and soft. It also drives off excess moisture so that the cake doesn't get too wet because there's a lot of apples inside. Also have a great tip for slicing apples since we are in apple pie season so I like to slice with the tip of the knife. A trick I picked up in culinary school. If you do that rather than further down the apples don't stick so can you slice much, much more quickly. I could have used that tip yesterday. All right. So you said you don't want the cake to be too wet but also have a tip for making sure it doesn't get too dry, doesn't dry out. Yes, so I'm mixing together all the wed ingredients, method is really simple. Comes together quickly so I like to add oil, it's an oil-based cake rather than butter. And that plus all of the apples inside just means you can leave the cake out on your countertop for several days and won't dry out at all. You use apple butter instead of applesauce. Yeah, this is apple butter. This is the double apple part of the apple cake. I have apple butter plus fresh apples inside and apple butter is applesauce just further cooked down and reduced so there's less water and this cake is kind of my spin on like a classic applesauce cake but gives a much more intense apple flavor and also tenderness so I think it's a lovely kind of ingredient hack for a cake. Speaking of hacks, no apples are the same and you never know which ones to pick. You say there is a way to test which apples are the right apples for this pie. Yes, I'll show you. So I picked up this tip from an apple farmer. I like to use super firm apples when I bake. That way they don't break down into applesauce and hold their shape so this is a tip, if you hold an apple in your palm and grip it, you try to press your thumb into the flesh, pressing as hard as I can, I can't make an indentation. That's how I know it's a good baking apple. Well, my two co-anchors have been testing it and digging in. I've been talking so I haven't been able to eat but I'm about to do it. I know you have a finished version to show us as you're mixing. Yes, let me show you. That's the batter. I'll add apples and crumb topping that goes over top but let me show you what the finished one looks like. Tah-dah. Beautiful. Beautiful. You know what else is beautiful, this other dessert you have, this other pie, it's called your cranberry pomegranate mousse pie. Really good. It's really good, says robin. Have it right here. Wow. I love this pie. So light. This is a great one for Thanksgiving because it is light and Arie and tart and refreshing. I think it's a great alternative to heavier Thanksgiving desserts like pecan pie, so I just think it's a nice way to end an already heavy, filling meal. Adding cinnamon on top. Yum. Of that slice. There you go. What's the crust? A little sweetened creme fraiche. It is a speculos crust. I don't eat sweets, Claire but I'll have to devour this. This is so good. Thank you so much. I mean, you know, robin, it takes a lot. Thanks for having me. This is a rare sight. Enjoy it now. Every now and then, right? In moderation. Claire's cookbook "Dessert person" is variable tomorrow.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"Saffitz shares the recipe for her Double-Apple Crumble Cake, as well as her Cranberry-Pomegranate Mousse Pie, in her new cookbook, \"Dessert Person.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73690970","title":"Claire Saffitz gives her spin on a classic applesauce cake","url":"/GMA/Food/video/claire-saffitz-spin-classic-applesauce-cake-73690970"}