Delicious and easy dinners to make in an InstantPot

Dan Souza, editor-in-chief of "Cook's Illustrated" magazine, shares simple recipes that can be done with an InstantPot.
3:44 | 02/15/20

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Transcript for Delicious and easy dinners to make in an InstantPot
Back now with rob and janai and whit. They've been eating. They've strapped down the feed bags, ladies and gentlemen. Hey, when it comes to cooking who doesn't like keeping it easy and simple? That's why I make a lot of toast. Well, we're here to help this morning with some easy eats. "Cooks illustrated" editor in chief, this gentleman Dan Souza is here with a delicious and easy dinner you can make in an instant pot. Good morning. So do you believe the hype about the insta pots? 100%. Really? You're in? They take the value of a pressure cooker which is fast cooking, trapping lots of flavors and put it in an easy package. You need the right recipe to get everything to line up and cook well but it's an amazing piece of equipment. Does it do toast? No. We don't have any recipes for toast for it, unfortunately. I love the instant pot. I'm a lazy cook and it's all in one thing. All in one thing. Super helpful. What are we making? We're making this awesome lemony chicken with fingerling potatoes and olives and parsley. It's really unbelievable and comes together very quickly as well. We start things off with our chicken thighs so skin on bone in chicken thighs. We sear those on the high function in here. Get nice searing. See the nice browning, take those guys out and go in with our next flavor so we've got beautiful garlic here. Whit just went for seconds. Sorry. I did it with a clean fork so -- That's good. Sorry not sorry. A clean fork. You got two forks now. He's taking all the food. It's a short segment. What do you want me to do? Going for the Edward scissorhands look. Exactly. After we brown the chicken, what's next? Garlic in there and add in a little bit of chicken broth. We found there's not a lot of evaporation in this vessel so we don't want to have a ton of broth in there. You want a really concentrated flavor. Here's a cool thing, going with a whole lemon we sliced thin. Because this goes on high pressure, it will tenderize those and you can see everyone is eating them over there. They're really, really tender. Does it matter what order you put the stuff in? It does and that's one thing for our mediterranean instant pot book we do a ton of testing to figure out how you layer everything in and choose the right ingredients to cook at the same rate. If you don't do that you can end up with mushy overcooked results. We go back in with our chicken on top of our broth and our lemon and our garlic. So that goes in first, inside up. Then we're going to go in with our potatoes. This is -- these are beautiful fingerling potatoes. Again, it's all about testing and choosing the right size here. We found this size here are really ideal and should go on top of the chicken so this all goes on top here. We layer that in. If you're smart about it and set it up ahead of time you'll get great results on the other end. So literally this goes on here. We lock it in place. Cooks on high pressure for nine minutes. That is it? Nine minutes. Wow. Nine minutes. And dinner. Exactly. The prep work we did there, nine minutes, we do the quick release, and then we come over here, and you can see we've got gorgeous potatoes. All those lemon slices have softened and given up tons of flavor to the sauce. The flavor is amazing. Amazing, right? It's all the concentrated stuff coming out, and so we're going to finish it with some sliced olives. That's the mediterranean feel. Yeah, exactly. We actually found in the book there's so many recipes for stuff you wouldn't expect. We have recipes for fish and really light things. Obviously grains and beans, but you can cook really healthy and really fresh. It doesn't have to be storage -- stodgy stews and stuff like that only. Stir that together and plate that up with the chicken on top and have it over here. Chicken from whit. That's already gone too. A hole in the dish. The white part is the bowl. We can actually get more of these recipes from Dan in the new America's test kitchen mediterranean instant pot cookbook. Lots of good stuff there.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"Dan Souza, editor-in-chief of \"Cook's Illustrated\" magazine, shares simple recipes that can be done with an InstantPot.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69005293","title":"Delicious and easy dinners to make in an InstantPot","url":"/GMA/Food/video/delicious-easy-dinners-make-instantpot-69005293"}