These ham and cheese muffins make for a hearty meal

Chef Michael Symon shares a “meal in a muffin” with his ham and cheese muffin recipe.
3:00 | 05/07/20

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Transcript for These ham and cheese muffins make for a hearty meal
don't show up Welcome back to "Gma." It is day three of ultimate muffin week here. It's a big week here at "Gma" and ourquaran-testers are sharing baking questions with Joining us to answer those questions is "Gma" resident chef Michael Symon with his ham and cheese muffins. Let's see how he made them. Let's take a look. Hey, everybody, today we are making ham and cheese fritata muffins. We'll brush them with a little fat and then in the base of them I'm going to put a mixture of chopped ham and onion. I'm just going to put this in the oven as I whisk up my eggs and it's going to allow the ham to get a little crispy. After prepping is done we move on to our egg mixture. We have a cup of cream. Into that I'm going to crack eight whole eggs. Then we'll whisk this together and the thing that I love about this is the really easy to make recipe. Add salt and pepper and you can throw in any other spices you like. You can put hot sauce in here if you like hot sauce. Fill the muffin pan, topping it off with cheddar. This goes back into our 350-degree oven. 30 minutes later, voila. Little egg fritata muffins. Nice and fluffy in the center. Crunchy on the top. Really hot but really good. All right, he's already made us hungry. Michael Symon joins us now. As they say, Michael, bakers gonna bake, baby. So this could be supporting my quarterback or it could talk about my baking skills. Baker Mayfield. I did like your voiceover chef boyardee. I'm trying to channel you. Our first quaran-tester. A question from Jeff. How do you prevent the ham and scallions from all resting at the bottom? Good question. Well, Jeff that, naturally kind of just happens with any fritata so this is based on a fritata in a muffin but if -- to make it happen less when you put them in the tin you could just stir it a little with a fork and kind of bring everything up and go right in the oven with them should help a little. We have our next quaran-testers. This is from Abby and Sadie. Take a look. What is the best way to get the muffins out of the pan? As you can see they're stuck to the pan and some broke apart while trying to put them on plates. All right, first of all you guys are adoral and I love you are making the fritata muffins. To help make sure the tin is oiled very well before you put the egg mixture in and then if you let them cool for a minute, these came out about a minute ago, they'll just naturally just pop right out. So give yourself a second after they come out, let them cool a touch and then you could take them right out. As always you make it look easy. We have time for one more. Here's one from Patricia. The ham and cheese fritata muffins were awesome. They are a little heavy between the butter and the heavy cream and all the eggs, so my question is is there a healthier alternative we could use and is there possibly a way that we could use egg whites instead? Well, Patricia, I mean you may not know from my girlish figure but in quarantine I like a little bit of fat. I would leave the whole eggs in. Cow go with milk but also you could add a bunch of veggies to the mixture as opposed to ham. That's the beauty about the fritatas, whatever have you in your fridge you could put in the mixture so you could put veggies. You could do with egg whites. They'll work but they won't be quite as delicious. Michael, thank you. These are popular muffins because the whole crew is waiting till this segment is over so they can raid the table in front of us. We appreciate you answering the questions and you just are rubbing it in by putting that on top. You can see Michael's recipe on our website, Yum, yum. Tune in tomorrow.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Chef Michael Symon shares a “meal in a muffin” with his ham and cheese muffin recipe. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70552042","title":"These ham and cheese muffins make for a hearty meal","url":"/GMA/Food/video/ham-cheese-muffins-make-hearty-meal-70552042"}